Thursday, December 30, 2010

Keep on the sunny side

There's a dark and troubled side of life, but there's a bright and sunny side too... So true, so true.

Okay here's my dark and troubled side.  My friend KJ asked her orthopedic surgeon friend what he thought about her friend's (me) diagnosis of arthritis.  He said, "She's fucked" Exact quote.

I went to see an ortho surgeon about my knee yesterday.  Some how I didn't look at the google map very well and ended up way up northeast in BFE.  I called the office to get directions at my appointment time, she said oh you're way up there.  I was in tears. I got my bearings and I got to the medical office about 15 minutes late.  I had gone past the same building 45 minutes earlier.  I don't know WTF I was thinking.

Here's the view from the examination table

I looked scared or worried or scary or worried scary old. 

I was bored waiting for the doc.  BTW, I did have paper shorts on.  But can you imagine if he walked in while I was photographing my old lady athletic legs up in the air.  

When I was young and a bigger partier , a good sign I was rather intoxicated is that I would pull up my pant legs and show my ultra-large calf muscle, reminiscent of lets say Broomhilda or Kathy Bates, developed mainly through jump roping for body conditioning. I could easily hurt a small child or animal if my leg fell on them, dead weight. 
Oh there were other signs of course, of intoxication but that's another post.

That is not urine.  This is the fluid tapped from my knee by my ortho doc Dr. Simpson.

Anyway I 'll cut to the chase, the doctor said I do have early-on-set arthritis in my knee.  He said I have a good prognosis having good flexibility and muscle tone. After he tapped the fluid I got another cortisone shot that hurt like hell and I will start physical therapy next week.  

So here's the bright and sunny side.  He thinks I could come out of this okay, looking positive.  I know what is he supposed to say to me.  I have a degenerative disease with no cure (that's a little dark and troubled) But I'll be damned if it takes me down.

That I and need to go back and get a second mammogram. The dreaded phone call came. I am so worried I started taking  Wellbutrin again and I have had a headache since I got the call.  My mom died a young death from breast cancer.  And I am a worrier, shit.  Between driving 20 miles off course for the Dr's yesterday and worrying about breast cancer I have aged myself a few years.

Okay I can not leave this post on such a depressed note. So here's Scary Santa to send out a ho ho ho ho ho wishing everyone out in my blog world a very happy happy sunny side New Year for 2011.  I am so looking forward.  Only good thoughts.  2011.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Woh - oh, what I want to know, where does the time go?

maybe the lyric of the song I should refer to is " Woh - oh, what I want to know, is are you kind?" Are you?  Think about it and answer me.  I try. Real hard.  Not to answer me, but to be kind. I try to follow the golden rule.  It kills me about all these "Christians" who quote the bible but do not follow the golden rule.  Just had to get that off me chest.

Anyway I've been busier than a blue-assed fly and lazier than furniture, but kind as possible.  I'll let the photos do the talking than put in a wise-ass remark where applicable.

Who stepped on Bryce's laptop bag?

The evidence pointed to a guilty-looking Jack.

Although he pointed to the cat who was locked-out at the time in question.

The bath at Wag n' Wash was not punishment for the dirty paws, however I didn't feel sorry for him.

We went to a few holiday parties including the Perran's fab party.  That was fun and the noel socks that Noel wore and the tequila shots came out.

Mags and I went out shopping and stopped at Kohl's to look at shoes.
Who ta fuck wears this shit?

She reminded me not everyone shares are impeccable taste in fashion.

These metalic numbers were a steal at $6.99, NOT. Maybe for a joke.

One of her favorites was the faux fur cave-man vest cinched at the waste with a plastic trash-bag-like belt.  She wanted me to buy this as a joke but $20 is too expensive for a joke.  I guess I may have worn it maybe for a job interview for a miner or a nordic bar maid.

We had a wind storm last week.  It took out some tall trees.

It also took out this Safeway truck.  When I was shooting this I almost could not stand up, due to the wind, of course.  I guess it was about 70-80 mph.  

Took Maggie to her violin lesson.  She is getting soooo good.  Practice does help.  I guess I should practice my guitar.

We made some Christmas cookies.  They weren't as good as last year's.  But the love was there.

Almost peed my pants we were laughing so hard when we decorated these.  I know the shear mention of urine and cookies does not go well.  Sorry, but these ginger bread men looked more like mister Bill and Jason the hockey-masked murderer than ginger bread men.  Maybe they are like clowns. Inherently evil.  Think Hansel and Gretel.

We had a Christmas eve eve get together.  Mags hung out with the cat and read.

Good food and friends.

Jack and John wrestled.  John woke up with a large bruise on his arm from it all.  So I guess Jack won the match

You know it was a good party when we put the table on the couch to dance.
We got together with our neighbor's Christmas eve.  One has to wonder why no photos of their wonderful daughter opening gifts.   Sorry that's a FAIL.

Mags and Jack opened gifts Christmas morn.  Jack got the most gifts by far.  It was like having a little kid around.

Bubba got an office chair and other nerdly goodies.  He was very sick for the last two days with a cold and fever.  He's feeling better.  I was scared because he just slept for two days.  I was haunted by the thought of meningitis or other terrible things that could take a kid out.

Greg burned my $60 spa gift certificate that my generous friend Sharon bought me.  He threw the shirt box it was in in the fire out back thinking it was empty.  Yes, I was mad for awhile.  But no sense in making Christmas ugly.  The spa will honor her receipt.  But that was a Christmas foul.

Christmas night we went and sang carols with the Russel's and crew.  So much Christmas fun.  Cyn showed off the moose caller that John got.  

It was Noel's birthday, hence the name, and we got him a few nifty gifts like this firefighter game Charlotte found.  

Good bye Christmas bring on 2011.

Got up in the night a few nights ago to find Jack sleeping on his back.

I worked on Monday and shot a plate of tamales and this little park feature.

I guess I didn't let the photos do the talking but it's been awhile.

I'll do a follow up because how can one remember two weeks of life?

Today I have a specialist appt. at the Dr's about the knee.  Hope they can do something.  Hope.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Have yerself a very merry Christmas

I had to drop by and say Happy Holidays.

It's very rare for me to go over a week and not say hello.  Hello.

I hope to get time tomorrow to fill you in on all my holiday shenanigans......

Friday, December 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Aunt Animal rear

A few years back my husband's sister Anna Maria left our lives and has never checked back in.  When their mother died in early 2001 she got her share of the inheritance and left for LA.  After her marriage broke up and her ex-stole her car a few years later, she called for legal money.  I gave the phone to G2 and he said he sent her a small chunk of dough.

She took off and never called anyone after that. For awhile we would get calls from creditors.  Even one from Kentucky.

 Her name was hard for the kids to say so they garbled up the words a bit and called her something that sounded like animal rear. She was very generous and loving to them but they hardly remember her. So where ever she is I wish her the best.  A phone call to say she was okay would be great.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Let the games begin....

you know, reindeer games.

The 2010 Academy Spirit has published its last paper for 2010 so I am off there for two weeks.  So yay for me.  I can relax.

This weekend I will get some cards out, make cookies, go to a Christmas party and little to nothing else, hopefully.  G2 is going snowmobiling so there's no pressure to do anything and no one will be keeping score.

I hate to disappoint you.  You know, coming to this link to hear me ramble on about their non-existent weekend plans, so here's some Christmas funnies. Enjoy my friends and thanks for your support. csl

Monday, December 13, 2010

I've been down so very damn long

that it looks like up to me.

Fun with Jack Guinta...

 I can just hear the song "In the Arms of an Angel"

Here's your gift..

I got a little something for you.  Honest.

Bow.  Wow.

Anyhew, we had a fun time watching the Broncos on Sunday even if they suck... we'll still cheer'em on.  They are our team in sickness and health, through domestic violence and McDaniels till death do us part. Did ya see those Bills though?  

Noel made big points with Denise getting her a plate with fries and a heart-shaped ketchup.  Not much makes Denise happier than Noel and ketchup.

The midwest and northeast have gotten a bit of Winter.  Understatement huh?  The football dome in Minnesota collapsed. You probably knew that though, unless your living under a rock. Well this is no news blog.  Just a rehash of old news and rumor.  Got any good rumors?

Found this web stalking.  Made me smile, hope it makes you smile too.

Going out to the hot tub so don't be hating, my knee's a hurtin'  Love, Carrolla

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Smile on your brother

KJ helped me put together our Christmas cards yesterday and we nearly finished them.  They look pretty swank if I don't say so myself.  I 'll put one up when I get finished.  I'll get one in the mail to you just leave your address on comments if I don't have it.

Took a hot tub tonight for the first time in a few years.  Yes, it felt really good.  There's still a leak but not sure where and it's not bad.  Greg said no problem.

To be sure and to clarify how mad I was at Bob the other day, I have moved on and I know he would do anything for us. Shirt off his back even if he had no shirt for himself.  Plus that and I never keep score on friendships, K?

Anyway we went up to Woodland Park and got a Christmas tree today.

The kids.

Madge and her dog.

Getting the tree secured.  It was a big MF.  About 20 feet.  For our outside place.  We got a small one for our baywindow.

He's such a lovable goof.

We came across a couple camp sites that were just despicable.  For the love of Pete, why do people leave their campsites like a garbage dump.  One camp had a dead horse carcass and a dead smaller animal.  It has bothered me all day.  Not as much as the friend of the friend of the friend of a friend bestiality story I heard yesterday but you don't need those visuals, I promise. There are sick individuals among us. I will promise a few photos from today tomorrow and that's a wrap.