Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the reason for the shock

Remember a few days back I was so upset.  Prime example, I forgot to not expect anything.   I can't blame it all on the paper.  It's the name of the game. Like KJ says,  people will only take advantage of you if you allow them to.

    Today I was called into the editor's office,  It seems some jobs in the newsroom are on the line.  Not enough money coming in to satisfy the bottom line.  But wait, I could stay at the paper if I was willing to do design work at the Air Force Academy for their once-a-week newsletter-type paper, 2 1/2 days a week, mid -week..  I could even work for the photo dept. the extra twelve hours, hmmmm.  Well this was a shocker but maybe I need that change as much as anything. I am damn lucky to still have a job. Maybe a three day weekend could be worked out.  Maybe a door will open.  Maybe I will love it.....maybe I'll get off my ass and actually find the job that I know I am capable of doing and make some money too, now that I could get used to.
      Regardless,  I will pull my head out of my ass, because frankly I have no choice and no one likes a whiner. Bring it on.

Monday, June 28, 2010

The Shock

     I will rewrite this post in the am as I have written it all depressed and confused.  I thought about it as I laid in bed unable to sleep so I re-read it and it was entirely too fucking depressing, forgive me.......C.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Went camping

and got out of town and had an attitude adjustment.  Yeah I got over myself on Friday, I know, I can be so sensitive at times. 

Had a fun time with friends in the Horseshoe/Fourmile area outside of Fairplay, CO, yeah, that's right, home of our favorite animated series South Park.

Who are those masked riders?  John and Cyn had a great time and covered a lot of ground.

That's my old man riding the lesser of our machines so I could enjoy suspension

Mount Sherman is a fourteener I climbed some years back, to the left of center.

John and Cyn and Greg

Looking to the side of the Horsehoe bowl

Bubs and Mags read in nature.

Our state flower's name with ever be tarnished by the Columbine shootings.

I am a model in nature

Beautiful Columbine

Nina, Mags and Jackie

Greg and Sharon cooked on the trailer.

We celebrated Joe's birthday.

Greg had a few beers and isn't sure what he did with the leftover cake.  Mags and I looked for it to no avail.  We didn't need it anyways.  hope he gave it away.  I hate to find it in a week or two stashed somewhere.

The gaze of Jack.....

cropped from this shot.

He had a great time but proved to not listen to the command "come".
He's been sleeping since we got home. Gave him a bath.  Hope some of the crap he ate hasn't gotten him sick.

The bowl after dark.

A cool full moon came up Sat.  John and Joe played some guitar and we had a great time.

Joe played Moon Dance, and we were all dancing.  Woot.

That's all for now folks.  Have a great week.  CSL.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What's not to like.....

is what I wonder.

I absolutely have no photos to post from this past weekend.  I totally bagged the camera.

Had movie night with our neighbors/friends Joe and Sharon Friday.  We were supposed to watch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, but when we turned on the TV there was a movie just starting on HBO called Hamlet Two, so we ended up watching that and it was funnier than hell.  Which is weird to say because I don't imagine hell being that funny.  It was funny damn it, so watch it if your couch potatoing it someday.

We did in fact watch Curious Case of Benjamin Button, the next night.  I know what your thinking,"Is that all they do?"  the answer being a resounding NO.  I am still sore for how hard I worked this weekend on the house and garden.  By the way, I enjoyed that movie as well.  It was odd and cheesy but something about it I found amusing.  Out buddy Dave stopped by for dinner and a movie.  Nice.

  Enjoyed a nice father's day cookout at the Perran's Sunday.  Thanks.  Very wonderful garden space, but like I said, no photos, sorry.  I found Greg's card the day after Father's Day and he said he didn't need no stinking card to know how much he's loved and appreciated.

I looked in on that renovation of the Mining Exchange Building, downtown Colorado Springs, last Thursday.  If it works out like the investor behind it wants it to, it should be real cool.  Also he said he would have me a job.  Like right. But I wonder.  Maybe a door will open.

Perry Swanson said he is bringing a New Orleans street feel to a performance space and a patio restaurant plus a boutique hotel to the historic building.

Does anyone else get creeped out by the ex-wife of the late Gary Coleman? For a love of Pete, he had a restraining order against her, plus she looks like Lurch from the Adam's Family.  Bleeck.  Fuckin freak show.  Hope she gets no money, maybe just the pot he had to pee in.  PS.... I obviously didn't take this photo or the next.  All canned hollywood stuff not shot by me, OK, I am not sure how to change the copyright credit at the bottom of my blog yet.  Just thought I'd clairify

Here comes my admission about watching stupid TV again.  Against my daughter's wishes I have been watching the bachelorette. But I am giving up cause I cannot stand to watch one more episode of this annoying twerp, Ali.  Plus all the men are unlikable turds.  Maybe this has been the case in seasons past and I just woke up my intelligence.  See I am better than that shit. 

Last night I had the Gazette photo dept. over.  Again no photos.  I know about 15 photogs and not a photo in sight.  We had a good time.  I got at least twice the food I needed.  Jack got a hold of a few hot dogs from a kid's plate and he shat on the kitchen floor before anyone could get him outside this morning.  I'll live a long full life if I neverr have to wipe up shit again. Sorry Jackie poo, or is it Jackie poopy?  toodles,XO, C.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Finally friday....

can I get an big Amen on that, sure, AMEN!!!!!  I told you I talked to myself.

I have about 100 hours of work in between my garden and my house to do this weekend.  I also would like to sleep for about 30 hours, so I will get done what I can and the rest will be there waiting for me after.  It don't add up...sadly.

Last Friday I went to Guffey and met this dude who has set up three Star Trek command stations in his cabin.  He was a trip.  Anyway he had lots of good stories, none which I care to pass on right now cause I want out the door.

I know, not what you expected.  Kinda like an old cowboy.

Got together with the Thursday night crowd last night.  The house was sooooo  hot we ate and stayed outside. Yes the TV is on in the background, sorry we were watching the Survivor Reunion, but did not really watch it.  During the coarse of the conversation, we discussed wether we pissed in the shower or not.

Noel said he did, and has everyday of his life as far as he remembered.  Denise was horrified.  I admitted that I have, but didn't think to much of it. It goes down the drain with a bunch of water.   I know TMI.  

Have a great weekend, and if it makes you happy, pee in the shower, just not the tub or the pool.  cheers. C.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

talking to myself..

and feeling old.  But I did throw a javelin today.....

A 75 year old lady who's competing in a masters track and field showed me how and insisted on taking my photo.

She also runs hurdles.

Her husband is 80 and does the pole vault.  He has a pit in their backyard.

So way to go, fit old people, I was inspired as I hobbled along on my bone-spurred heel.  Oh fuck age.

I went to dinner with an old friend that I haven't seen in a while last night.  It was really great to see her and heads-up people, if there's someone who you think about, but never quite find the time to call up, do it nothing is better for the soul.

A special shout-out belated happy birthday to all my friends near and far that have had birthdays especially my friend KJ who has always been there for me Happy Year friend and let's celebrate soon.  And I'll get on tiling your bar or bath cause that's your gift.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Today is the first day

of the rest of my life.  As cheesy as that sounds it's true.

Mullally family portrait.  Shayla, left, had decided to move to Texas, so good luck,'ya'all.

Shayla's girl friend Amanda, Mags and Bubs all went  over to say goodbye.

I love this kitchen, happy hour Friday at the Perran's

portrait of Noel, titled, Noel with hat.

Traveling in the shaggin' wagon to Rudy's BBQ

Cyn was ready for the BBQ

I rarely see John without a smile

Rudy's BBQ, to be honest I would have to give it another go before I can give a honest review.

Jack is a Jeckle and Hyde dog.  A good boy then a very bad dog.

Janie looks so good.

She's been through hell lately with a heavy duty chemo treatment.

So cute, and a beautiful person.  

The Jones' party

Denise and Tamra.

Sue's potential FB photo

Some of my favorite peeps.

Emily was home from college for the summer


bob and eric

This dude could play some strings.

There was some drinking going on.

Just a bit.

The band came over for burgers Sun.

Pretty boy Jack.

I have lots to say but I'll just put the photos up for now.  I am extremely tired. ta--ta csl