Sunday, December 20, 2009

WTF Denver Broncos heard me.  I knew it. Fucking Broncos can't even pull a home win out of their asses against the worst NFL team, ok second worse team, (forgot about the Rams and the Lions, but will count them each as a half of team).  Ok got that off my chest.  I know I got a big chest too, trust me. That plus the commentators on CBS honestly where do they get these guys....ughhhh.  I heard one of them say it was smart for Orton to take a sack.  The sack was "smart ball control".  Don' get me started.

Anyway had a lovely day yesterday baking cookies with my lovely daughter I'll call her Margina, for now. Despite almost killing each other numerous times we baked a couple dozen each of chocolate peppermint,shortbread and chocolate chip cookies.  We are both 1. Scorpios 2. Rats 3. know everything  4. she doesn't listen, plus 5. doesn't clean up her mess.  Add that up, with some sharp cooking utensils and  an arguing tendency, we are lucky to have survived without a flesh wound anyhow.  But she is lovely and pours me wine, so all is forgiven.

We then watched "He's just not that into you", which had quite the beautiful people ensemble cast including: Jennifer "eyes too close together but who notices cause yer looking at her ass" Aniston, Drew "something tells me she still drinks"Barrymore, Ben "Pannycake head" Affleck, and Scarlett "big lips and tits" Johansen as well as the Mac nerd spokesman whose name I've never fuckin' knew or soon forgot, plus some d-bag who played the cheater with too many teeth in his smile.  So it was entertaining enough and although I'll never watch it again no regrets on the few hours spent on it.

Tonight Survivor finally.  I am excited.  Good luck good lookin' Dr. ( in red below, Mick)

"I know I am an ass but at least I keep it interesting"
                              Russell- the redneck
Woot.  Woot.!!


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