Thursday, July 29, 2010

bah bah bah bah ba....

Barbara Ann, You thought it was going to be black sheep, didn't you.

Good thing I can't blog at my job at the AFA.  I was fit to be tied about 1 pm.  Everything ended up to be ok, but if I woulda started crying then I may not have ever stopped.  Things might get better but right now I am pretty forlorn.  Weaker people may have already popped a gasket by now.  The truth of the matter is I need the job right now and I am a photographer working as a page designer.  I will quit whining and just say this:

My friend Joe reposted my sunflower photo on his facebook page and sold two 8 x 10s for me.  I am putting in an order for those and I am getting some extras printed.  If you want one I am selling them for $25/ each for a photo paper print (not computer paper).  Quite cheap as I may be famous one day,-- ha.  Let me know the image is below.  It goes to a good cause like,  eating, or my kids school supplies.  Can you imagine our parents buying plastic bags, hand sanitizer, or kleenex for school supplies?  I think they bought me a few notebooks, pens, and maybe a pencil.  I will spend easy $100 a kid. Anyhow it won't go to waste,......

there you go, XXOO C.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My bad

....sorry about my hiatus.  Yeah I got busy, then the internet was down for a few days and now it's now and I am ready to post.

   I had a stressful week last week at the Academy.  Jeez, on Thursday deadline they were making changes like nobody's bidz'niz.  I was ready to have a heart attack but everything went A-Ok in hind-sight.

G2 left Thursday for the men's annual camp-out in the mts. so I fended for myself for fun.

I did some garden photography.

This is an update:  my bouganvilla is showing

Just a bit but a couple clusters of leaves are turning, next photo, full show.

     Friday was Ms. Cyndi with an "i"'s big 49th birthday.  She finally caught up with me.  Anyway we all went over to their house already to play poker and revel. We had a drink or two, ate lasagna, she opened her gifts and then she got sicker than a dog.  A few of them had drank those 5-hour energy shots and it did not agree with her.  She was down for the count.  So we did what any good friends would do we went down to the bar and had several more drinks.  I took it easy because I had to drive 500 yards home.

Before dinner

The gifts....

The beautiful cupcakes....

     We decided to have a re-do on Saturday night.  Noel had to work so it was without Noel.  We didn't play poker we played rummoli.  It's a Canadian board/card game. It was quite fun.  After we were breaking up the game John announced we had stayed up past 1 am which is quite the feat for us oldsters.

      Both mornings I paid Bubs $10 to walk the dog so I could sleep in.  I know I am shameless.  Hey there's a price for everything and it was worth sleeping in.

     Monday I worked for the photo dept. and really didn't have a whole lot to work with.  This rock did slam into this car of tourists from MO. heading up to Pikes Peak.  They were quite jarred as you would imagine.

     Jack's testicals are shriveling up.  He never took one day off from being a puppy to be lethargic and recover. properly.  Noooooooooooooooooo, he was running and jumping from day one.  He was lucky not to pop the stitches.
      Today I called home when leaving the AFA  and G2 said he ate a jar of glue and some paper.  I then heard him say very meanly, "JACK, your a VERY bad dog"  I had to hang up cause I couldn't stop laughing.  He is soooooo Marley.

Well, back to work designing pages.  Wish me luck, I'll let you know how it goes...XXOO C.

Monday, July 19, 2010

weekend update and Monday''s photos

Boy has it been hot around here the last few days.  I am talking over ninety with a bit of humidity.

I met this dad and son's down in Manitou playing in Fountain Creek.  The dad said he'd just returned from living in Baltimore for ten years and he didn't care how hot it was in Colorado, it's much, much better here.

I hiked in a few hunderd yards to Rainbow Falls and caught some people cooling off in the waterfalls.

Afterwards this guy crawled up underneath the bridge and probably did some meth for all I know.  He reminded me of Gollum in his slinky way. 

These good-for-nothing teens were tagging rocks up there.  I am sorry but there's no reason for this.  They weren't even artistic, taggers just junking up the joint.  Stupid kids.

The Cheyenne Mountain Resort is going though renovations including this patio set up.  Nice.  They need a landscape designer like me though, just saying.  Their herb garden needs work.

This weekend was pretty mellow.  Bob and KJ came over for dinner Sat. and we had a good night.  I know KJ will hate this photo of her cause she's talking and it looks like she's trying to squeeze out a fart.

Mags was our photographer.

I put this one in for KJ.

We had lobster and it was excellent.

Anyway I took Jack in to be neutered this morning and I am feeling so guilty.  I am going to go fetch him right now so I'll let yo know how it goes.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Could use a little relief

from this flipping heat wave.  Had a swell Thursday get-together with the crew.  G2 made some awesome grub.  Hate that word grub, it reminds me of  a grub, so I'll replace grub with food, boring, but not a wormy like creature of ugly.

This is a new appetizer, grilled tomatoes filled with mozzarella and topped with basil.

This is grilled chicken and pineapple.  Yum.

Bubs ate in the hanging chair.

The house was so hot we ate outside.

Noel constructed his blueberry/raspberry shortcake.

And Mags decorated hers too.

Noel and Denise brought me a case of a variety of red wines from Trader Joes's so I'll be here drinking wine with the lights off at night.  Not really but I could if I wanted to.

Ok, a couple weekends ago I escaped to the mts. for a much needed time out from the city and the memories of this job change that has been shoved down my throat.
I had such a great time.  Sat. evening we sang by the fire and a friends brother showed up and he knew all the old Jerry Jeff Walker  and Dave Bromberg tunes I used to know, I was in my glory,  He was a good guitarist as well,  I have no fire-side photos but here's my favorites from the trip.

purty rainbow

Mag's dirty feet.

Jack in lupine

Cottonwood Pass

 There you go.  Have a weekend to remember, only in a good way.  C.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

birthdays,bowling and brogue

yes, I had a fun filled-weekend, thanks to my family and friends.  That took my mind off my mind and that really helps.

First off it was Neil and Shelly's birthday Sat and Sun.  We had an impromptu party for them, impromptu in that Greg forgot to tell  me about it, I thought it was just the Survivor crew, so surprise for me too.  I was very happy it all went down anyway, we had a good time.

Some of our esteemed guests

Tamara and John

This is a familiar frame, ate ribs and fixings.

The birthday couple

We are all so happy Sharon has moved to the neighborhood.

Sarah and Cory

Then we all woke up and did whatever until bowling at 1 pm Sunday.  I wiped up dog shit in the basement and nursed a meager hang-over. Boogedy Bob's idea, bowling not the hangover.

Char, Sarah and Greg all had the same single-pin spare on consecutive bowling lanes.

And they bowled.......

.........and all but Greg got the spare. Good thing Shelly was there to console him.


Twinkle toes Bob





Me, I am wearing sunglasses for good luck, didn't work



Varsity events always include alcohol

Cyn showed off her Kentucky T.

Later Sunday Sharon and her family came to dinner at Chez Guinta

Sharon's mom, Margaret, Sharon and sister Jeanne

Nina and Cousin Sydney

Greg putting out the food. Salmon, corn and such.

Kids and Jack, it was very casual.

Sharon and the kids, she was singing "I love little baby ducks"

So there you have it,  a very social weekend, in town.  I'll go on about Taylor Park next post promise.