Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The rule of thumb

generally speaking, of coarse, is one bottle of wine per dinner while camping per person.  At least I got that accomplished today for out upcoming Memorial Day camp-a-rama.  Cause I know what's important.  I just wish I felt better.  I got fog head.  At least that's what my friend Joe said when he saw me at the liquor store. Actually he said, there was a fog about my aura.  I've often felt that.  I suspect ADD or some other acronym for not thinking straight. And a head cold too.

 We're camping west off Trout Creek Pass, Chubb Park to be exact.  This time of year you need to stay low if you want to ride ATV without snow pack.  It's an interesting group and I should have some good stories to tell.  We usually play guitar around the fire at night, ride ATVs, play volleyball on uneven ground with prairie dog holes, have a mountain croquet tourney with contact, horseshoes,washers, joke telling, lie swapping and have even done charades for the sake of the kids all with tossing back some well-deserved libations.  We know better to bring up politics when we've been drinking cause they'll be a heated discussion, which I don't mind, but now Bob won't camp with Chuck cause of the health care debate last Labor Day, so that's not worth it.  I will miss Bob since he has the guitar repertoire, knows the Midnight Special and a lot of Bob Dylan and a good spirit, but he's gotta grow up....geesh.

G2 smoked three big hunks of brisket for the Sat. dinner for about 30.  Yes. I ate that piece and it was yummy.  He's very generous and gracious and a good chef ta boot...

I got my tropical trees out of the house.  They are all so hurting.  And with aphids, those fuking little green  monsters. In a couple weeks they'll be doing better.

I got so much work to do in the gardens I cannot think straight and I want to swear a lot... ADD again, or maybe tourettes.   I'll give you a tour in a month er so.

Jack update: he sure is a handful.  He was in trouble in kennel for chewing up his foam mat.  That said, he is lovable and wants to drink my morning coffee by spilling it on me and licking it up, so how can you NOT love that?

Bubba and Rae update,  Bubs had been keeping a weird schedule staying up all night and studying for his finals, reports and I think he is ADD too, and also a procrastinator like his ma.  Tomorrow is his last day of school.  Mag's was today.  I am free of making lunches and shuttling kids. Rae hates the dog but she's not going anywhere cause we have enough love and cat food to make her happy.

ok yesterday's assignments:

A puppy getting a DNA test to see how big it will turn out???  Just wait 6 months and they'd know.  A couple hundred bucks is a lot to get a jump on knowing what breed the dog may be, after she was purchased in a parking lot, don't you think?  They plan on keeping her anyways.

and for Memorial Day, a family who lost their husband/dad while he was serving in Afghanistan in Oct.  Sorry never seems to be enough.  Heartbreaking.  He won't be coming home again. ever.  RIP Sgt., beautiful family.

Have good weekend and a memorable Memorial Day, back next week. XXOO, C.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Bee the change

Jack is our dog unless proven otherwise, by now, in the court of law, or  at least by some very tragic tale of monumental proportions.

Besides being a little bit of a head case, most likely from abuse, I quite enjoy his company.

Saturday, we had the first of what will most likely be many small dinner BBQs.

Bryce had an unusual weekend.  Book report due on Mon, am.  Book not read until Sunday late afternoon.  He was up most of the night.  He picked a fairly complicated book to report on Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land.    I, for one, will be glad when school is over later this week.  I get to slack off a bit too.

I worked like a MF dog in the garden I am sore and tired and a bit of a bad mood so better not write anymore or I'll spew venom at someone or something.  Have a beautiful Monday.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday the magnificent

is what I am calling today.  Long MF week. The MF being a modifier in this case.

Yesterday in Canon City, kids playing in a wade area off the Arkansas.  Very serene.  Reminded me of my childhood in upstate NY if I squinted hard enough.  I spoke with the kids grandma, who I hit it off with right off the bat cause I asked her if she was the kid's mother.  I am good at that.  Anyway she gave me a dining tip, if your ever in Canon City, Co eat at Al's Cigar Shop on Main St.  Apparently it's not a smoke shop but a bar that sells the best burgers this side of the Mississippi.

This was the Gazette outdoors reporter doing some rolls in the kayak park. He was pretty good, I think, as I have no kayak experience to draw from.

Law Enforcement officer's memorial, always sad.  I have gotten this assignment for about five years in a row, so I have tired.  Forgive me.

Air Force Academy cadets from Colorado Springs.  The class graduates next Wed., (oh, chucks, I am off! ) The words over the tunnel used to say "Bring us men"  that didn't fly in the present day.

I went up to a yard sale in the hood at lunchtime.  On the way up, a truck full of folks stopped to talk to me about Jack and even turned off the engine of the truck to talk chocolate lab to me.  I acted like I had Jack forever. The only chocolate lab experience I've had is the two weeks and google searches that told me breeders usually hate it when the labs come out chocolate.  They told me I might want to stall for awhile before I hit the sale cause there was a loose-wire nut-job up there that was hitting on his wife.  Sure enough I got up there and this dude was the type you dodge.  Rambling on.  He gave Jack a pet and told me all he knew about dogs.  Had a tattoo of his pitbull, Jack on his arm.  Ughhhh.  Anyhew, I ended up buying a cool coffee table at the sale.  I'll put a photo up soon.  Going over to Cyn's to have me a couple Beam and cokes after I feed Madge.     Have a good weekend...c.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Nothing good

.......comes easy, at least not for me.  I worked another 12 hour day today and I am sunburned, tired and sore.  I helped myself to a percocet and a glass of wine.  I know narcotics are usually reserved for when you get a limb amputated or a goiter removed but give me a break. Why use a ball peen hammer when you got a sledge?   Sorry about my transparent flaw of overkill.  Now quit judging.

Still got my dog Jack.  I think he's mine.

The reason I am so sore is that I have covered more ground in the last two weeks with him than I have in the last year. I am even running now.  At times anyway. I got to start stretching.  I met a lady with an English or Australian accent on the trail today walking her Goldendoodle (Golden/poodle x)  The dogs hit it off and maybe we'll walk them together sometimes.  I thought about asking about her accent but figured I wouldn't bust her ass with a bunch of questions.  But don't you worry, I will get to the bottom of the accent,  and everything else cause I am a premier interviewer.

Spent the afternoon in Canon City about 45 miles south and west covering a new kayak park.  What a beautiful park and day.  I used to think Canon City was such a skank-hole shit-town because the only times I went there was to cover some heinous child murder, a lumber yard fire or visit the Super Max, the max security prison.  But today I got off the main drag and it was a wonderful little  town.

Well I gotta get my little drug-induced mind to bed now. Guess I''ll limp down the hall.

Looking forward to a summery Colorado weekend, planting and covering more ground...c.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

some photos

Nothing great, but it's what it is.  From Monday and Tuesday........

Colorado College grads.  This is an liberal arts college in town.  Very prestigious.  You must be very, rich,very smart, very poor, or a combination of the three to go here.  About $40,000 a year if yer paying. (Suffice to say they are probably smoking cubans.)
It's a huge hockey college.  Maybe Mags will go here. That would be the very smart but not quite poor enough to qualify for free.  Not Bubs, he's going to MIT, he said. He'll need a hefty scholarship to go there, needless to say.  

A TV camera guy covering the CC graduation asked if I remembered my college graduation.  I said yes, my parents had to wake me up when they got in town that morning.  Luckily I was in bed alone.  Joey was on the couch, we probably got only a few hours or minutes to sleep, seeing I was still drunk from the night before.
I do remember we wrapped Joey in up aluminum foil and put him in the neighbor's oven that night.  Thankfully, we didn't cook him, too much anyhow.  I miss the Joe's and Joey, and the crazy antics of college, but yeah, had to grow up someday.

There were many of hung-over grads.  Hot sun, hangovers and long-winded speeches. bleck.

Small experimental plane crashed and burned at Meadowlake yesterday.  Pilot's ok. I don't know about you, but if experimental is in the name of the craft I ain't getting in.

9/11 Memorial at NORAD/Northcom at Peterson AFB.
It's a twisted metal beam form the World Trade Center.  Nine years later and 9/11 hits a very raw nerve.

Looking forward to my Wednesday off.  I am tired. Good day

everyday's a new day.....

.....well of coarse it is.  Although at times I think a Ground Hog's day experience to repeat a good day would be neat.

The family, except for myself, have all had colds the last couple days, the Spring variety with stuffed noses and sore throats  Today Bubs stayed home.

We still have the dog.  There has been highs and lows.  I slept so soundly Sat. into Sun. that I didn't get up to let Jack out in the middle of the night and he peed his kennel.  So had to launder his bedding and give him a bath at 6 am Sun. and I really rather have been sleeping.  Gone are the carefree days of getting up at ten and reading the paper with a pot of coffee and doing as I please.  Now I get up 5:30/6 am and eventually wear at least a cup of the coffee because he's trying to lick it out of my cup.  But I am out on the trail before work and it will eventually pay off. The kids that were initially excited to have him around have grown annoyed at the inconvenience of caring for a puppy.  I have grown attached but I am sane and want him to be with his family, if his family is a loving one.  Which brings up the point why hasn't anybody been looking for him?  I will get him scanned for a chip tomorrow.  All that said I truly want him as my dog, cause all the trouble will be short-lived.

Stop here if you don't like Survivor.

Sunday was the Survivor finale.  We had a delightful time and watched to find out who won.  The feelings were different within the group,  I was glad Sandra won although she wasn't my favorite.  Russell who proclaims he's the best at the game didn't manage to get one vote.  That means he wasn't the best at the game. I was glad to that Parvarty, who is a smug little schemer, didn't win.  Ha ha, haha.  They don't do much surviving anymore; struggling with lack of food and trying to live in the elements.  I am kinda sick of having repeat contestants, so bring on the new and keep Russell off TV, ok Probst?

Gotta run.
More later..C.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Victor, Colorado

Jack and I took a drive to Victor to photograph a story on a revitalization grant they received.  I did the driving and photography, Jack rode bitch, so to speak.

 This is a old, old mining town with about 500 residents who don't agree on much.  Hopefully with the help of Clay Brown of the CO Dept. of Local Affairs, they will at least agree to clean up the place for those who care.  I love this place but would love it more if it didn't look like such a ghetto.

Right after I shot this, Clay went to pet him and he ducked his hand and jumped out of the car and into traffic.  Which was only one car going 20 mph about 2 blocks away.  Please Jack, don't be an ass on assignment, or any where else for that matter.

The call him the Patron Saint of Victor. 


Old mining town, just minutes up a hill they are still mining gold in a huge operation.  Thats what keeps this town alive.  This town has always been in Cripple Creek's shadow. Yes the bastard step-sister of Cripple Creek.

 A sign for a medical marijuana dispensary, opens in July.

Nice guy John and his pooch Josh hanging out.

Victor Ave.  The kids go to school in nearby Cripple Creek since the school closed a decade ago.

The decay.

On another note,

And the award goes to.........

Bubba, who is now realizing hard work does pay off.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

another day, another dollar

That's what I'm working for today
Another day, another dollar
Sure can't buy my blues away

Bluegrass, the true workingman's music.     

Today I worked hard but didn't post the photos to prove it.  Went to an awards ceremony for Bubs.  He won three academic excellence awards.  Way to go Bubba. Keep up the good work.  

Still have the dog, Jack the Chocolate Lab.  The Survivor crew loved him.  Loved may be a strong word.  But they really liked him.  

Tomorrow morning I am heading to Victor, Colorado and I won't let you down on the photography, so I better get to bed cause I gotta drive early, so glad to report that tomorrow in just a few short hours it is in fact, Friday May 14, 2010.....CSL

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Boy am I tired

thanks to puppy love.  Actually its all good.  I haven't been this active in awhile taking three walks a day.  Feels good.  It would help my chances of keeping this dog if he liked G2.  Hope he warms up, but if he doesn't I am sure it won't be hard to find him a good home.

Yesterday I went down to Ft. Carson on assignment.  There was some upper level Generals and Cols. from the Iraqi Army learning the ropes from the 4th Infantry Div.  They had interpreters for a question and answer session from the dumbshit inquisitive TV reporters.  Anyway the interpreters spoke very broken English at best.  So left there not knowing much more than when I got there.  Plus I had a headache trying to decipher.  I think they said they are doing there best to make a transition to an Iraqi Government.  What a fucking mess.

"They want you to explain your plans for the future."

That was about it for Mon., I know not very satisfying.

Today was kinda a dud too.  I put 85 miles on my car looking for a feature and listening to NPR. Back in the day, add a six pack and I'd call it a good afternoon. I did shoot a dining review photo for yet another BBQ joint, called the Brickhouse on N. Nevada.  I will go back and check it out.  The owner was kinda forlorn saying he thought he was duped on a couple radio promos he bought, with no result.  Hope it's a good review, cause you can't buy that kind of advertising, but if it's bad, that could be disastrous. I'll let you know.

It's raining out now and may turn to snow.  I was supposed to go to a Rockies game tomorrow but not at 43 degrees with rain/snow possible.  Yeah am I spoiled or smart?  

Both.  It's raining so hard now could be cats and dogs.

Sorry this is such a non-interesting post but just wanted to say howdy-ho and bore you with a weather report.  Have a good hump day, y'all.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Jack the dog

Here's the pooch that's been at our house for the last four days.  What a sweetheart.

looks a little guilty.  He has been a really good boy though.  He sits and uses a crate at night and during the day.

No one has called on my ad at the Humane Society and Craig's List.

Anyway he's my temporary buddy and if Mags and I have our way he'll be our family dog.  Keep your fingers crossed it was just meant to be.

You know how I sometimes watch crap TV?  Well last night was the ending to Amazing Race and if you haven't watched the end, stop reading this now.  OK, those annoying gay brothers, which I have no problem with the gay part, just describing them, fucking won.  What a travesty.  Just so undeserving.  I didn't want the models to win either.  They both abused the taxi drivers under stress.  I don't care who you are, you don't talk to people like that.  Well I hope a big heaping helping handful of karma bitch slaps them upside the head.  Then the lesbians still were trash talking at the end of the show.  People this is national TV, have a little grace.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

I am a mother.......

Oh yeah........the reason for the day.


new link I found, Funny stuff:

And again have a great day friends, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, we're all in this together.  
What are you waiting for?
The just kidding part?
No really.
Have a great day.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

I keep forgetting

to tell you about a few things that happened this week.  Stuff.  First the big stuff.  It was G2's and my 20th wedding anniversary this past Wed.  5/5

We were a lot more good looking back then.  Is that proper englais? 

To celebrate Wed. we took a drive up to Cripple Creek.  We had lunch at the nicest and newest casino called The Wildwood. And then proceeded to lose $60.  Ya can't win if you don't play.  That's ok, I had it to lose and had fun losing it.  Would have been a lot better to win though.  We had a nice day and later took the kids to a local pizza joint for dinner.  We're all about class.

The grand Greg gave me for an anniversary gift made the gambling trip easier.   That and the fact I charged over $200 dollars in skin care product Tuesday night on the internet while watching TV.  If you know me even remotely you know I am frugal.  I am not a shopper and don't spend money frivolously.  Digging up the photos of the wedding made me realize how much I had lost my looks.  Shit.  And I am already taking an anti-depressant.  Double shit.  I'll let you know how the firming and anti-aging cremes work.  Maybe there's a money-back guarantee.
I took my Forester in for maintenance this week.  The mechanic guy clipped the plastic oil shield away that I have been dragging for three weeks.  The lube guys didn't button it up tight. Now I don't look like such a Gomer driving around.  One day I was actually dragging a tumble weed down the highway. Good times.   

Have you ever taken a phone message and then called the person to give them the message but really dialed the number you just jotted down for the person to call?  I did that this week.  Man, I had to laugh at myself.  So you go ahead, you laugh too.

We've had a stray chocolate lab at our house for two days, no calls on him....could I really have a dog named Jack?  

Spent the last two evenings with our neighbors/friends watching a movie Fri and playing music tonight.  Fun.  Anyway G2 made this fire outback and so I am going to have a nightcap out there.  Happy Mother's Day Mother's....C.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Catching Up

ok I survived the in-law invasion...actually went pretty well.  The wine theory worked. Don't remember a thing. ( That's a joke, I do remember a few things.)  Monday mornings can be so damn sobering.

A big Thanks to our friends Neil and Shelly for having all of us and their other ma and pa friends over to dinner Sunday.  Big time.

Neil can cook and slice.......

Shelly made a mean pot of beans and a wonderful potato salad 

Big slobber dog

strawberry shortcake! Yum

        guys of all ages

kids and Grams

Some photos I shot through the week....

feature, never saw the light of day....

the horse farm down below the cemetery.  Had to go back out to find this proposed VA cemetery cause the reporter never went out and had the wrong address.  I didn't mind, nice drive.

The proposed VA cemetery was already an old family ranch plot.  I put this in so you could see two of the three fences I scaled to get the photo.  The other fence was one of the white plastic split-rails you see in the horse farm pix.  All in a days work.

Local school district is getting wise to healthy eating for the kids.  Cutting out processed food.  Way to go! About fucking time I should say.  Nyther ( I made that up) of my kids can choke down a school lunch.  Nachos with the fake cheese sauce is considered an entree.  

Local charter school reading scores went up 25 points.  They now use therapy dogs for the kids to read to.  What a cute dog and girl. I know I thought it was a boy too. It's the teacher's girl dog named Gus.

Shot Sky Sox yesterday for the first time in ages.  There were no autofocus long lenses in the pool so I had to rely on my rusty manual follow focus.  Harder than you might think.

That Sox the Fox is one agile mascot.

They won in the bottom of the ninth.  Yay.

The only action play I shot worth a shit.  I managed to get a sunburn. Farmer style,  put vinegar on it when I got home.  All better.  For you doubters this really works.

Big brother program picked it's big brother of the year this teacher in Monument.  This kid never had a dad.  Good he's got a role model. 

and this week's douche of the week goes to this bearded dick-weed that insulted me on the tour of the new USOC building.  He's the new media relations dude.  "Ma'am, I am going to have to take you back up ......"  I am not your ma'am, DB.  Don't get me started on the new building that the mayor, on the left, gave 45 million in tax money to renovate to the ultra-arrogant US olympic committee.  We can't even water our parks and this building is swarming with overpaid MF.  Good job.

Had fun at Survivor.  Noel and Denise made pizzas.  Russell shot himself in the foot by voting off a villian.  I knew he was too dumb to win.  TGIF, kids found a dog today.  He's here now. I'll fill you in later, chow,choi, later, C.