Monday, November 30, 2009

hey remember me

Well it has been awhile.  Hope everyone had a delightful Thanksgiving.  Mine was simply fab.

       We had eleven at our table and a lot of good food.  I made my own cranberry sauce this year and I thought it was the best I've ever tasted.  The turkey was nice and moist and all the sides were perfect.  After we ate we watched the Denver Broncos dominate the Giants.  G2's folks are big giant fans so they couldn't take our cheering and watched it in the outside clubhouse.  I kinda felt sorry for Eli for about 10 sec.  Otherwise NFL football scores were not good to me.  Wished Washington ,KC and Houston could have pulled some upset outa their asses but nooooooooooooooo.  And my poor Jay Cutler.  Jeez, he needs a line so he's not picking himself off the turf every play.  Chicago, please be patient.

    Friday we went up to a friend's party. They have it every year they don't go to Utah.  It was a fun time.  The dude though, introduced everyone else in the room but me to his daughter's boyfriend.  This could not be an oversight.  But I will not read to much into this as I always remember Neil Young's lyrics, "doesn't mean that much to me to mean that much to you."  I know, let it go and I will.

     Saturday G2 cooked a mean prime rib on the spit.  Good Lord this was the best meal I've had since, well, Thanksgiving.  We had a music jam that night and I probably could have sang and played better but if you cared that much, well, these jams with Crazy Bob, would not be for you.  We had lots of fun and I drank too much but not too much. 

      Sunday Crazy Bob stayed to watch football and we plugged in the guitars, worked on songs and leads and watched the sucky NFL games outa the corners of our eyes.  The kids went and watched BlindSide with the Grandfolks.  They said it was heartwarming.

     Today G2's folks and I went out and they bought a mattress,frame and boxsprings for our son's 15th birthday tomorrow.  He couldn't stop laughing when he went in his room.  He really needed the bed but I am sure he wished for the money to go towards his dream computer.  Anyway that's all for now.  We're heading out to his birthday dinner shortly.  I have done nothing but eat and drink for five days.  I really need to hit the treadmill and hiking trails just to get back to my chubby self.  Have a great day, night or whenever, CAROL

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I know, Lordy if I see Jack the dog one more time.....

These are some photos of my awesome hibiscus trees that I bring inside through the winter.  Usually I do good with them but they are water sensitive, good lord, they are tropical,so thankfully they work for me in the winter months.  I do however, battle aphids.  In the past I've taken the organic approach.  Not this year if they don't go away with the rubbing alcohol method I will napalm those little bastards if I have to.  I am not making nice this winter.

pretty don't you think?.......They are one of my favorite blooms, yes I am repeating myself

If you re-bloom your poinsettias its time for  them to get 12 hours day light and 12 hours dark.  That means if you can't achieve total 12 hours dark you're supposed to put them in the closet.  I do not do this but they re-bloom sometimes late.  A street light will effect them.  I know I am probably one of the few people who can't let them die. I put them outside in may garden in the summer.  I know what your thinking, This lady is going to end up with a hundred cats and a hundred poinsettias before hitting the nursing home.  Don't worry I won't let them take me without a battle.

This is a picture of my Ma and my sister Pam and her kid steve who's now like 30, I am sorry iam so tired now but our company came in tonight and I will edit the rest tomorrow.  I just had to give you  something cause my blog got stale.sorry, Carol.  OK I am back, new day............Yeah the in-laws have arrived.  I'll get to them later, but I'll stick to my living in the past right now.

Ok these are some very old, but attractive photos of myself.  Yeah a little egoistical of me but its nice to remember the days and think how can I at least get back there a somewhat....I think I can....

just losing the extra weight will help me out.  Anyway I came across the photos when looking  for the paint for Mags headboard.  It's painted and in her room so I've made progress.

Ok, I will add this my mother-in-law drives me fucking batty.  She insists on making this sweet potato dish she's never made before.  We don't like sweet potatoes, at least if it's mixed with coconut.  I will just let her do it, just get outa my way when I am cooking later.  She's real nice just a pain. I will still go to heaven, won't I?  I know there's no beer in heaven and therefore Highly overrated.  HAPPY THANKSGIVING and thanks for letting me ramble.  Feel free to leave me a comment.  That would show some love, and I love love.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Jack the Lucky Dog and more

"Jack the Lucky Dog" is my daughter's child's  book she created for English class.  It's a real cute story about how a dog escapes abuse to find a nice family complete with a bed, food and love.  Her teacher said she wouldn't be surprised if she was published before leaving high school.  Maybe she'll start in middle school.

Conversation with my son last night:
son: Mom don't give me anymore money I just lose it.(gave him $15 for field trip)
me: really? how much did you  lose?
son: not sure, over five dollars
me: well could it be anywhere else (he's looking through his pockets)
son: yeah on the ground at school, I guess I need a wallet.
me: I don't think so.
son: why?
me: you'd lose it.
son: Yeah you're right. (laughs)
then I thought of a wallet with those huge chains attached to his jeans.  Made me laugh cause he's not the he- man type, not that that's a bad thing.

Well yesterday I left you all bitchy about my amatuer attempt on hair coloring.  I have an appointment to fix it Sat.  I will keep it darker but add some of the blonder color in, hopefully it will not look overly processed.  I ran into a salon and talked with a stylist and broke down crying.  She said "honey we've all made that mistake here and we won't chastise."  I said, "Thanks"

I don't know why this type is blue, but fuck it I don't have time to fight with it.  Anyway I did the follow-up photography on the Penrose Room at the Broadmoor receiving five stars from Forbes formally Mobil.  This is big stuff folks.  There's only maybe a dozen other restaurants that receive this rating.  At first I was all "oh those rich bitches, I'll never eat there, too rich for my blood", but after spending sometime there yesterday I really want to experience this.  It's on the bucket list even though I don't officially have a bucket list.  A three course meal is $72.00 and four is $78.00 and the have wine by the glass for about $15 so I could do that.  Not anytime soon,however.

cute bartender

Love me some good wine.  I would love to earn the title Sommelier.

Lobster salad appetizer

View of the rest of the Broadmoor from the dining room.  Looks like Gorsky Park with the sun set, but trust me this is a fabulous place.
Just got a package from my old friend Travis currently living in Baton Rouge.  Addressed to :              Princess Guinta-vier.  How funny, but just stopped home for lunch and edit so no time to open it.  Tell you later about the contents, my cats owieeee, and other trails and tribulations.
Looking forward to the Survivor evening.  Hope you are entertained as well. C.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Big Hug

Here's a big hug for you since I've been such a self-absorbed creep wallowing cause my mac is on the blink, Wah, wah.  To be honest however, there' not been much to say until this morning when I dyed my blonde hair dark brown, I know WTF, should have gave you warning to try to talk me out of it.  Too late I feel like I have a bad Halloween wig on.  Maybe I'll have to get my hair stripped, of maybe I 'll just get highlights or maybe I'll just see how it works out.  The biggest mistake was not letting a professional do it.  I also did my eyebrows even though the stylist who did my hair said not to.  "How hard can it be?", I wondered.  After rinsing the dye from my hair and brows, I looked like Groucho Marx, because of the dye transfer on my skin.  My daughter kept saying, no mom it doesn't look that bad.   Well she was just being kind.  When I got back home after dropping her off I knew I had two choices, call in sick for work of get 'em looking ok.  So I waxed them and then they were both ugly and red looking.  But did I call in sick, nooooooooo, I am here right now with many people gossiping about me as I type. (well really not sure if anyone really would care enough to be gossiping, but made for better blog)

So enough about me, what do you think about me?  That was a joke.  A bad one.
One assignment yesterday took me hiking in Red Rock Canyon Open Space.  Its a beautiful place, lesser known that it's big brother Garden of the Gods, but just a quarter mile south.  The first bench we hiked to had a frozen hand print in it,cool.  The article was on letterboxing, a form of hiking, treasure-hunting, rubber stamping, type of activity that's been going on I guess for about a hundred years.  It is really like geo-cashing but with no GPS, just written clues about where the box containing a notebook and rubber stamp is hidden. Anyway there's a website, search letterboxing if you want to know more.

This is a view from where the letterbox was hidden.  Red rock formations and nice hiking, biking trails. Please come visit and I'll take you there.  And if you live here, lets go hiking or biking.

This is Ann Grant who took us to the sight of the letterbox.  She actually replaced it because her last box got damaged and the note book looked like an accordian because of the water damage.  My signature is second.
Anyway I hope I end up feeling good about my first day as a brunette or whatever this color is, and I hope you feel good today too.

Monday, November 16, 2009

the weekend is over

I tried blogging yesterday but my mac won't let me sign on.  It's dying and since it's a work computer I would have to take it in for them to look at and since it's probably beyond repair I should take everything off desk-top and hard-drive and I don't want to. I am downstairs on my son's PC which is just not the same.
My post was too depressing for you all to read so I deleted it and will write something else later.  Sorry.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Another day, more lay-offs at work!

Had a wonderful time at my Sweet Ass "Survivor" birthday bash, thanks for all my cool gifts, especially loved my Johnny Cash book, Christmas CD ( I hear them reindeer comin', comin' around the bend....),gardening book, Keyboard cat t-shirt, Loveland lift tickets, turkey wind-sock , lovely leather bracelet, the party favors,chocolate bars, Duffy CD,Bronco fleece blanket,Bronco sweatshirt,cast iron hook and especially the cool oil lamps, I promise not to use for heat. I am wearing my keyboard cat shirt today and feel so special.  Hope I didn't forget anything which would be totally acceptable, well because I am old total shock.......................

Well BIG news today when I got in to work.   Another round of lay-offs meant to satisfy a 2010 budget for bankruptcy proceedings in January.  I am STILL in shock like you fucking wouldn't believe.  They laid-off 8 newsroom employees including our long-time photo editor and one of our up and coming photographers. WTH.  I hope and pray everyone will be OK.  My life will change.  No longer have the coveted weekends off.  Looks like were going on a rotating schedule.....but I still have a job and for that I am thankful.
Anyway tough times.

Came across this during out ATV ride in the mts last weekend Seems like this dumbass  dude thought he could turn around through this ditch.  It threw him and his rider off and flipped it bruising her ribs.  Live and learn.  We and a good day or riding though.  The trails were snow-packed in the shade and wet everywhere else.

In the Hayman burn area, the stick trees go on forever.
A special shout out to Bev who is super funny, witty and comments on the blog.  Thank-you I have been super busy but gotta get back to doing more reading on the blog roll.

Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

11-11 Happy Birthday to me

Yep that's me in second grade.  Little cutie.  I still remember that scratch on my nose on picture day.  Mama's homemade dress, papa's bank-role wasn't big enough, (Bon Dylan lyric's) sorry I was on a tangent.

This was my gift this morning, our family cat Rae gets re-gifted through out the family all year.  But I know deep down she's my girl all year 'round.  I know, blue is not her color.

This is a self-portrait taken this summer while ATVing in the mts.   whoot whoot, remind me to try to lose a chin this year, if possible.

These are my darling children.  Hopefully they will stay darling.  I totally don't deserve darling after how I treated my parents but I am forgiven.  I could go on and on about this but that would be boring.

This is the crew from the Monday might game.  G2 on the right,  Mark our buddy and his son center, and John sitting and nephew Ryan, left.  John flew in from West VA. to see the Steelers.  Avid fan.  It was a good game, just Broncos didn't win.  John cooked steaks and potatoes and we had a few drinks.  Ryan and Trevor run bars in the Denver area.

Me and hubby watched game.. The seats were pretty high but on the 45 yard line where you could see good action.. Good access to concours for beer and bathrooms.

Looking forward to celebrating year 49 with the Survivor crew tomorrow so stay tuned.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

what's up? been awhile....

Had a great weekend but the images to go along with the blog on it are on the small snap shot cameras and I haven't down-loaded them yet. I'll try to get to them tonight as if I wait much longer I might forget what it was all about.  urggh, age ain't it great. Today I had a couple of good assignments one was on this peanut-sniffing dog training.  I guess they train the peanut sniffing dogs much like drug dogs they are just sniffing out different substances.  Anyway some kids are so allergic that they can go into anti-falatic shock and die even if they breathe peanuts from someone's breathe or touch a doorknob with peanut butter on it.  Dogs are trained and families can buy the dogs.  There's a waiting-line as yo can imagine for dogs like these.  They run ten grand or so.  This dog's name was Sage and she was saved from a shelter in Grand Junction after the owner could not deal with her hyperness.  Some dogs are just meant to work.  A peanut pouch was hidden in these chairs and she found it.

The Penrose room at the Broadmoor received it's first five-star rating ever.  The executive chef Bertrand Bouquin is pleased as you can imagine.  Some day I would like to eat there, but since it's a five course meal starting at about $100/plate not including wine it might be awhile. A long while. Beautiful room.

Friday, November 6, 2009


ran into my neighbor Joe as he was heading out for a ride a few days ago.  The weather here has been incredible.

speaking of Joe he sent me this two-picture landscape of the sun throwing shadows
on the mts. Cool shot.

Maggie had a big time at her Survivor Birthday celebration.  Thank you.  She loved all her gifts and the company. About Survivor, I can never really understand why the strong team doesn't take out the weaker team upon merge.  Now the girls can turn on the strong team and vote out people who had majority, just saying.  Laura is my new victim of my disdain.  That guy Erik that got voted out just kept craming his foot in his mouth at council.  Blindside.  Probably the first of many.

Remember how I was telling you about the prison inmates that made fishing rods. Dave here with one of the cats they keep for mousing is one of them.  I hope he gets it together in the real word.

thats it, lack of wit today.  no nasty pix.  just a bid for a good weekend C.
ps the title from facebook sight
no,i didn't join but i might

Thursday, November 5, 2009


My baby girl turned thirteen yesterday.  We'll celebrate tonight with the Survivor crew.  She's beautiful inside and out.  And yes I am totally biased.

This is from the coffin races.  I believe Ron took this of the fire dept. race crew.  Only in Manitou.

This is also of the hearst parade from the coffin races. There were about 30
 hearsts this year Funtime.

This was our living area on Halloween.  Yeah lots o' dancin' going on.

This is the Thursday crew as the Beverly Hillbilly's Good job hillbillys

Our front door.  Pretty. Thanks to my hubby who goes out to the farmer market every Sat.

This was the master bath of a house I went to today in the Broadmoor area.  The guy loans his entire house out to non-profits for free for fundraisers.  It was over the top amazing. He started an ice business with Southland ( 7-11 stores) along time ago.

So there it goes another day.  Here's a link about how the fat cats at the top of our bankrupt corp. helped themselves to millions in bonuses despite the 5% pay cut we all took plus all the layoffs and furlough days.  Why am I surprised?  I am not, just  utterly pissed.  I know, don't let the bastards get you down.
Sleep tight bastards.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I've been away or maybe just unavailable

I got this the other day in an email, you may have also. The type above the photo says "if you wake up looking like this..........

don't go to work!!!!!,  Hell if I woke up looking like this, I think going to work would be the least of my worries.  Maybe I would more likely thinking, what ta fuckedy happened last night, why do I look like Tory Spelling??   Anyway rest assured CDC,  if I come down with the swine flu or wake up looking like this I will stay home.

I got cool Halloween photos and coffin race photos but they are at work and I am at wahh.  I felt I really needed to put in a post since I've been negligent.  Had a great party Sat. night here at our house.  Might have been one of our funnest evah.  I caught a buzz without taking out the speakers and I think everyone had fun.  Danced the night away.  I remember the nights of dancing from the late eighties and early nineties.  I went through my old CDs Fri night and made some dance compilations what a  walk down memory lane that was.  Anyway it really worked out to be quite fun.  photos to come.

Well the Broncos seriously sucked in Baltimore Sunday.  Kinda had the feeling they would right off the bat.  The Raven's ran all over them from the get go.  G2 and I are heading up to Denver for the Monday night game against the Steelers.  Wouldn't you know the forecast for Monday is snow and in the 20's for the game.  It has just been incredible weather here. Highs in the seventies.

Went to Canon City to one of their 12 er so prisons down there today.  The story is on how inmates make fishing rods.  Like really nice ones that sell for $500 dollars to thousands, with rattle snake skin handles, bamboo rods and deep sea rods..  The guys that make them are mostly in for sexual assaults.  The nicest guys and good looking too.  WTF, they all said they want to get back to what they were supposed to be like before their major slip-ups.  We'll look' em up on the internet to see what horrific crimes they've committed.  One kid tending to the tilapia farm had been in there since he was 18.  Seemed like the nicest kid.  Now he has a felony conviction and he'll get out at 30 with all that life wasted.  Well maybe not wasted since he has been tending to fish.  He said he thought no one cared for him.  Sad way to find out they did.

Tomorrow the Survivor crew comes over to celebrate my daughter's 13th b-day, so I will just post on that instead of trying to remember Survivor last week.

The rest of this post is photos of people shopping at Walmart .  Yes, I do occasionally shop at Walmart, , not often, no apologies.  I do tend to wear clothes though, well we all have our standards, no?  Lets just say if I ever catch any of you out there looking like this you'll have some 'splaining to do.

 Talk about cottage cheese....!! But my point is even if you're in the best shape...WHY OH WHY would you go out in public this way??

 OMG!!!  This is just too nasty for words...

Is this Hillbilly Sexy Couture??

She must have been in a real hurry today, she forgot to put the rest of her clothes on....Oh wait a minute is that a Tank Top or Bra???