Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Another unsatisfying day at the AFA.

Jesus, they want me to make a castle out of a haystack.  The main #@!$%#$$ said he doesn't want his military newsletter to look like a newsletter but like USA Today.  Well good fucking luck, sir. I get 600 plus word stories and that don't fit in the space as it is but I am supposed to come up with some fancy design element.  Fuck me.  Did I mention I want to slit my wrists?  Not really, but can a good thing happen for me?

OK thanks for letting me rant as I fell better already.  Have a good whatever you want a good one of...Carol

Monday, November 29, 2010

No one knows what it's like to be the bad man

to be the sad man, behind blue eyes.

I've always loved The Who.  They coined the lyrics, "hope I die before I get old".  However, they are all fairly old belting out their music still.

Speaking of being old.... the in-laws have been very enjoyable during their visit.  We took a little trip out to the Hot Springs, which was very nice to get away.  I slept for eleven hours.  Eleven hours.  Since we've gotten the dog I haven't seen eight hours of sleep.

The downside to house guest is the food consumption is off the charts... Tuesday the diet starts, even if it's just back to Zumba eating right, and frequent dog walks.

Here's some photos

Rae, the cat in Mag's violin case.  Cutie-pie.

Thanksgiving Day feast.

Lounging kids.

Probably wondering about Jack.  He's a good boy.

Iwas taking a nap from Bob showing up two nights and playing music till God knows when and drinking tumblers of White Russians.  Talk about calories.

I'll add a photo from Mt. Princeton so stay tuned.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

to you and yours.

I have a lot to talk about but I have been busy with the in-laws and I made a blog post for some reason on Facebook I hate when I do that.  Really it just dilutes all my photos for people who could give a rats ass about me or them.  You do right?  I give a rats ass about you, honest.

And I am thankful for living healthy in the land of plenty with my family.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Getting ready for the feast

of Thanksgiving.

The dryer went ka-put last week.  It was repaired Friday but my laundry is so backed up G2 has been wearing hunting socks.  He neither hunts nor likes hot feet in tennis shoes so better get caught up.  Socks are the last to get done simply because they are not convenient to pick up singularly, they are all collectively scooped up for the last load.

Friday I took two of our sleeping bags to the laundry mat and As I walked up two older homeless men asked me for ten dollars.  It just struck me the wrong way. Ten dollars ? Really?  Usually I pony-up a dollar or two.  I said no I have ten dollars to do laundry, so sorry.  Then I did something that I have not treated myself to in quite sometime.  After looking to see if the scraggly men were around I went down to the nail salon and got a pedicure.  Did I feel guilty? Absolutely not.  I spent my birthday money on myself and not the kids or something for the house or for two stinky men to get drunk on.

Things happen for a reason I believe.  The nail tech whose name was Anna, told me about a friend of hers that was always so busy and running around all unhappy.  When she was telling me this she was saying it like she was talking to her friend, "You are always angry.  If you were nice and cheerful more things would come your way, quit complaining, quit yelling at everyone, you need to slow down, ect ect,"  I think she was a Shaman talking to me. ( I once visited a Shaman when I was having panic attacks in the eighties but that's another post.) I needed that because I have been off-track and was thinking about getting some counselling.

Good Lord, that pedicure was long over due.  I tipped her ten bucks for basically telling me to quit being a douche and get my life together if I didn't like it the way it was.

Here's a snap shot of Mags and Jack yesterday when she was practicing her violin.  He's such a perfect dog for us.

These are a few from the Denver Aquarium


I thought Donna would jump in the tank to pet these stingrays.  One of the attendants told her to quit splashing the water because they would jump out.

  Hart to believe these Jelly fish are actually fish

Sting rays so bizarre.  This is the nose and mouth.

There's a few tigers at the place. Because every aquarium needs some tigers.

This was sunset a few days ago when Jack and I walked Red Rocks Canyon.

Speaking of Jack, this morning he was trying to reach those diapers I told you about.  The ones Jeff Probst of Survivor fame sent me as a gag birthday gift.  I had them on my night stand. Jack would love to rip 'em up and I half thought about letting him, but then I figured I better keep them around in case I need to take a long trip somewhere.  Like Orlando, Fl. You know I might not want to take the time to stop.  HAha.

Remember walk tall and carry a big stick.  If you can't carry it then chew it.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It was only a matter of time

before I blew a gasket.

You know when a neighbor or maybe someone who has become famous tells the story about the job they hated before they made it or became happily employed?  They go on about the sucky job and how they got through it and then they tell an anecdotal story?

I don't give a shit if I 'make it' big I just want to be able to tell you about when I was dissatisfied with my employment but how things ended up A-okay. I won't bore you with details.  Can things get better ?, sure.  It would help to get an "atta girl" every once in a while.

I had a fabulous 50th.  My friends Lyn and Donna flew in from Buffalo and boy were their arms were tired.  Actually they surprised me as I sat around drinking wine Wed. evening.  I am gonna plug in the photos and I'll fill in the words later as I have a strong headache.  

The big blow-out.

Jeff Probst sent me some diapers.  You know for those times when I don't feel like getting up to pee.

I don't know what to hell I am doing here but I thought I looked okay so I put it in.

.  This is Friday's trip to Cave of the Winds.  I went a few years ago so I don't think I need to go for another five years.  That's how long I think I can retain the stalagmites 
and stalactites lesson the guide gave us.

This is a snap of Donna standing where they take your photo and try to get you to play lots of money for it.  We didn't buy it as it looked exactly like us and we were not satisfied.

Pinhead on the left, left Sunday so this is her airport portrait.  Still call her Pinhead.  I can still hear my mom say, "Don't call that cute little girl Pinhead.  So where is Pinhead?"

Monday I took Donna to Denver.
We went to the Denver Aquarium to meet up with her Buffalo friend that's her financial advisor.
This otter was the cutest damn resident of the aquarium.  Oh yeah, there were some fugly fish and eels and all there.

But it was pretty fascinating.  As typical, an old dude took to me and became my personal tour guide for awhile, even pointing out the stingray's asshole.

The morning before she left, we took Jack on a walk in the park.  It's my favorite loop.

Donna loved it too.

And Jack really loved it.
Donna stayed in Denver Monday night and G2 and I went to Gordon Lightfoot as previously mentioned.  I have to admit that it was free which made it more attractive.  Gordon, not so much.  He's about a million years old and partially fossilized.  I thought he was gonna stroke out there for awhile.  But he got in a groove of sorts and belted out his pop hits like Rainy Day People and Sun Down.  He was personable and funny and I will give it a thumbs up even though I heard others thinking he shouldn't be touring any longer.

Donna showed up later Tuesday night and because I had the day from hell at work, I had to drop her off a half day before her flight.  I am sorry and will make it up to her someday.  There's more but not tonight.   Good night. C.
PS hey I need MORE followers as I have been stuck on 22 for quite sometime, jess' saying.

Monday, November 15, 2010

her name was Ann and I'll be damned...

..if I can recall her face...

  I know your wondering why I am quoting Gordon Lightfoot lyrics. no?  Well it's because we are going gratis.  I know he's a folk dinosaur be I am excited.  Thanks to Denise.

I have so much to write about but I have no time now so I'll list a few things I need to extropolate on later.  This is more for me as I can't remember what I did five minutes ago anyway:
1. Surprise guests arrive
2. Fun Survivor party
3. Music jam, Russel's bar
4. Cave of the Winds, Mt. Princeton Hot Springs, Card night w/KJ
5. Broncos game, movie
6. Denver aquarium
7. Gordon Lightfoot
That and we ate and drank every two hours and I've got the photos to prove it.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Hey I made it 50 years of turbulent skies, smooth sailing and everything in between here on mother earth.

Got the day off after working 12 hours in a very stressful military office, where I pretty much don't count.  But that water under the bridge now.  And I count here.

About 9:00 pm or so my friends Donna and Lyn showed up.  They flew in from Buffalo,NY to surprise me for my birthday!  We're gonna have a great day.  Hope you have a great day too.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I don't care if it rains or freezes

long as I have my plastic Jesus... The weather is the big topic today as snow and cold weather has moved in to Colorado.  Plastic Jesus, not so much.  Cool Hand Luke hardly ever.

I got to work today and was told if we got the paper together Wed. I could get Thurs. off because the office is closed for the national holiday. Well I'm  working like a muderfucker to do that cause that would be an awesome birthday gift ta have.  I don't know if I can pull it off and I wonder if the stress would be worth it but I'll give it a go.

I'm at my daughter's violin lesson blogging  on my Droid. I'm so technologically advanced I'm somewhat embarrassed to be such a wad.

She's doing real well at violin and we both like her teacher.  The drive down to Fountain can be well, dark and about 15 miles, very do-able but not in heavy snow so we might miss a few this winter.

Got up early and took Jack to the dog park.  We covered some ground, I guess about 3-4 miles.  Of course Jack covers much more cause he's running all over and wrestling with other dogs.  He did this head-plant that looked like it might of hurt.  He was so dirty I had to shower him when we got home.  He doesn't like showers and so I had to lift him in the tub. All 90 or so pounds.

We did this hill three times, I wish I didn't come home and scarf at least 5 pieces of Mag's Halloween candy.  I don't know why I sabotage myself like that.  Why?
Well good luck with all your endeavors and wish me luck getting Thursday off.  You don't turn fifty everyday, right?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

WOOee another gorgeous Colorado day....

Thursday was my daughter's 14th birthday.

As usual, the Survivor gang threw a great birthday.

We have a little memorial set-up for our cat Blackie that died a few years back at the age of 21.  But I am off track on the birthday so back at it.

Charlotte bought her an ice cream cake.  In the middle of the night, a raccoon knocked 
it off the bar out back.  Bad Rocky.

  Mags had a great time

She opened a DVD for learning how to hula dance.

John made her a pretty princess poster, said he better not make her a poster like Denise's

Yesterday,  We went out ATVing in the Round Mtn. area.  We rode out to Badger Mt. and walked out to the hang-gliding take-off ramp.

Chuck was there too but he didn't ride up the nasty part of the trail cause he just had prostate surgery.

John said he felt like flying.

It's a pretty cool view over South Park to the Collegiate Range,

We came back and had some crab legs for happy hour.

Brain food.

As we were leaving, G2 was building a fire from our fence posts he replaced.

He sent me this via phone after we left.  The guys stayed and camped.

Jack's Indian name is "Runs with stick"

Today I have been given the job of looking in on the travel plan options for 11-11-11.  We decided that at the Russel's bar last night.  Cruise or tropical vacation?  We were laughing because with my procrastination habits, we could be very well staying at the Holiday Inn in Pueblo.  No I won't let that happen.  I will start looking into it today, I mean tonight, I mean sometime today. yay have yer self a very happy daylight savings turnback day.  It's beautiful out here.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The aftermath

Election day has come and gone but the results have crowded the airwaves, as they should.  My heart was warmed when Nancy Pelosi was ousted as Speaker of the House.  And Harry Reid was given a run for his money, wish he would have lost.  Ha ha.  You can't live in a suite at the Hyatt Regency and fly across country weekly on Air Force one at the expense of tax payers and expect the rest of us working schmucks to tighten our belts and go without basics.  I know its how it is and how it will always be.  Politicians living large. We really don't want some hayseeds in there running the country but for the love of Pete, give us some sense your looking out for our money.  I am glad about Hickenlooper as CO Governor and the tax decreases voted down but that's all I will comment on politics.

Mama always told me not to look into the eyes of the sun, but mama, that's where the fun is.  Hope you find where your fun is.  Carol

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I didn't vote cause I didn't feel like it

so there.  Trust me it doesn't much matter.  You know checks and balances.  Nothing changes.

Anyway Monday evening I thought our house would be hit by an airplane, explode or something outrageous.  Just that old adage, gloom despair and agony on me type of thing.  As Greg was in pain from is arthritis type of affliction that had him in bed with a fever, I tweeked my fucked-up knee walking the dog at dusk.  I heard a crack as I stepped down and wondered how I would get back home, maybe a mountain lion would notice I was weakened I thought.  I hobbled back and then as I suffered sitting on a heating pad one of my crowns came off as I ate dinner. Then Mags lost four hours of work on her research paper because her computer crashed. One of those days I suppose life dishes out to everyone from time to time.  Bubs escaped the bad luck.

The kids and I laughed our asses off from this lost dog poster from List of the Day.

I think it was the drum or Mr. Oatmeal.

Anyway I have been in a bad mood and I apologize.  Life is too long to be bitter.  Maybe it's cause Halloween is over.  Well let's drag it on a little, shall we.....

Bat cat

Funny as hell from Bev, from http://outofbevshead.blogspot.com/

Ok I feel better.  I think it's more how I am gonna be fifty and I can't walk (right).  That's it.  I just gotta remember, It's better to be a old fart than a young shithead.  Pretty sure.
Let's check on Jack....

I think he's comfortable.

Buh bye for now, chin-up okay, CSL

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Halloween to me...

Yup. A surprise 50th birthday for me at our Halloween party.  Here's some snaps from the big shin-dig which took me a whole day to recover from.....

Some familar faces.

  Bob and his wolf hat.

KJ and Greg served marvelous food.

Jackie served the kids

  John was a nerd and Charlotte was Jesse.

I blew out the candles.

Old friends Kevin and Terri were there.

Suz and Sharon were good witches.

And happy too.

I probably looked more like Mama Cass than a gypsy

Ron and Charlotte won the costume contest.
And everyone cheered for them.

Cyn protested that their costumes were store-bought and hers was handmade.

Pam was caught up in their debate.

There was some dancin'

John did some great play acting for his costume.  I could not stop laughing.


Joe and Nina.

The Kings came down from Fort Collins.  Thank you.

The Finn's came from Morrison and Bob was in from Denver.  Thank You.  Pam is camera shy like me.

Greg made a fab breakfast which did not include biscuits.

Mags and Popcorn bonded in the morning.
Well the real day is in a week or so but I am feeling every bit of fifty today, hell,  maybe sixty.
  A big thanks from everyone for showing and all the cool gifts.  Your the bomb.  CSL