Thursday, January 27, 2011

What can I say...

but alleluia it's Thursday.

Thought I'd stop by to say hi.  Hi.

Don't you hate it when someone makes a very stressful situation more stressful?

That's what happened when I was on deadline with the Academy paper and thinking I'd get it out on time and then the transfer doesn't go right.  Ok, "I can deal with that I think", that happens.  Stress level rises.  Then the paper boss man gets all mad because it's because the Gazette's server is the messed up one. So he starts yelling.  Stress level even higher.  Then I mess up making the PDF's go in order and he said he'd get them.  Then he means I should burn them to a disk after I had shut down my computer.  Stress level higher.  Stress level is up where I could be losing years off my life.

That's okay.  Thursday night and the crew is coming for dinner.  That and I stopped and got two very nice bottles of wine.  Red wine.  Got my years back I am thinking.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Why is everyone picking on Jay Cutler???

Let me first say I was disappointed with the outcome of both NFL division playoff games yesterday.  I think if both games were a few minutes longer there would be a different Super Bowl.

Cutler did not have a good half, I'll admit that.  I think part of that was due to his injured knee.  Now the media, commentators, players and fans are busting his ass.  I think they are implying he should have played hurt and perhaps messed his knee up for good. Really?  He's a good player with a good heart and tough as a good player needs to be.  At least he's not a drunk, drug user, wife beater, hot head, murderer or rapist, all which were represented in the play off teams.

I thought this column and the first comment were fairly right-on.  The columnist is Dave Ramsey from the Gazette.

I still love you Jay.  Stay strong.

     Rodgers got all flustered in the 4th quarter and was scowling on the sidelines but he's such a media darling he can do no wrong.
     The Jets had a great 2nd half even getting a safety against a tackled Worthlessburger, haha,  I will watch the Super Bowl and I will have a good time doing so, but I have no dog in the fight.

In other news, well not much to report. It was an odd day at the paper. I mean with two FT staffers gone things will have to change.  I am not sure if they will change my hours. I am meeting with the two photographers that were laid-off Friday to discuss a possible business proposition.

I took some photos today but you would not be impressed.

You might be impressed by these; links from the bloggess, where I go when I can't come up with my own good shit.
Awesome art:
Pets are cute:

Hope you have a good week!! And whatever you do, don't play injured...... CSl

Friday, January 21, 2011

This ain't no disco

that's for sure.

Wow, I took a hiatus.  I just didn't have the energy to fire-up my creative energies.  Hope I didn't forget all the humorous and insightful perceptions of my mountain journey.  Hey I can always make some shit up.

Anyway our family joined another family minus their kid and split a cabin. High Country Cabin, that's it's name. We've known them for years so consequently they know all about our characteristics: we theirs.  So no surprises. We ate, drank, played board games, snowmobiled,  went sledding, heck I even read 20 pages of a book. No wild stories, which sounds boring but is really refreshing sometimes.  Varsity members came over Saturday night but that was even tame.

Here's some snaps:

I went to post these last night after I had the Survivor crew over, but I posted them to Facebook instead.  That's what happens when I drink a bottle of wine.

Charlotte made the appetizer as a joke because Denise who always puts an exquisite plate together decided to see/work (not sure) the BB King concert downtown.  The cheese balls were quite good.

I am very excited about the NFL Divisional playoffs Sunday.  The Bears play the Packers first game.  Man, I hope the Bears can pull it off.  I won't pretend to be a big NFC central expert; I am new to the scene.  However I have been around enough to know what a huge rivalry these teams are.  I am really pulling for Cutler to have a great game. I will light candles for power.  Seven African Powers.

In the AFC I am pulling for the Jets.  Yes, I am from NY but I have no allegiance to them, I just think the Steelers have been tto the Superbowl enough.  Plus, quite frankly Worthlessburger would be in jail right now if he was a regular guy. Pretty sure.  Sexual assault is usually punishable with prison time.

Today the paper where I work, (used to work) laid-off two photogs from the staff.  Fuckers.  I was hoping they would not do this, however there's not much content left to the thing, it looks so weak. Not the photos, they are quality, it's the size of the paper that's so diminished. Sad really.
 I am sure they are devastated but I am confident they will end up better off.

Have a great weekend people. C.
ps. Go Bears, Go Jets.....

Monday, January 17, 2011

Big Weekend in the mts

We all had a swell time up at High Country Cabin, just a mountain side north of New Castle Co.  Got lots of photos to post and stories to tell but I am very tired out so I'll put it off till tomorrow, okay?

My comments area got spammed by escort services out of India on my previous post.  Most of my readers don't post, which is fine, because you'll say something in person, email or phone, however, I love comments. To fend off spammers if you want to leave a comment there's a word scramble you'll have to fill out before posting-it's no big deal. I'll take it off after awhile.

Love the Bears made it to the playoffs,  more on that later, Carol

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

This is the day

your life will surely change... Love that song, you know what I am taking 'bout.

This The The song.  (Click The The song, but you knew that.) I always thought it was written for me.  Still makes me happy or sad depending on my mood and I still think it was written for me.

Anyway a high school friend sent me a FB message that another high school friend is on Survivor this season starting in a few weeks. His name is Phillip Shepard here's his video.   His family was one of two African-American families in this small town of two-thousand people. Very diverse.

Okay so here's my confession of the day. Some days at work when I'm placing other people's shitty photos on a page I really miss taking photos.  I bite my tongue and giddy-up.  They have no clue.  No clue. I know what your wondering, no clue I am hating on their art or no clue their art is horrible?  Both.

 I would love a day that my life would surely change, for the good, of course.  I am asking the universe for this.  Please.

Hope you have some good changes coming your way. Ask the universe.

And oh by the way, after another mammogram (candygram?) and a sonogram of my left breast, all is clear.  That's right Houston, there's no problem here. Whew.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Baby it's cold outside

Cold enough to turn this truck's balls blue.  Why you ask? I do not know.

Shot a few frames for the paper today.  Here's my favorite:

Really my favorite is this frame but it didn't have the ball in it.  However, it did have my car in the background, something I strive for.

Keep warm and strive for something.  Something positive. You'll feel better,  CSL

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Good news/bad news/bad news/good news...

I was awaken from a sound sleep by the phone this AM, it was Chase, one of my credit cards had been used fraudulently, bad news.

Chase cancelled my card and caught it before they racked up a bunch of charges. I won't be held responsible for the charge, good news.

I was cleaning out my car this morning while listening to Car Talk, good news.
I was hanging my legs out of the door and the door shut right on my arthritic knee, bad news.

I got a little dizzy twice this morning and I was freaking out a little because I had to shoot a wedding, bad news.

Well I didn't have any subsequent spells and shot the wedding without fainting, it was very nice, good

I promised Maggie lunch but she took so long getting ready the place we were going to go was closed, bad news

We went to another restaurant, a crepe place that was really good, good news.

The service was so bad at the crepe place we were waiting around for our dessert menu for fifteen minutes, bad news.

The banana's foster was so good they are worth a second chance, good news for them

I spent $50 on the meal, bad news.

I still had a fifty left from my b-day money, good news.

The Seattle Seahawks managed to win against the Saints, bad news
The Seahawks will be an easier team for Chicago to beat in a week, good news

I hope all your news is good news. CSL

Friday, January 7, 2011

and the Lord said,"Let there be light"

 I had a light bulb moment.  Just now. Not sure if the Lord had anything to do with it, but perhaps.

 I can pull out of these doldrums. Just stay tuned.  I'll let you know.

Okay where was I....... oh yeah I was hating on some people for hating.

You're gonna hate me or maybe just mildly disagree.  But this whole shenanigans about that naval officer losing command of his ship, the Enterprise, is pure bullshit.  If anyone had any problems with their little smutty comic relief video why hasn't anyone come forward before this.  It was shot in 2007.  This 24/7 news cycle dishing out the goods on all non-politically correctness is just plain annoying.  It's the Navy not the Glee Club. 

I busted pretty good on Brett Farve a while back.  Now I am sticking up for him because of the lawsuits by the two Jets' hired masseuses. The claim sexual harassment by Farve and the termination by the Jets. Again, if they were bothered four years ago by this, then why the lawsuit now.  Fucking weakling gold diggers.

I just erased I full paragraph on the office where I work.  Let's just say it didn't put them in a good light and leave it at that.  Need the job for the time being.

My Subaru turned 100k miles today. I shot a photo of the alignment of nines.  A few years back this would have been a good enough reason to throw a bash.

I had a friend, Joey back in the good ole days, that drove backwards so his odometer wouldn't turn forward in order to come get me so I would be in his car when it turned 100,000.  That's what I thought of today. Hey Joey, out there somewhere. Being wacky?

Enough about the "man with the golden voice".  You know the homeless guy from Ohio, that now has been on NBC for about 24 hours.  He was on the Today show yesterday, several other NBC show throughout and then when I flicked on the TV about 1 A.M. he was on Jimmy Fallon, then on the Today show again this morning with his mother.  I am very glad for him but I feel his feel-good story will stop feeling good with all this over exposure.  Maybe other homeless people will gain hopefulness and employment.  They need feel-good too.

Keep up the good work if you're doing it and if not, you can do it.  Regardless I hope you feel good.  CSL

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Is this a sign?

I know better but I am feeling surly, so I am gonna tell you how I really feel.

I am not sure if I am more accommodating or meaner in person, don't much matter. For now I feel the venom flowing so I am going to let it flow.

disclaimer: not my photo

Birds are dead.  Falling from the air.  Thousands of fish have washed up on lake shores.  What is the most popular Yahoo news clip?  Snooki's book deal and workout routine.  You know, that twit from that pathetic Jersey Shore program. She gives dumb asses and slutty chicks a bad name. New Jersey already has a bad name. Joke from high school: A girlfriend tells her boyfriend to kiss her where it smells, so he drives her to New Jersey). She's so newsworthy. What do I really expect from Yahoo!? They give great tips for successful job interviews.  You know: be on time and don't pick your nose.  Also on how to look young by brightening your teeth and using a moisturiser, because really how could the average person ever discover those ideas on their own?

Snooki: again, not my photo

I am equally as irritated with Arianna Huffington.  How can she claim to have any connection with blue collar hard-working Americans?  I am fairly sure she never has spent anytime with the down-trodden in downtown Detroit.  She married into huge money and now runs around with her blue-blooded liberal cronies.  And how long has she been in this country and barely speaks English? I know, but I am sick of her lispy ramblings.  I think all these multi-millionaires, ie: Gates, all the A-list movie stars, Buffett, Oprah should collectively start a social services bank account for our very own poor and give back.  Really give back. They could really do a lot for the lower- middle classes.  Man, there's people right here that don't eat. (However. they may have an i-phone, which is another post.) Put their money where the mouth runs rampant.  Her Huffington Post is now being sued by former writers.  They claim it was their idea.  It isn't her first brush with material lawsuits.

From Vanity Fair, can't wait to read.

Is this all a sign?  I am afraid a sign of the times.

Oh and so you don't think I am just a bitter bitty, here's some fun strange bizarre interesting links all borrowed from :

Folk are NUTS over this fake ball sack

Porn Pillows from the seventies

Semen Necklace

Tomorrows another day, goodnight. C.

Monday, January 3, 2011

I am confused

but I am happy.

I guess Cat Stevens said. "I am old, but I am happy."  I think blissfully whenever I hear or sing that line.

I watched the last Bronco game of the season with the gang yesterday.  Even though they didn't win, it was very entertaining, plus the company and the food were great.  It warmed my heart to see the Chargers go into a little panic mode in the end.  They thought they had the game in the bag and then the Broncos got the on-side kick and Norv was in a sweat.  That warmed my heart.  Out of all the AFC West, I loathe the Chargers the most.  Mostly because of Phillip Rivers and his smug unsportsman like arrogance.

Anyway I shot for the paper today.  Here's the feature I shot...

These folks I photographed setting off the air rocket she got for him at Christmas.  They had to shoot it off about ten times for me to get the rocket in the air.  Their idea.

Also an assignment on a guy who has cerebral palsy and works as a janitor.  He says the job has made him a happy guy, never sad.  Good for him.  He had a mouthful of chew.

He lives alone and gets around on the bus by himself which is pretty cool.

That's about it for my day.  I can deal with that.  Stay tuned, I will be funny again some day.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

hahahah bwahhahha Happy Fucking' New Year, I can say that cause this is my blog.

Anyway going back to my "woe is me post", I have a new outlook so I won't be a whiner.

First off, my sister reminded me that it is not that uncommon to go back in for a second mammogram.  Ok I will not worry, does no good anyway.

Secondly, everyone will end up with some arthritis after 50 so it all depends on how I deal with it.

Thirdly, I have a beautiful life even though 2010 was cruel.  Things happen for a reason.

New Years eve was a fun time at Joe and Sharon's. Since I just started that wellbutrin with a large dose I didn't drink that much, to the chagrin of some like Ron who said, "man we're  not gonna have any fun".  Well we had plenty of fun, Ron included, who left on his own two feet, but barely.  We sang, danced, ate good food, I spoke to some folks I haven't seen for awhile. All without a hangover.  We did sleep in.

KJ had a brunch worthy of the Broadmoor and we watched some college football and met new people.  Very nice time.

When we got home G2 and I got in bed and watched movies all night, only getting up only for snacks.  I was in bed for over 12 hours, that was great.  The movies were not all that great, a case of 457 channels and nothing on.  We watched a memoir on the Beach Boys, interesting, a black rapping comedy/drama, called The Lottery Ticket, I liked it, and Bait, that's where I fell asleep.

Plenty to do today, hopefully I don't have any bedsores.  Happy Day.