Thursday, December 10, 2009

Graduation at the Detention Center

I shot this assignment this am at the local detention center.  Eighteen of their detainees got High School diplomas or their GED's.  I admit it I cried too when they all handed out roses the the person who has helped them the most.  Man hope they all make it out of the system.  If they do,maybe they will in part, thank this guy.  He's a powerful motivational speaker.....

His name is Weldon Long and you can check out his story by clicking on his name.  I thought I made some bad decisions but nothing like this guy who is now wildly successful with his life story in print and running business in Colorado Springs.  He also does motivational speaking and I was impressed.

OK I'll admit it right now.  I was too lazy last night to call Sharon about guitar and since she didn't call me I had a cozy night,drank a couple glasses of red wine, did a little blog stalking, and watched the end of Top Chef.  My guy, Kevin, the hobbit, had a bad night, and for the love of Pete, did he really have to put bacon in his dessert.  He does have a pig tattooed on his arm but jeez guy, just make a sweet treat.  The biggest douche of the talented but douchey brothers ended up winning.  I knew it from the beginning, despite their HUGE egos one of them there Voltaggio Brothers would win.
Keep warm and stay tuned.

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