Sunday, December 6, 2009

winter wonderland

     Today I woke up to a fresh blanket of sugar snow.  Beautiful.  Still lightly falling on a chilly Colorado morning.  They are predicting highs only in the teens but snow tapering off.  A good day to eat soup and watch the NFL in my opinion.  Thats what I will end up doing as the Denver Broncos travel to Arrowhead stadium to take on the less than stellar KC Chiefs.  That's not saying much.  Even though the Broncos have  had wins against the mighty Patriots and Giants, they've also sucked against teams like Pittsburg and Baltimore to name a few.  We'll see.  We're recording the game to watch it at a more accommodating time. So don't call over all excited about the score.  We are actually taking this one on the road as well heading over to friends, the next block or two over.
     Yesterday G2 and I went up to National Forest on the Rampart Range and cut down a 15 foot spruce.  Yeah its a big MF.  We had to drag it up a twenty yard hill to a road then another 20 yards to a parking area.  I was sucking wind so bad, I am so out of shape.  (I'll get on the treadmill before the football game and try to run.)  Its a beautiful tree.  We put it up outside.  Some years the outside tree is the only one we'll have. Other years we get a small inside tree.  We had to convince the kids early on they would still get presents sans tree, just on the bay window instead, they are copasedic with that. We have a relatively small living area but its fun to have a train around the tree inside.
     Last night we had some smoked salmon, rice and munchies with our musical friends and neighbors and played a few songs and a few glasses of wine.  It was a very fun time.  After, G2 and I headed over for a night cap with other friends/neighbors.  They have an electronic trivia game that gives a question on the TV screen then five potential answers are listed and you buzz whatever one you think is right.  On the screen appears clues to two wrong answers, then a clue to the right answer and depending on how much time it takes you to punch in the right answer you get points.  It was fun.  Still got into bed early and no hangover, yay.
   My daughter put on the best commercials from 2008 on the tele this morning.  We always record them.  Still funny.  I'll try to link three, I've never have this before so now I know.  COOL.  I am so pleased with myself.
cheesy 70 song
Keep warm.   C.


  1. Yum! Salmon and rice is one of my all time favorite meals! And that trivia game sounds similar to what they have at the bar I used to work at. Very addictive.

    And thank you for calling my Chiefs "less than stellar". That was a very kind way of putting it. Around here we just say that they "FN suck."

  2. Samsmama, That is the very same video game just a home edition. I never played it in a bar but I've seen it there. I sure know how its like to be the fan of a floundering team.(Bills, Chicago) That said, the Chiefs are sucking pretty hard this year. Sorry..


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