Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas is OUT the door

     I packed up Christmas today, softly and lovingly in tupperware bins and labeled them "ornaments" or "large santa" or whatever.  Good riddance, I say, see you next year if I get in the spirit.  I am not down on Christmas or Christians at all.  Matter of fact, Santa can go and Jesus can stick around if he promises to be forgiving. I really haven't figured that all out yet.  So quit judging cause Jesus said that ain't nice.  Aww, the South Park memories:

    Well got some new neighbors into the rental house across the street.  Look a little riff-raffey.  Just telling it like I see it. I am not being mean, just real.  They could be very nice and I will find that all out when I bring over brownies when they are all moved in.  They have been parking a taxi in front of our house and mail box so I might have to point out our mail man doesn't appreciate this, plus either do we.  But I'll give them the chance to get settled before I pounce.

      Took the kids to see "Sherlock Holmes".  We were exhausted after the movie from all the action and carnage.  Good lord, this isn't your father's Sherlock Holmes, but it was fast paced and well done and we all enjoyed seeing Robert Downey, Jr's abs and antics.  OK It was just me about Robert Downey's bod, the kids, the antics.  They set themselves up for a sequel.

     On a side note, we don't text here, (at our house silly, not Colorado Springs.)  We get the convenience and all the tech shit blah blah blah, but why to hell would someone go to a complicated movie like that and text the whole way through like the kid in front of me??? What could be that fucking pressing?  Am I just an old foag that doesn't understand?  I really felt like kicking his seat.  Such control.  Maybe this is next :

I'm glad they made it illegal to text while driving here in Colorado but isn't that common sense?

Tomorrow I am taking Mags and her BFF to the soup kitchen bright and too early for me for their seven hours of volunteer work for National Jr Honor society.  I go because they are too young to go unchaperoned and I would go even if they were 16 cause I've been down there plenty and I've see the peeps they are helping and it's not  a stretch to say the majority are straight up riff raff.  The soup kitchen is a beautiful thing for those in need but its no place for young girls on their own.  So good night and hope all is well in your world, Jesus or no.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Post Christmas

     Well, Christmas time has come and gone.  For the most part it was well, enjoyable.  Don't like to be a big curmudgeon but I can sure get sick of it all after a week. Played games Christmas Eve with another family and a few friends.  Played Catch Phrase and Apples to Apples, ate appetizers and crab legs and a bottle of wine er two.  he kids got it to it and we had some laughs/
      Christmas Day, we dragged ourselves out of bed about ten am.  I am not kidding.  Thank God for teens who like to sleep.  I did get up around 7 am to get the presents out and fill the stockings.  Had a pleasant morning ate cinnamon rolls and drank a pot of coffee.  Opened some thoughtful gifts.  I got some pack boots (Sorels and those things you put on your shoes not to slip on the ice, books,kitchen gear  and lotions ect.)  No big surprises for the kids as they both just had lucrative birthdays.  G2 got a Craftman's tool box that came all messed yp with the wrong tools ugghh.  Don't ya hate it.
     Got a call from a friend who was coming to dinner. He told us he was bringing psychotic common-law wife and her neurotic brother.  We were upset at first,taken aback really, that someone would call to announce this rather than ask if it's OK.  The girl has never been close to us.  She doesn't eat meat which is fine and quite common but other times she has shown up for dinner she spent half of it putting us down for eating meat and anything else she didn't care for.  Anyway I guess the month or so in jail this past summer has mellowed her out.  She stabbed a cop in the hand while sitting in her parked car in a parking lot.  She had a raging headache, prone to migraines that would paralyze her.  She also was self-medicating, being a pharmacist I guess she thought she knew what she was doing.  The cops tried breaking in to her car after asking her what she was doing.  She responded she was OK just go away. They broke the window, tazed her five times and bean bagged her leg.  She responded by stabbing one of them, hence the jail time.  So jail time and about $100,000 so far and probably a court date, she could in fact serve 14 years in prison.  I honestly feel sorry for her.  I am not big fan of the cops although I understand their reason to be.  It's some of them are power hungry sons of bitches with little or no regard for the population they swear to serve.  I felt guilty after getting all uppity cause we had a great time and meal.  We even got in a game of Clue.  The brother, who has some kinda doctorate was such a moron playing the game, I had to go over the rules a thousand times.  How can someone so book smart be so dense?  I am sure he still doesn't know how to play the game.
     That night we went to the neighbors to hear some piano playing and Christmas caroling and had me a few bourbons.  It was a riot. JR played the piano as well as Bob and Dave.  We all sang to different degrees with Bob drowing us all out most of the time. G2 slept off his hard work and twelve pack of beer on my shoulder for about an hour or two, but awoke to drive us the few block to safety.  Bob and I played some music and had a few drunkard's ice creams ( white russians) when we got in.
   The day after Christmas got our acts together then went over to another neighbor's birthday party.  It was fun but we were a lot of partied out. The birthday boy got some funny gifts,  you know, a package of depends, and a black nativity set his work partner give some gifts back and forth.  What a beautiful house decorated by the talented wife.
    The Broncos played in Philly yesterday.  What a shame.  They really played a decent game.  Ref calls were paramount.  While the Oakland game was a ball buster this game was more of a heartbreaker.  I think we outplayed them 3 of the four quarters.  But the bottom-line is the score at the end of the game.  I have just had a cloak of tiredness come over me, so I will revamp and add photos later.  I can imagine if I am bored writing this you must be bored reading, so sorry I'll come up with the pizazz later C.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Teardrops on the city......

Bad Scooter searching for his groove
Seem like the whole world walking pretty
And you can't find the room to move
Well everybody better move over, that's all
I'm running on the bad side
And I got my back to the wall
Tenth Avenue freeze-out, Tenth Avenue freeze-out

Well got that outa my system.  I was checking these Springsteen lyrics just to see what they really said, and the song got stuck in my head, hope its in yours now.  BTW, what's a tenth avenue freeze out?

Today I went to this building renovation downtown Colorado Springs.  It's an old bank that will be a "boutique" hotel whatever that means.  It's called the Mining Exchange Building cause way back when miners would bring their ore for exchange for money

This is one of the 17 safes throughout the building.  They found a original GI Joe in the box stuck in the walls and a lot of old newpapers.  Just think, without newsprint what will they find in the future?  I know what was newspaper doing in the walls anyway?

As promised, here's a picture of our tree, I know breath taking eh?  Got it in a Safeway Parking lot from a toothless lady with a big drink in a plastic cup, in between her hits of meth.  It's a white pine and very preeety.

This is my favorite new ornament from my Survivor buddies Ron and Char, Thanks!

This is my favorite older ornament, Bubba, when he was three, a little torn up!

And because I don't do favorites when it comes to the kids, here's my favorite, Mags at age 4.

Here's scarey santa, being scarey.  I may want to add here: If you haven't seen the movie "Bad Santa", put the kids to bed and give it a go.  It's crude alright but also very freakin' FUNNY.

I made this wonderful navy bean soup last night.  I have always been afraid about dried beans, but now that I am a big girl I can deal with it.  I soaked them in boiling water for two hours than turned on the heat with a knot of leftover ham.  There was no bone or for God's sake, a ham hock (but a bone would be good).  I am not letting a ham hock in the house.  On med heat covered for two hours with a bay leaf.  I took out the ham lump and added chopped ham,onion,celery and carrots and a can of chicken broth , a cup of water,rosemary thyme salt and pepper and cooked on simmer for about another hour.  Yummy.

Ok, about Survivor Finalle, Russell who thought he was smarter than everyone else, lost of to his side-kick Natalie.  A friend said he was still all bitching about it on the CBS morning show.  He felt slighted cause he was the bad guy and took the bullet.  Tough Russell, now shut-up about it.  Sad its over but the Thursday night group will still meet up, plus, not that it's much of a consolation, the Broncos still have a few games left.

I am not sure about how much blogging I'll be getting in over the holidays so Merry Christmas and I'll keep you posted whenever I'm feeling it.  Don't be down, it's the stressful and unrewarding holidays!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

WTF Denver Broncos

....you heard me.  I knew it. Fucking Broncos can't even pull a home win out of their asses against the worst NFL team, ok second worse team, (forgot about the Rams and the Lions, but will count them each as a half of team).  Ok got that off my chest.  I know I got a big chest too, trust me. That plus the commentators on CBS honestly where do they get these guys....ughhhh.  I heard one of them say it was smart for Orton to take a sack.  The sack was "smart ball control".  Don' get me started.

Anyway had a lovely day yesterday baking cookies with my lovely daughter I'll call her Margina, for now. Despite almost killing each other numerous times we baked a couple dozen each of chocolate peppermint,shortbread and chocolate chip cookies.  We are both 1. Scorpios 2. Rats 3. know everything  4. she doesn't listen, plus 5. doesn't clean up her mess.  Add that up, with some sharp cooking utensils and  an arguing tendency, we are lucky to have survived without a flesh wound anyhow.  But she is lovely and pours me wine, so all is forgiven.

We then watched "He's just not that into you", which had quite the beautiful people ensemble cast including: Jennifer "eyes too close together but who notices cause yer looking at her ass" Aniston, Drew "something tells me she still drinks"Barrymore, Ben "Pannycake head" Affleck, and Scarlett "big lips and tits" Johansen as well as the Mac nerd spokesman whose name I've never fuckin' knew or soon forgot, plus some d-bag who played the cheater with too many teeth in his smile.  So it was entertaining enough and although I'll never watch it again no regrets on the few hours spent on it.

Tonight Survivor finally.  I am excited.  Good luck good lookin' Dr. ( in red below, Mick)

"I know I am an ass but at least I keep it interesting"
                              Russell- the redneck
Woot.  Woot.!!


Friday, December 18, 2009

The Giving Troops

Today I covered a Homeless March.  Initially, about 100 soldiers were going to walk through homeless camps and give out some supplies.  However when 300 plus soldiers showed, there was no way to manage that hope.  I got to the starting point of the march 10 minutes early but they already left.  I hate that.  Good thing I know this city so well cause I was whipping around corners and pulling out in traffic like fucking race car driver trying to get in front of the line.  It was like chasing a parade.

Anyway, when they got to the local soup kitchen the troop commanders put up some tables and they took donated items out of their packs.  Lots o' stuff.

This guy won the best, I mean the most festive hat award

I don't care how they ended up homeless, it just can't be fun after awhile.  (the Big Rock Candy Mountain with the birds and the bees and the cigarette trees.....and we sleep out every night!) They were grateful for the goods and the good goods when fast.

The sistas showed up and got some shoes.  I was kinda wondering who'd be wearing those strappy high heals shoes down in the homeless camps, but the stuff was for the needy as well as the homeless. Something for everybody.

Well we gotta tree but I've neglected to get a photo yet.  It's beginning to look like Christmas is around the bend.  Just two more days to work and I have nearly 2 weeks off.  woot.

Off to a cocktail Christmas Party. Merry.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Funnies

Found it in Moms room . Look, it shakes like he's cold too !!

I know, you've seen some of these before.  Still funny though.  Have a good one. C.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

nothing is what it seems

My first assignment was to photograph this guy that collects and sells old postcards on-line.  I was halfway expecting an old crusty dude in a smelly old house but it was in a newer part of town.  Cookie cutter suburbia is what I pulled up to.  The guy was a fellow NYer and came to Colorado to ski a few years back and never left.  The postcard idea came about when he was 5 he found a postcard of a boy playing baseball and bought it for a quarter, now its worth hundreds like the postcard of the Titantic above, he said about $650, as a blank card, and had it been sent by a passenger of the ill fated ship much, much more.

There were lots of holiday cards, this caught my eye. Reminded me of the Santa illos when I was young. I know, back in the day of horse and buggy. Cute.

After this assignment, I didn't want to go all the way back downtown, so when KJ called for lunch up north I said "yay".  We went to FatBurger, which was yummy, but, really couldn't they come up with a better name? My small burger looked like it was served on a dinner roll, but in reality it was plenty of food.  This could definitely be part of my weight problem: portion size.  Anyway whenever I get with KJ eating is dangerous cause we laugh a lot.  This potentially could be a choking hazard. Today's big chuckle was over these holiday tabletop candle holders this girl made last year and she brought one over to a holiday party we were all at.  After the candles burned awhile, they caught the evergreen and plastic bulbs on fire.  All the sudden people were smelling smoke and then it burst into flames.  Someone grabbed it off the table and threw it in the snow and dumped a beer on it.  We laughed so hard we nearly peed ourselves.  Well today I noticed on facebook she made this year's batch.  I almost commented she better spray them with fire retardant.

My second assignment was to photograph this one Dr., on the right.  I know, I am such a wimp.  The second Dr. kept getting in the background, even though the story was about the one guy, I didn't have the guts to tell him to get out of the frame.  Finally I just put on a long lens and tightened up on the one guy.  I know no backbone. The weirdest thing about this assignment was the body freezer.  Yep they learn about ortho (bone) surgeries through cadavers.  The large box in the freezer had "HEAD" on one end, like head this side up.  Yuck.
Well no Christmas tree yet.  I'll look again tomorrow.  ho ho humbug

Monday, December 14, 2009

weekend schmeekend

It's over and I sure don't know where the time went.  Had a nice little music night with the neighbors Friday.  Saturday, I helped Mags as she had to jump through the hoops of National Junior Honor Society.  It actually was a good thing to wrap gifts for a donation at Steinmart for a non-profit that gets clothes for people who don't  have a wardrobe to go job hunting ect., but probably not deer hunting (just a guess)  Anyway for the two hours we were there only one lady had us wrap these two huge, ugly animal pillows, very soft and odd-shaped.   A large box would have been the answer, but we were only provided with shirt and jewelry boxes so the lady said she didn't care if they looked like a big ball of gift wrap just as long as she didn't have to do it.  So with hundreds of customers rushing to get the twenty percent off before 11 AM they couldn't be bothered getting their gifts wrapped for charity. One was better than none.

Next, we hit up two bookstores and then we tried to park at the mall and holy shit, no parking spots. People driving around and around just like we were.  Finally I just waited for a car to leave, even though I hate it when people do that.  I had put what seemed to be twenty miles and was getting to the point of homicidal thoughts.  We exchanged two shirts Grandma got Mags for her birthday.  Gone are the days of just picking out shirts for her. She's particular now.  She has a point, they can really ugly up a shirt these days with big letters or cheap China faux fir. Probably cat fur, the horror.  She also got a cute scarf, that's her style now.

Later on we went to a Christmas Party hosted by friends who just got a new kitchen install.  Very nice.  Not finished yet as the guy will hem and haw over the mountain design backsplash he will do over the winter.  They had a room filled with containers of cookies and empty tins.  As you left, the idea was to fill 'er up.  Very cool.  The kids ate 'em up pretty quick.  Just as good not to have them around for me to eat that's for sure. I have to laugh thinking back about playing "Up against the Wall you Redneck Mother" on guitar that night.  I purposely did not bring my guitar for that reason.  Not that I'd play that song, but that I'd play anything.

The biggest disappointment was the Broncos.  They could have won that Indy game Sunday.  They could have but for a series of unfortunate events.  Bad play calling, penalties,blind refs, missed field goal, interception at the goal line.  Peyton Manning was intercepted three times however, and he was flustered. That doesn't happen often.  Woulda, coulda,shoulda.

Today I cleaned and cleaned. I was even sweating. I went through the bookshelves downstairs.  Made me laugh, all the unread self-help books.  No wonder they didn't work, never did get in the board room or a skinny ass.  I guess you have to read them.  Made a fire outside in the pitt and freed myself of twenty pounds of unwanted paper trail.  I feel better.

We just finished dinner and the movie "Snow Falling on Cedars" just came on.  It has been awhile since I read the book so I better put the blogging up for now and pay attention........

Friday, December 11, 2009

I am not gonna.......

say TGIF cause I say that nearly every Friday.  But I am very relieved its Friday here's why:
2.music night
3.Christmas cookies with Mags tomorrow
4.The Jones' xmas party tomorrow eve.
5.Bronco Sunday, I got a good feeling
6.skiing Monday
7.need I say more.

I shot me some crows today, really just one flying one.  I love crows or ravens doesn't matter which they are.  Love them.  How do they keep their little claws warm?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Graduation at the Detention Center

I shot this assignment this am at the local detention center.  Eighteen of their detainees got High School diplomas or their GED's.  I admit it I cried too when they all handed out roses the the person who has helped them the most.  Man hope they all make it out of the system.  If they do,maybe they will in part, thank this guy.  He's a powerful motivational speaker.....

His name is Weldon Long and you can check out his story by clicking on his name.  I thought I made some bad decisions but nothing like this guy who is now wildly successful with his life story in print and running business in Colorado Springs.  He also does motivational speaking and I was impressed.

OK I'll admit it right now.  I was too lazy last night to call Sharon about guitar and since she didn't call me I had a cozy night,drank a couple glasses of red wine, did a little blog stalking, and watched the end of Top Chef.  My guy, Kevin, the hobbit, had a bad night, and for the love of Pete, did he really have to put bacon in his dessert.  He does have a pig tattooed on his arm but jeez guy, just make a sweet treat.  The biggest douche of the talented but douchey brothers ended up winning.  I knew it from the beginning, despite their HUGE egos one of them there Voltaggio Brothers would win.
Keep warm and stay tuned.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Baby its beyond cold outside

Mags and her BFF were outside yesterday when I pulled up.  They had little stuffed animals on remote control snowmobiles.  God I love that rabbit driving the sled. ( ok I've learned it's a kangaroo, sorry) No snow day just a school delay today.  But I know at 6:30 am when I switched on the news to see if there was any closures it said minus nine, I wrote that out so there's no misunderstandings -9.  Now prior to that, I am not sure
but my car sounded like a fuckin Mack truck when it started this morning.  Thankfully it will warm up this weekend.
Anyway I am coming clean about the crap TV I have been watching.  First up: The Amazing Race.  The final was Sunday.  I did not watch the beginning on this series just the last few episodes.  That's all I needed to decide that Erika, a former Miss America was the biggest bitch I have ever seen on a family reality show. Hello!!!! this is on national TV.  She mopped the floor with her white husband, Brian, screaming at him about everything and anything.  I would have been so outa there.  I was so happy they didn't win.
Last night: The Biggest Loser.  OK, I cry at their stories and beam at their accomplishments.  The two highest weight-loss winners lost more than they weigh now.  The winner Danny, did not even look like himself. OMG, good job.  I promise never to get there.
Tonight:Top Chef, a duel (but there's three) between two douche-bag brothers and  dude that looks like a round hobbit.  I'd pick the hobbit just to spite the DB's.  But as fate would have it, it is guitar night with my friend Sharon and so I will probably tape it.  I was supposed to take Mags to Macy's but its so late now I probably won't.  My bad.
Stay tuned and I promise not to watch much more crap TV.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's looking a lot like Christmas

This is our outside Christmas tree.  Either it's leaning or I am.
The kids are off school, SNOW DAY,yay.  I think it was the right call, temperatures hovering around five degrees and enough snow on the road to make all the folks scared of the snow drive around 10 mph.  Oh well, better safe than sorry.  I hope I don't terrorize them.  G2 is "working" from home and is taking them sledding.  He just called to say they are freezing their kahunas off so they are going in.

It's kids like these that make my job easy.  He was jumping off his tailgate into a gully in the Garden of the Gods.  Just minutes earlier he was boarding by being pulled by the truck and a park police made him quit by saying he'd get a ticket, that would of be a good shot of him being towed by the Balanced Rock.

This big buck was climbing off the road on the way outa the park.  How do these animals stay warm?  I know it's like they do.  However, it's gonna be around 10 degrees below zero tonight and they must huddle or cuddle or something.  I always wonder about the birds and their little feet.  Stay warm you cold-blooded creatures of the world.

This guy skied to visit a friend in Manitou this AM.  It looked very Christmassy over there.  The thing is its up around fifty by Sunday so the snow around here does not last like in did in Placid.  Not sure if it stays on the ground in Placid these days either.

This was my to-go box for the Bronco game this past Sunday.  Almost killed the Beam but I was getting too buzzed to finish it off.  It was Sunday afternoon after all and I had to stay aware for mine and Mags TV night.  Made a beef vegetable soup that was yummy.  I took KJ's hint and made the broth using a prime-rib bone, from G2's roast last week.  It was so good it was gone before dinner time.

Yesterday I cleaned the upstairs and showered all the indoor plants except for the very large showy Bouginvilla which I just misspelled but you'll have to excuse me for. It would take a lot of effort to wrestle that thing in the tub.  I caught up on laundry which seems to be my new purpose in life, cause if all your clothes are clean you can pack to go anywhere at any time.  Not that  I go anywhere but I could if I wanted.  Stay warm!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

winter wonderland

     Today I woke up to a fresh blanket of sugar snow.  Beautiful.  Still lightly falling on a chilly Colorado morning.  They are predicting highs only in the teens but snow tapering off.  A good day to eat soup and watch the NFL in my opinion.  Thats what I will end up doing as the Denver Broncos travel to Arrowhead stadium to take on the less than stellar KC Chiefs.  That's not saying much.  Even though the Broncos have  had wins against the mighty Patriots and Giants, they've also sucked against teams like Pittsburg and Baltimore to name a few.  We'll see.  We're recording the game to watch it at a more accommodating time. So don't call over all excited about the score.  We are actually taking this one on the road as well heading over to friends, the next block or two over.
     Yesterday G2 and I went up to National Forest on the Rampart Range and cut down a 15 foot spruce.  Yeah its a big MF.  We had to drag it up a twenty yard hill to a road then another 20 yards to a parking area.  I was sucking wind so bad, I am so out of shape.  (I'll get on the treadmill before the football game and try to run.)  Its a beautiful tree.  We put it up outside.  Some years the outside tree is the only one we'll have. Other years we get a small inside tree.  We had to convince the kids early on they would still get presents sans tree, just on the bay window instead, they are copasedic with that. We have a relatively small living area but its fun to have a train around the tree inside.
     Last night we had some smoked salmon, rice and munchies with our musical friends and neighbors and played a few songs and a few glasses of wine.  It was a very fun time.  After, G2 and I headed over for a night cap with other friends/neighbors.  They have an electronic trivia game that gives a question on the TV screen then five potential answers are listed and you buzz whatever one you think is right.  On the screen appears clues to two wrong answers, then a clue to the right answer and depending on how much time it takes you to punch in the right answer you get points.  It was fun.  Still got into bed early and no hangover, yay.
   My daughter put on the best commercials from 2008 on the tele this morning.  We always record them.  Still funny.  I'll try to link three, I've never have this before so now I know.  COOL.  I am so pleased with myself.
cheesy 70 song
Keep warm.   C.

Friday, December 4, 2009

miscellaneous bullcrap

Hello and welcome to my Friday evening at home with wine, yes I am blogging with wine tonight. So you will find out a whole lot more about me cause I got loose lips and also talk a lot.  Yippee, I am so happy the work week is over, work, is really a good thing, I love my job, but more than likely its going away. I don't talk about that much. This whole unknown about my job has had my stomach in a knot for more than a week now.  Don't ya love stress.  It can wreak havoc on your whole system.  Back in the late eighties, I know I'm fucking old, the stress of buying a house, OK, I was only 26, had me so stressed out I was having panic attacks, headaches, and even chest pains.  I even ended going home to western NY to go to a neurologist and come down from what seemed to be a bad acid trip.  My sister lovingly called me Abby Normal.  That I was.  Well after visiting a dozen doctors,shrinks, acupuncturist, and even a shaman, I settled on about five years of xanax and learned about the power of positive thought.  Anyway that's stress.  I'll try to not let it get the best of me this time.

Guess what.  The little girl in the middle that looks scared shitless is me, age 5.  An elementary school classmate sent this clipping from  a news photo taken at the Lake Placid Memorial Hospital's birthday party for everyone born in 1960.  Anyway, the beauty of facebook as brought me in touch with a few classmates that I can't hardly remember but want to.  I wish I knew more.  Like what happened to that girl or who ended up doing what ect.

Yeah, this is a bit late but hey it's worth it.

photo I took today, downtown Colorado Springs, CO, cool black-eyed susan sculptures.

Survivor was a good time with everyone celebrating B's birthday.  He got some funny gifts, cool gifts and some cash for his dream computer.  The kid is really starting to blossom.  Understand he's not your typical 15 year old boy but I 'll get into that later.  He is a great kid.  Tonight he went to a dinner with a good friend that is a girl with her family that are good friends of ours.  Tomorrow he has plans to spend the night at a friend's.  This is a kid that spends his free time learning how to write computer software using C+,Java,HTML ect., from books.  Straight A's, not a lot of confidence, no athletic talent, I think he's a cutie, but I am his mom. He has friends, but mostly in school.  So the fact that he's got a social-like this weekend is promising.  Go Bubba!  I know I can't call him that outside of the house.

Survivor was a good show not a great show, but shit will hit the fan soon cause they are all gonna figure out that Russell is a snake.  My prediction

Now I am watching a Dateline show on Amanda Knox.  I will get to the bottom of this.  What do you think, guilty or not.  Interesting.  Thanks for listening to a lot of hot air courtesy of a glass of red wine.  It was a stress relief.  Have a good weekend.  C.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

whoooeee another Thursday Survivor

Found this on another blog and it made me laugh.

was waiting for cloud to move from in front of Pikes Peak this morning so to past time I shot some clouds.  This looked like a butterfly.

This reminded me of a sting ray or a large vagina.  Sorry.


This looked like a weiner dog or pokeman character...

This looked like a crocodile with it's mouth open or a mouse running.

This reminded me of a bird embryo or another mouse running....

either a bent penis or a cow from above...

A pig puffing perhaps one of the three pigs?

Ok the cloud moved a bit to show Pikes Peak!

It was a cold day here highs didn't go above 15 degrees.

Anyway hope you enjoyed my cloud photos.  Excited about Survivor night.  Spaghetti and meatballs for Bryce's birthday.  Yes, we do celebrate at least 7 days per birthday.  Just to make up for zero birthday parties for me growing up.  I am over it, I totally am.  Wish it would warm up here, it's been colder than a well digger's ass, what are your favorite colder than sayings...got that one from KJ....Keep warm C.