Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Inner Child is one mean Son of a Bitch

My Outer Child, however nice, is a facade. 

Actually that was a bumper sticker a friend saw the other day. And you know I am nice through and through.

Funny story about the word facade. I once pronounced if faH-kade, (long a's hard c) while talking to this guy, trying to impress. We laughed so hard we nearly peed. So much for my french.

Speaking of french, we had the Thursday group over and the Perran's bought a very nice girl visiting from France who is visiting for a month or so. Her name is Morgan, pronounced 
Mor-ghan. Anyway, I'll try not to speak my SOB-inner child french to her but all bets are off when I start drinking. Which I might add is not very often, thank you for asking.

Some of the Thursday gang. The bar out back is now open.

I was considering skiing Friday but was just to tired when the 5 am alarm clock went off. So I slept until 10:00 am until I heard laughing from my darling but brusque children. One of the three deer in our lawn had a jaw problem they thought was hilarious. But only in a very concerned way.

Poor baby.

Mags cut her hair for locks of love. She wanted to do it before school was over with her National Jr. Honor Society, but they ran out of time to organize it. Could have saved me the $100 bucks or so I spent on her hair for graduation. It's all good, what's money anyway unless your broke. Like me.
Great Clips cuts all 'locks of love' donations for free. Which was within my budget.

I did lots of work on the farm this weekend. 

The clementis are in full bloom.


Greg's father Day breakfast on the patio. BLT's. I know I rock as a wife.

Thinking of my Dad who was admitted to the hospital on Father's Day with dehydration. He is doing much better and is walking and talking very well. I am making plans to visit him in August with the kids so hang on Daddy-O. Hang on.

Hope all is well with you and yours. CSL

Monday, June 13, 2011

Can't explain...

So maybe you can. My son posted this on his facebook page and everyone thought it was so funny.
 I don't get it. He doesn't want to explain it to me.

Do you get it?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I am back...

Well I got some 'splaning to do.

I took down the blog for awhile today.

I got thinking and I made a few edits.

It's hard to want to reinvent yourself when you like yourself except for a few *key things. I got thinking and my life is in a physical mess so I probably won't spend as much time blogging this summer but I really do enjoy it so I am not going to quit all together. This is assuming that people actually read this blog. And a bigger assumption that people actually enjoy reading this blog.

Anyway I know, lots of double speak psycho babble. I am okay. Just thinking.

I have been working like a dog in the garden. I've always wondered about that "working like a dog" phrase because I have never, ever seen my dog work or any other dog work. Maybe a 'working' dog, sniffing around for drugs or bombs or whatever they need to find. But I didn't think was very hard work, more like enjoyable hobby because dogs like to sniff a lot anyway.  I guess work should be enjoyable.

Here's some garden scenes. I'll label these the before shots.

 I am working on it.

 New area,

 My poinsettias are back outside.

 Tomatoes under nylon hail netting.

Homemade pizza.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Weiner's wiener and other small tweets.

Sorry couldn't resist. I am just guessing but middle school must have been pure hell for this guy.

This is the photo in question.

People, If you get into public service or your ambitions make you some type of celebrity, your privacy is gone. Also gone is your anonymity.  That's right no more naked photos or tweeted underpants. They will come back to haunt. And the denial is the worst part, really.

Not sure why, I kind of feel sorry for the bloke. I guess because it probably seemed pretty benign at the time. I mean, who doesn't like to photograph their crotch and send it along to strangers? Hard telling.

"I take full responsibility for my actions," Weiner said in a tearful mess of regret. "The picture was of me, and I sent it.

Now we have to hear about this shit for a few weeks. I am just glad to have participated.

Well I found a stray parrot on my porch this morning. Cute feller, but all he says is "Good morning you old fart!"

Is he yours?

Ha..ha ha. Keep the photos of yourself out of cyber space, heh?

Friday, June 3, 2011

Dried my tears and thickened my skin

Boy my perspective can get whacked. I know I should delete that last post but I'll keep it there for the sake of humility. I rather be humbled from time to time than a dickweed of fathomable arrogance and confidence.

Anyway, I am luckier, funnier and more talented than most; and the wealth from my friendships and family make me a rich person. So there. Can't buy that with a coupon.

So a few very monumental things have occurred in the past week. My daughter had her eighth grade graduation. The school moved it into the gym because the were weary of the rainy weather we were having. They did the best they could in short notice. They were short about fifty or so seats. Some of the crowd looked pretty rough. I was joking that the parents from my son's academic awards ceremony looked like they came straight from mowing the lawn. Some of these folks at the graduation looked like they came straight from a gang fight. Anyway, she looked wonderful and was honored for her perfect GPA and I couldn't be prouder.

We had our yearly camping trip for Memorial Day weekend. It was fun but so windy it ruined a couple campfire evenings.

The Saturday potluck was a delicious success.

The kids.

The dog.

This is so sad. What are we becoming? This guy was in the water in San Francisco for about an hour and no one attempted to talk him in or save him. What if it was your dad, son, brother?

It seems like John Edward's is getting his just deserts. The guy he was hoping would take the fall for the paternity of his love child, Andrew Young, is coming clean and telling all. What a liar Edwards ended up being. At least he got rid of that mole on his lip.

Talking about desserts, remember I told you about winning the lunch for two to Nosh. Well KJ and I went there today and it was fabulous. Wine and dessert were included. Well worth finding the golden stool at the dog park.
Hope you find your golden stool or mole or love child or whatever you are looking for. CSL

I cried at Safeway


Before you read this, and get all judgmental, I had a very bad day Thursday day. That, combined with the fact I am generally sensitive and I can be well, an emotional wimp at times.

It really started yesterday with the typical work day as a no-count at the AFA.

After work I went to my local Safeway.

At the deli counter I saw an ad posted for my favorite salsa, fresh packed, $1.99 with a coupon. Nearly half off. I asked the deli girl where this coupon could be acquired and she said on a flyer by the door.

On the way to check-out I stopped to get previously mentioned ad. Guess what? A rude customer service lady informed me, "That was in a Sunday-Monday flyer we do not have anymore, so we do not have those coupons."

You'd think the money was coming out of her pocket.

I left the flyer I had in hand at the counter and I left in a huff. I didn't huff, I just turned and walked off.

I was at the self-checkout when I heard the customer service lady and the bag-boy making fun at me for leaving the flyer at the desk and being mad. They may not of even been making fun of me?, but they were using the situation as an jumping point about talking about other customers. Anyway, I should point out here it is in bad form to be talking about any customers when a customer is in ear shot, because I obviously thought they were talking about me. He was going on about when people are really mad they blah blah blah, finally, I turned and said, "Do you have any idea how much money I spend here?" A manager who was walking by at the same time asked me if everything was okay. I told him what happened and he apologized. He took the salsa and a few other things off my tab and said he was really sorry that I felt so bad and please don't leave feeling bad."

I said. "Please don't make me cry." and I started to cry. Not blubbering breakdown and cry, more just lower the sunglasses and no one knows, feeling pathetic cry.

He said, " I just don't want you to leave here feeling so bad."

I said, "Don't worry, it's my whole fucking life, not just Safeway. I just seem to get treated like shit."

He said, " I know how you feel, I get treated like that too sometimes, especially in this position. But you gotta keep going."

He was probably thinking, "Great, another Loonie Tunes, 'psychiatrist at the self-check out please'"

Anyhow, don't you start to cry in public, it's embarrassing and now I can't go back to Safeway, at least not for awhile. And remember be kind to people. You never know when someones having a bad day. Toodles. CSL