Tuesday, December 15, 2009

nothing is what it seems

My first assignment was to photograph this guy that collects and sells old postcards on-line.  I was halfway expecting an old crusty dude in a smelly old house but it was in a newer part of town.  Cookie cutter suburbia is what I pulled up to.  The guy was a fellow NYer and came to Colorado to ski a few years back and never left.  The postcard idea came about when he was 5 he found a postcard of a boy playing baseball and bought it for a quarter, now its worth hundreds like the postcard of the Titantic above, he said about $650, as a blank card, and had it been sent by a passenger of the ill fated ship much, much more.

There were lots of holiday cards, this caught my eye. Reminded me of the Santa illos when I was young. I know, back in the day of horse and buggy. Cute.

After this assignment, I didn't want to go all the way back downtown, so when KJ called for lunch up north I said "yay".  We went to FatBurger, which was yummy, but, really couldn't they come up with a better name? My small burger looked like it was served on a dinner roll, but in reality it was plenty of food.  This could definitely be part of my weight problem: portion size.  Anyway whenever I get with KJ eating is dangerous cause we laugh a lot.  This potentially could be a choking hazard. Today's big chuckle was over these holiday tabletop candle holders this girl made last year and she brought one over to a holiday party we were all at.  After the candles burned awhile, they caught the evergreen and plastic bulbs on fire.  All the sudden people were smelling smoke and then it burst into flames.  Someone grabbed it off the table and threw it in the snow and dumped a beer on it.  We laughed so hard we nearly peed ourselves.  Well today I noticed on facebook she made this year's batch.  I almost commented she better spray them with fire retardant.

My second assignment was to photograph this one Dr., on the right.  I know, I am such a wimp.  The second Dr. kept getting in the background, even though the story was about the one guy, I didn't have the guts to tell him to get out of the frame.  Finally I just put on a long lens and tightened up on the one guy.  I know no backbone. The weirdest thing about this assignment was the body freezer.  Yep they learn about ortho (bone) surgeries through cadavers.  The large box in the freezer had "HEAD" on one end, like head this side up.  Yuck.
Well no Christmas tree yet.  I'll look again tomorrow.  ho ho humbug

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