Monday, December 28, 2009

Post Christmas

     Well, Christmas time has come and gone.  For the most part it was well, enjoyable.  Don't like to be a big curmudgeon but I can sure get sick of it all after a week. Played games Christmas Eve with another family and a few friends.  Played Catch Phrase and Apples to Apples, ate appetizers and crab legs and a bottle of wine er two.  he kids got it to it and we had some laughs/
      Christmas Day, we dragged ourselves out of bed about ten am.  I am not kidding.  Thank God for teens who like to sleep.  I did get up around 7 am to get the presents out and fill the stockings.  Had a pleasant morning ate cinnamon rolls and drank a pot of coffee.  Opened some thoughtful gifts.  I got some pack boots (Sorels and those things you put on your shoes not to slip on the ice, books,kitchen gear  and lotions ect.)  No big surprises for the kids as they both just had lucrative birthdays.  G2 got a Craftman's tool box that came all messed yp with the wrong tools ugghh.  Don't ya hate it.
     Got a call from a friend who was coming to dinner. He told us he was bringing psychotic common-law wife and her neurotic brother.  We were upset at first,taken aback really, that someone would call to announce this rather than ask if it's OK.  The girl has never been close to us.  She doesn't eat meat which is fine and quite common but other times she has shown up for dinner she spent half of it putting us down for eating meat and anything else she didn't care for.  Anyway I guess the month or so in jail this past summer has mellowed her out.  She stabbed a cop in the hand while sitting in her parked car in a parking lot.  She had a raging headache, prone to migraines that would paralyze her.  She also was self-medicating, being a pharmacist I guess she thought she knew what she was doing.  The cops tried breaking in to her car after asking her what she was doing.  She responded she was OK just go away. They broke the window, tazed her five times and bean bagged her leg.  She responded by stabbing one of them, hence the jail time.  So jail time and about $100,000 so far and probably a court date, she could in fact serve 14 years in prison.  I honestly feel sorry for her.  I am not big fan of the cops although I understand their reason to be.  It's some of them are power hungry sons of bitches with little or no regard for the population they swear to serve.  I felt guilty after getting all uppity cause we had a great time and meal.  We even got in a game of Clue.  The brother, who has some kinda doctorate was such a moron playing the game, I had to go over the rules a thousand times.  How can someone so book smart be so dense?  I am sure he still doesn't know how to play the game.
     That night we went to the neighbors to hear some piano playing and Christmas caroling and had me a few bourbons.  It was a riot. JR played the piano as well as Bob and Dave.  We all sang to different degrees with Bob drowing us all out most of the time. G2 slept off his hard work and twelve pack of beer on my shoulder for about an hour or two, but awoke to drive us the few block to safety.  Bob and I played some music and had a few drunkard's ice creams ( white russians) when we got in.
   The day after Christmas got our acts together then went over to another neighbor's birthday party.  It was fun but we were a lot of partied out. The birthday boy got some funny gifts,  you know, a package of depends, and a black nativity set his work partner give some gifts back and forth.  What a beautiful house decorated by the talented wife.
    The Broncos played in Philly yesterday.  What a shame.  They really played a decent game.  Ref calls were paramount.  While the Oakland game was a ball buster this game was more of a heartbreaker.  I think we outplayed them 3 of the four quarters.  But the bottom-line is the score at the end of the game.  I have just had a cloak of tiredness come over me, so I will revamp and add photos later.  I can imagine if I am bored writing this you must be bored reading, so sorry I'll come up with the pizazz later C.


  1. While I totally get your point about the police, I must admit that I seriously laughed out loud at "She stabbed a cop in the hand." I'm sorry, but I just did NOT see that coming!

    We had a family friend who was a pharmacist and also took to self medicating. Very scary stuff! Needless to say, he's no longer with us.

    Sorry about your Broncos. You know my feelings on my team... *sigh*

  2. Samsmama, Sorry that post just did not flow. Not enough wine, I guess. The girl lost her pharmacy license and they are now fighting to save their house. Lesson learned but perhaps to late: don't stab cops; they hate that. Broncos did much better than everyone thought, poor Chiefs, they'll rebound.


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