Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hey I need followers

I know this blog is neither informative or well written and I do tend to drop the f-bomb a lot however if you enjoy reading my rants please become a follower cause I do need encouragement to become even a better more bitter blogger, thanks in advance love, just have to get a google account its free easy and takes a minute.

Friday, August 28, 2009

TGIF the illo I stoled from another blog but it sums it up just fine.......Greg will buy a snowmobile tomorrow, a good deal I hear.  Sunday a dinner at KJ's.  Then Sunday night Jay Cutler returns to Invesco to kick the Broncos ass, cause he can.  

Thursday, August 27, 2009

mongolia,mogadishu, the snow leopard and the fuckidy fuck

I know what you're thinking,what now....I photographed a snow leopard at the zoo (see picture below) and co-workers were asking me why and I said because some zoo keeper visited where they lived ect ect and they said "oh, where do snow leopards live?" and I said " I am not sure some far away place that begins with m, mogadishu, madagascar, something like that." Well all I can say is if you dish out shit you better be prepared to take some. They laughed their assess off and asked do I know where Mogadishu is and I said well what to hell I was just coming up with M countries. I do know that Mogadishu is some god forsaken shit hole in Africa where everyone is killing each other and by the looks of that leopard, snow or not, she could live where ever she pleases(but hopefully not in the formentioned shit hole cause I am sure they would have the leopards extinct in a heartbeat cause they would sell the pelts for dollar sixty five or 60,000 dollars whatever they could get. Actually they live in the higher regions of Mongolia) So after being harassed for my dumb blonde answer I said " fuck you you fucking fuckedy fucks" cause although its not nice it sure made me feel good. I'll never live it down but I will keep my eye out for their next instance of stupidity.
This is the snow leopard I photographed at the zoo.  She is being shipped off to mate at the Bronx zoo.  Is that a ghetto zoo? sorry?

yeah its Thursday!!

Ok I had two assignments at the zoo today.  I always stop by the St.Jude Thaddeus roadside shrine if possible.  It just makes me feel a little better.  I know I am a far cry from Catholic or maybe any organized religion but there's something to be said about praying to the patron saint of misery.  So just so you know I am praying for you and me.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The let down after my guests left

Lyn and Donna said goodbye yesterday afternoon.  After everything was said and done it seemed like time just flew by. Maggie said when I got home for her open house that the house just seemed so quiet without them.  It really did.
The open house was really long and boring but what did I expect.  (Sons of bitches always bore me)...Maggie is well liked and a good student so I go and support her whenever I can.  That is that.  Bryce continues to be so shy he said he reads at lunch I can just see him not even talking to anyone.  What can I do?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Maggie,eyeliner and bras

Maggie started 7th grade today.  Boy was she excited.  We did some clothes shopping yesterday and she knew exactly what she wanted. She got her first real bra. black. Also eyeliner. black. I told her not heavy and not all around the eye like a raccoon.
Bob got the gas range in.  Yeah.  Still organizing for my company.  We're gonna have fun organized or not.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

new fridge and school beginnings

Last Thursday we acquired KJs old refrigerator by way of her sister Patti. We also got Patti's five burner gas stove so very nice for us and thank you to them. But as you well know nothing comes easy. Kj's Bob spent the better part of Sat. in our dirty cabinets prepping for gas installation. I was shamed into cleaning them and lining them. Even the scarey one by the stove that I rarely go in which is ridiculous because I need all the storage I can get in our small kitchen, Well its cleaned out and I saw no bugs no beetles and no droppings. I spent a few hours cleaning our old fridge that I had no idea was so dirty it took three full tubs of water to clean it. I mean when I dumped this water it looked like a mud puddle. We sold our old fridge on Craig's list which will pay for the gas/electric work Bob's doing, so what comes around goes around.
Other than that it was a fairly tame weekend. Had a neighborhood happy hour at the Mullally's very nice, and then watched Broncos preseason at Ron and Chars. The Broncos will suck suck suck this year. They blew it getting rid of Cutler. Yes he deserved to get his ass kissed. Yes he was that good. McDaniels is a fucking mistake. Mark my words.
Tomorrow is Bryces first day of high school and I don't pray for much but I will pray that he has a good year. His best friend moved to Florida and he feels like his friends have gone in different directions. I hope to hell he makes some friends and has a good school year. I also pray that the insurance company comes through for his operation. Pray pray pray for Bubba.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Another day

Well another day another fuckin dollar, can you tell I'm in a bad mood.  This photo I took of some cows near Calhan a year ago didn't care for it then but like it now.  Anyway where was I, I bought a huge clock today like 29 inches diameter.  I saw this same clock when I was on assignment at some teacher house and was kinda looking out for it and snagged it on sale at Bed Bath and Beyond (my budget).  It is one huge MF clock and I will post a photo after I get ta hell home. .....OK I'm home and the bad mood behind me was was going to blog about it, but I'm better than that. I will say it was about work and how I am treated there by one person who is such a hypocrite.  Holy than thou, but makes me feel bad on a daily basis who needs that? Thats my point.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

the (female) Joes are coming west

In just over a week two of my college roommates will be out to visit.  This is a picture of us about thirty years ago dressed up in our formal wear we got from Goodwill. I am on the left,Donna and Lyn on right.  I have known Lyn since the summer going into ninth grade.  She went to the small town college I did the year after I got there and we hung out together with Donna, Vicki, Mark and Tim. There were others but we were the main group. We were the Joe's cause we thought Sororities and Fraternities were just another extension of high school cliques we didn't want to be a part of either.  No offense but the whole rush process was just ridiculous in our eyes.  So we started our own group and did what we wanted, when we wanted and everyone seemed to either respect us or was scared of us.  I remember we brought a boom box with Jimmy Buffet and played "Why don't we get drunk and screw" at one of those rush parties.  I think we got booted I can't remember but more on this later.

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Weight of the World

This is how I feel, (I wish it was how I looked) but I am overwhelmed mainly with getting my house and garden in order.  I have ripped up every room in the house but none are finished or put back together.  My friend KJ came by today and said to concentrate on one room and when finished take on the next I will try that I can't focus.  She also helped with planning a party for when my college friends come out. That should be a great time.  I have been practicing guitar too so moving along with that.  I think I'll make some coffee and get'er done. But gotta mention that I had a great weekend behind me with a very nice dinner at Neil and Shelley's last night.  I was like a bull in a china shop however and spilled wine not once but twice.  I swear I was like Abbott and Costello when ever Bob D. got by me....ta ta

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Another day

Above,Cool photo from UCCS science building the other day.... Anyway got a guitar lesson from Tommy today and Thursday night with the neighbors is on so I'll get on with it..C.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

confusion sets in

Still having trouble focusing on how to clean up my life.  I did pick up the house a little,garden, a little,exercise a little and tried on eating better. Trying to get a jump for when my college friends come so its not a complete disaster. I will try much harder tomorrow.  May get a guitar lesson from my friend Tommy,Yay.....So I did take a half of ambien of however you spell the sleeping inducing drug so off I go into neverland.....

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Missing Bud

     August 5th would have been Bud Noel's 49th birthday.  Instead of celebrating his life, friends will be remembering how he used to be.  Sometime in the middle of the night of February 8, 2009 as he laid in bed in agony he put a gun to his temple and pulled the trigger.  Although many of his friends were shocked by his death others weren't surprised, he was in a great deal of pain and couldn't find a way to manage it.  He could no longer do what he lived for.  So here's to Bud, a free spirit who's free, free of pain and free of the confines of a tortured life.  RIP 8/5/60- 2/8/09

Sunday, August 2, 2009

weekend over

I am so tired out by the weekend its bedtime at 9:30 for me.  Got house cleaning and some gardening in Sat. with a super nice dinner out back that night.  We christened the new bar.  Started slow Sunday morning but went to Christian's party with Sharon for a few hours then played guitar over at Joe and Sharon's for an hour.  Was pleased that the toothy stay at home mom won the next Food TV star.  I am so tired I can't type right and my wits are gone  ZZzzzz...