Friday, December 4, 2009

miscellaneous bullcrap

Hello and welcome to my Friday evening at home with wine, yes I am blogging with wine tonight. So you will find out a whole lot more about me cause I got loose lips and also talk a lot.  Yippee, I am so happy the work week is over, work, is really a good thing, I love my job, but more than likely its going away. I don't talk about that much. This whole unknown about my job has had my stomach in a knot for more than a week now.  Don't ya love stress.  It can wreak havoc on your whole system.  Back in the late eighties, I know I'm fucking old, the stress of buying a house, OK, I was only 26, had me so stressed out I was having panic attacks, headaches, and even chest pains.  I even ended going home to western NY to go to a neurologist and come down from what seemed to be a bad acid trip.  My sister lovingly called me Abby Normal.  That I was.  Well after visiting a dozen doctors,shrinks, acupuncturist, and even a shaman, I settled on about five years of xanax and learned about the power of positive thought.  Anyway that's stress.  I'll try to not let it get the best of me this time.

Guess what.  The little girl in the middle that looks scared shitless is me, age 5.  An elementary school classmate sent this clipping from  a news photo taken at the Lake Placid Memorial Hospital's birthday party for everyone born in 1960.  Anyway, the beauty of facebook as brought me in touch with a few classmates that I can't hardly remember but want to.  I wish I knew more.  Like what happened to that girl or who ended up doing what ect.

Yeah, this is a bit late but hey it's worth it.

photo I took today, downtown Colorado Springs, CO, cool black-eyed susan sculptures.

Survivor was a good time with everyone celebrating B's birthday.  He got some funny gifts, cool gifts and some cash for his dream computer.  The kid is really starting to blossom.  Understand he's not your typical 15 year old boy but I 'll get into that later.  He is a great kid.  Tonight he went to a dinner with a good friend that is a girl with her family that are good friends of ours.  Tomorrow he has plans to spend the night at a friend's.  This is a kid that spends his free time learning how to write computer software using C+,Java,HTML ect., from books.  Straight A's, not a lot of confidence, no athletic talent, I think he's a cutie, but I am his mom. He has friends, but mostly in school.  So the fact that he's got a social-like this weekend is promising.  Go Bubba!  I know I can't call him that outside of the house.

Survivor was a good show not a great show, but shit will hit the fan soon cause they are all gonna figure out that Russell is a snake.  My prediction

Now I am watching a Dateline show on Amanda Knox.  I will get to the bottom of this.  What do you think, guilty or not.  Interesting.  Thanks for listening to a lot of hot air courtesy of a glass of red wine.  It was a stress relief.  Have a good weekend.  C.

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