Monday, December 14, 2009

weekend schmeekend

It's over and I sure don't know where the time went.  Had a nice little music night with the neighbors Friday.  Saturday, I helped Mags as she had to jump through the hoops of National Junior Honor Society.  It actually was a good thing to wrap gifts for a donation at Steinmart for a non-profit that gets clothes for people who don't  have a wardrobe to go job hunting ect., but probably not deer hunting (just a guess)  Anyway for the two hours we were there only one lady had us wrap these two huge, ugly animal pillows, very soft and odd-shaped.   A large box would have been the answer, but we were only provided with shirt and jewelry boxes so the lady said she didn't care if they looked like a big ball of gift wrap just as long as she didn't have to do it.  So with hundreds of customers rushing to get the twenty percent off before 11 AM they couldn't be bothered getting their gifts wrapped for charity. One was better than none.

Next, we hit up two bookstores and then we tried to park at the mall and holy shit, no parking spots. People driving around and around just like we were.  Finally I just waited for a car to leave, even though I hate it when people do that.  I had put what seemed to be twenty miles and was getting to the point of homicidal thoughts.  We exchanged two shirts Grandma got Mags for her birthday.  Gone are the days of just picking out shirts for her. She's particular now.  She has a point, they can really ugly up a shirt these days with big letters or cheap China faux fir. Probably cat fur, the horror.  She also got a cute scarf, that's her style now.

Later on we went to a Christmas Party hosted by friends who just got a new kitchen install.  Very nice.  Not finished yet as the guy will hem and haw over the mountain design backsplash he will do over the winter.  They had a room filled with containers of cookies and empty tins.  As you left, the idea was to fill 'er up.  Very cool.  The kids ate 'em up pretty quick.  Just as good not to have them around for me to eat that's for sure. I have to laugh thinking back about playing "Up against the Wall you Redneck Mother" on guitar that night.  I purposely did not bring my guitar for that reason.  Not that I'd play that song, but that I'd play anything.

The biggest disappointment was the Broncos.  They could have won that Indy game Sunday.  They could have but for a series of unfortunate events.  Bad play calling, penalties,blind refs, missed field goal, interception at the goal line.  Peyton Manning was intercepted three times however, and he was flustered. That doesn't happen often.  Woulda, coulda,shoulda.

Today I cleaned and cleaned. I was even sweating. I went through the bookshelves downstairs.  Made me laugh, all the unread self-help books.  No wonder they didn't work, never did get in the board room or a skinny ass.  I guess you have to read them.  Made a fire outside in the pitt and freed myself of twenty pounds of unwanted paper trail.  I feel better.

We just finished dinner and the movie "Snow Falling on Cedars" just came on.  It has been awhile since I read the book so I better put the blogging up for now and pay attention........

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