Saturday, February 26, 2011

Survivor, burnt toast and the Art of Running in the Rain.

If you don't want to read my Survivor critique scroll down to below the Survivor photos and you'll be spared.  However, even if you don't watch the show you'll want to know about it. Don't ya?

 I watched carefully this time and I think Phil is just so honest, too honest to play the game with the likes of Boston Rob, whose word is never worth much. Phil has pledged his vote to him while they are still tribe-mates. Rob makes mockery out of him. I think Phil's a lot like coach.

I can just hear Rob, Oh Ambah, Ambah. He's running his team into the ground because of his insecurities.  He talked the "sheep" of his tribe to vote out the Tarzan kid (Matt) because he congratulated the other team.  (All Survivor photos by CBS.)

 The Ometepe tribe gets weaker and weaker and the weakest is Rob who is just out for himself. Too bad Matt was nice to look at. Maybe he'll survive on Redemption Island.

The other recycled contestant, Russell, below left, is such an unlikable snake. Survivor producers: Quit recycling these same old same douche bags .  They are pathetic people.  They already have millions of dollars, let some honest hard-workers win it this time. I know I can only speak for myself and the group I view with, we are all very sick of old players returning.

I think Ralph, the hayseed from the other tribe, has done a good job showing what an evil ass Russell is.  Vote his ASS off so I don't have to look at the weasel and hear is egoistical diatribe.

Ralph, above, has already found the idol.   He pointed out to the tribe that Russell took the clue for himself and his two clueless broad side-kicks.
That wraps up my Survivor observations, now on to more important issues.

Burnt toast

A while back my friend Denise said that while she was a dispatcher, one of her co-workers told her that some heart attack victims smelled burnt toast just before having a heart attack. I did a little research on that because I was skeptical. By research I mean I googled "burned toast heart attack"

What I learned was the toast smell has been related to people before having, strokes, seizures and heart attacks but mainly is is considered a wive's tale as there's no scientific or medical reasoning behind the symptom. Unless it was your brain burning up a bit and getting "toastie".
 A few nights after learning this, I woke up in the middle of the night, and you guessed it smelled some toast where there wasn't any toasting. I had to calm myself down. No other symptoms right?, right. The human brain and the power of suggestion is very mystical.

Then,  a couple of days ago one of the "animal print jacket ladies" from the AFA PAO office was smelling toast. She is the more robust one, weighing easily 250 lbs. I almost told her she may be having a heart attack or stoke, just to be mean or maybe to save her life? "You know that's a symptom that you're gonna have a heart attack?"  ha ha haha, I am not that mean even though they are the busiest of  busy-bodies.  I should have.  Maybe I would have sent her into a panic, maybe saved her life. She was there the next day so it probably would have been panic.

Editors note: April 3, 2011. Smelling scents that don't make sense.

I later did more research and after a few more google searches I found out that it also can mean there's a ghost or spirit in the area. This has to do more with the smell of burnt matches or tobacco, but they do mention the smell of cooking as well. About twenty years ago I moved into an apartment in the same general area of where I now live.  This area is historically known as an Indian burial site. I smelled tobacco smoke in the same area of our apartment. The upstairs apartment was empty. It really bothered me at the time. We only lived  there a year, but I never felt comfortable there.

Dog Park Incident.

My dog has not been charged of any sexual improprieties. (see previous post) We have not been back to the dog park mainly because of my laziness. But we ran him up Red Mtn. This morning and we are both very tired.  That's for next time.

Hope you don't smell burnt toast unless you're burning it, baby. I'll write on the "Art of Running in the Rain" later.  (click name to link to review written March 31, 2011), as I am running out of time. Taker  easy, CSL

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Dog Park Incident

Has someone ever told you something and as they were rambling on you were thinking, "man I wished they hadn't told me that?"  Maybe you felt that it was a little too personal or that it was something embarrassing that should be tucked way deep down inside. Well, I hope this post isn't one of those moments. To be honest, it is a little embarrassing.

I was at the dog park Tuesday morning. On Tuesday I go in to work around 11 am, so I take Jack out and he gets some exercise, he loves it so. It was a very typical morning.  He ran through the creek and ran around with some dogs.  I had stopped and chatted with some folks. We were going down the final hill of the loop and Jack was running around with a Bouvier and a Huskey; going between the owners, one guy twenty yards behind me, the bouvier's owner, a lady about the same distance behind him.  I had stopped to let the dogs play before leashing Jack to go. I noticed this larger-sized whitish sheepdog-mix running up to greet the dogs. I had seen the dog before and Jack had played with her in a wrestling manner and they looked like they were having a fun time. After they sniffed around a bit Jack got on top of her and began to hump her.

He is an occasional humper, more often the humpee.  I don't get freaked out about this because I know they are establishing a pecking order, and if a dog doesn't like it they get out of it. If I am close I do grab his collar and yank him down.

All of the sudden this freaking lunatic runs up the hill yelling at the top of his lungs, "NO NO NO!!!!!, you get off of her, you are hurting her, this dog is fucking my dog, he's penetrated her, oh my GOD. Control your dog..."

The other owners had caught up with me to witness all this. They were as horrified as me. By then the dogs had long been separated because it was part of a wrestle more than anything. Jack was just staring at the guy as was his dog. He was on her maybe 5 seconds. His penis was never out. Never came close to being the real thing. Honest.

I leashed up Jack and was heading down the hill flanked by the other owners. I heard him going, "She's sore, he penetrated her, she's not spayed, your fucking dog. You should control your dog."

I said as I walked, "He was was on her 5 seconds just playing, you shouldn't bring a dog in season to the park."

He said, "She's not in season. She's just not spayed"

I said, "Well, sorry he meant no harm."

His dog was till trying to play with Jack after I had leashed him and was walking down.

I could still hear him say, "That dog fucked my dog, she's sore, oh God."

I was walking and Ms. Bouvier turned and said, " That guy is a nut job. He knows nothing about dog behavior."
Mr Husky added, "I love all the dogs that come here but some of the owners are crazy. Don't worry about it that guy is crazy."

As I left the gate the crazy guy who must of ran down from the trail, left the other gate still ranting, " I can't even come to this park because some people can't control their dogs."

I stood facing way from the parking lot in front of my car as he went by in back of it. As he drove off, he rolled down his window still yelling out about my, "fucking dog."

A guy who left after rolled down his window, waved, and rolled his eyes. "Don't worry about that creep."

I waited awhile before leaving.  I didn't want this jack-wagon following me and killing me, or Jack.  I was that threatened.

I'll go back to the park all right but I hope I never run into the red-headed, raving, guy who obviously for got to take his meds.

So are you glad I told you?

Here's a little funny so you don't feel funny:

Hope you have a good night. Keep your dog in control and keep away from raving lunatics.  CSL

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

running tired

I am running tired right from the get-go today.

Long day shooting yesterday for the paper.  Then had a little pizza get together after.  We were home by 10:00 pm but still very wiped.

Anyway there's some overused words that I have been hearing that I could live without hearing for awhile these include: uber, "wrap my head around...". "love me some", epic, there's more.  But humor me and if you see me coming by all means do not use one of these words or phrases as I have had it. That's all.

Gotta go get me an uber cup of Joe and start my epic day by wrapping my head around my job so I can love me a good day. You too. Carol

PS: I also HATE when people call fresh snow, powder, "freshies" or "pow pow", so try to refrain from that too.  Thanks.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Snaps from the cell phone

Doing the big purge of the cell phone gallery so here's some images I felt worthy of showing.

 The Garden
 Donna, I and Jack.
 Jack and Mags
 Getting me some eyebrows
 Mags with dessert and striped teeth
 The fam, Paravicini's
 Sharon and I NYE 2010
 Cyn singing with the band
 Sue, Greg snomobling
 Noel and Canadian undies
 In the AFA restroom
 Sharon washing Jack
 Jack wrestling a bulldog
 Jack with ball
 Jack and Carol at dog park
 Woody swings with deer at Russel's bar.
Creepy sea captain that was watching us pee at the Russel's
Hope your week is well...  Carol

Saturday, February 19, 2011

It's a beautiful morning...

I know, where have I been? Then I show back up all chipper...

I'll tone it down.

I was having a bunch of uneventful days and really had nothing to add to make your life more enjoyable. I can't remember any instance where I thought "Oh I got to remember that one for the blog." So rather than bore you I just kept it all deep down inside.  Now I am ready to let it all out.

This past Thursday was the first Survivor of the season.  It didn't fail to amuse.  That and it was my super hubby's birthday as well.  Here' some photos of his celebration:

Charlotte creatively decorated an awesome cake.

Nothing says "Greg" more than a sheep with a bird on it's back, nothing.  Very Americana.

I think the lighted tongs were his favorite gift however,

Well, maybe second to a signed copy of Mr. Manley's Manley Man Manuel. I wonder who will receive it next. Stayed tuned.

He's off snowmobiling in the mts.  So happy birthday to him, he deserves it.

OK.  Back to Survivor.  You may or may not have read a bit back when I wrote that one of the Survivor contestants had in fact gone to my esteemed high school in western NY, Wayland Central School, now in fact called Wayland-Cohocton after blending with another small school.  I however did not go to the Cohocton school. I really don't remember much about him except he played on the basketball team and was a very nice guy.

His name is Phillip Sheppard and if you watched the first show last Wed., you know exactly who I am talking about. Here's a link from a  local small newspaper about him.  To say he's an interesting contestant may be the understatement of the year.  After searching for reaction about him other blogs they think he's a nut -job to be frank. I will say this: I know the show edits for the best reaction to a contestant.  However, I think he broke every rule you must follow to stay in the game very long, he brought up he was an ex-fed agent no less than twenty times, was a pushy know-it-all making the shelter and a loud mouth at tribal council.  To top it all off he wore saggy pink underwear.  Can't they wear bathing suits anymore?  I am sick of looking at their bras and underwear.  Jeeze.

Well it's not good to rush to judgement and contestants have risen out of the hole they have initially dug for themselves so I hope Phil digs himself out of this one. Maybe it's the hole of a bad edit. At least he was entertaining.  And that's what the producers want: a new, fresh, unpredictable dude to make us shake our heads in disbelief.

Nothing else much talking about but I will try not being so boring for so long.

Oh happy V-D day late from Jack Guinta:

What a sweet boy. Ehh?

 Ta ta, WCS class of '78 and future survivor contestant, (joke) most definitely a joke, CSL

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Back in the deep freeze.

which is the way it goes in Winter I suppose.  One kid had school cancelled.  One had a delay.  I am not sure if school administrators have gotten smarter or if they are pampering the students.  A few inches of snow and still air.  I am sure the roads are a little slick.  More than likely, they cancelled school because of the cold temps and the propensity of a below zero wind chill.

Anyway we had a splendid Superbowl get-together. The food was so pretty and plentiful.  I am glad it was a good game.  And really I didn't care who won, but it was nice to see the cheese-heads win.

Quite the variety

My man smokes a mean pork butt, haha and brisket

The eggs and brie plates were especially pretty and goooood!

Green Bay cakes


The commercials didn't seem as good this year but there was a few that got a laugh. Joan River's body transposed over a ripped young bod.  I think it was more of a shock than a laugh.

You probably guessed that wasn't her real 77 year-old body.

The kid in the darth vader, cute but I really didn't think so great.  I loved the Ozzy/Bieber commercial, "We're losing Ozzy, Ozzy's in the background..."  That's funny shit.

Christina Aguilera's nerves got the better of her and she messed up the lyric of the SSB.  Whoops.  What bothered me more was all the runs and bravado she added.  I know she's a heeluva singer but keep it simple seester.

If she was wearing this there would have been room for a costume malfunction.

You know I really wasn't crazy about the Black eyed peas, nothing personal I just don't like that pop stuff.  It was cool when Slash popped up but they should of never has Fergie sing that song. Horrible.

Yesterday I shot for the paper.  I had one assignment for a dining review.  Then it was driving around and then a late assignment about rural poverty in Ellicott.  It was at this clothing/ thrift shop out east.  The smell of stale cigarettes, and the look of worn out people existing the best they can with the help from other's.   I left there feeling a bit sad, but grateful for the lady to put her life into helping others.  I will donate there from now on.

I have seen two fairly good movies in the last few weeks.  I meant to mention "City Island" last week.  What a great movie starring Andy Garcia and Julianna Margulies. I viewed it on Encore but I am sure you can find it as a rental too.

 The dialogue can get to you in the beginning but you get used to their way of communication.  It was very entertaining.  They all had their quirks and habits.  It was billed as a comedy and it came together in one big laugh at the end.

I viewed Opa! last night.  What a cute but predictable story.  I want to live on that Greek Island.  Beautiful.  I could skip skinny dipping with Matthew Modine though.  It was on Encore.

Don't worry about Jack.  He now sleeps in our bed like a person. Beauty dog.

This was the AFA today.  Cold and blowing snow all day.  Right around zero degrees and damn near the artic.  Keep warm....

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Illegitimi non carborundum

you know, "Don't let the bastards get you down" and I won't.

I had a very good but non-eventful weekend last weekend.  Had a wonderful evening Sat. at Ron and Char's but cashed it in early for a family portrait.  A friend of Maggie's.

I ran into Sharon at the dog park Sun. morning.  She discovered what a dog-wrestling dog I have.  Yep Jack's a freakin' dog wrestler. Wrastler sounds better.  Anyway after he wrastled him some dogs he sure was dirty so we took him to Wag N' Wash, a local dog washing business.  Sharon volunteered to help, so before she got there I got a tub. On my way to the back of the room, I slipped and fell on the wet floor.  Not a little skid and land, but I big old feet 10 feet in the air, coming down with a boom on my lower back.  Fortunately the only thing bruised was my big ole ego. Everyone asked if I was okay and I just had a good laugh with one of the dog wash helpers.  Sharon showed up and she had a laugh too.  She then said, maybe you are injured? So when they asked me to fill out an injury report she pointed out that was a good thing, that it was on record.  Then we both had a light bulb moment.  Maybe I was in fact "injured" and my ship had just came in.  We both had a good laugh over that.

When we went to check out the cashier treated us like a couple asking us both questions about Jack.  Calling us "you guys".  That was funny too.  Lesbian dog couple.

So I waxed my son's eyebrows the other night.  There's one thing I won't tolerate and that's a uni-brow.  No kid should have to go to school dirty or with a uni-brow. I buy a box of those wax strips and I have gotten pretty good at removing large unruly brow hair.  Anyway, the next day my daughter opened her math notebook in class and noticed two pages were stuck together.  Stuck together with a hair wax strip.  A used hair wax strip with hair on it.  As annoyed as she was, she got a good laugh out of it.  That'll teach her for leaving her school books on a table.

Looking forward to tomorrow's Super Bowl.  I haven't decided who to root for yet.  Leaning toward Green Bay right now.  I've backed off on hating Roethisberger cause now that he's the most hated player in America I figure that's a lot of hate going to a guy who probably hasn't done anything that the majority of these overpaid, largely testosterone-fueled, naive boys in men's bodies haven't done.

Hope your team wins.  I'll add the photos to this post later as it has been a week since I have written and I don't have the photos ready.  OK?