Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pays my ticket when I speed

We had a Thursday night non-event get together with our neighborhood friends and a good time had by all.  G2 did a phenomenal job on some smoked chicken, beets and corn, that incidentally I planted.  "Who fucking eats beets?," your thinking, well they were awesome.

We were eating and talking and carrying on like normal 40-50 year-olds and G2 puts on some music that he found on his i-pod that he misplaced that was labeled "Carol's Play list", anyway it was a great compilation of Led Zep,Warren Zevon, Neil Young, Dead and Pink Floyd and the like.  It took me back to college days and younger years.  Where did the time go?  Where ta hell did the time go?  How did I get here?

I am not disappointed, just confused.  Plus I drank three or four glasses of wine, for medicinal purposes only.  Be a sunshine daydream to someone today if you can, tomorrow they maybe gone and you maybe questioning it all.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

the answer my friend....

is no matter what you may think, there's someone else with an opposite thought, that is thinking they are just as right.  Just a thought.

I worked for the Gazette the whole day for a glorified head-shot.  Yeah, there was some wrecks, a robbery, a plane crash, guy stuck in a sewer and I did not know about any of it.  My phone musta been out of cell service.....eheheheh. I was driving around looking for a feature, put over fifty miles on my car. Thanks to the power that is, was and forever more.

The weekend was fun and full.  Simply put, it was fun-filled.  Friday I stayed in didn't drink and went to bed at nine, pm.  I know you're waiting for the fun part. To me that was fun. Saturday day I cleaned and took Jack to the dog park.  I know you're still waiting for the fun part.  Saturday night we had a few folks over for crab that did not make it to the first crab fest.  It was crab=a=licious.  Even that was an early night.

Wait for it, wait, here's the fun.....

Sunday I slept in.  Unintentionally.  Greg left for golf at 7:30.  I was hoping Jack would let me sleep in.  I woke up at 9:45 in a panic.  Ran out to the living room looking for Jack and the screen door was opened and he was gone.  I asked Mags when the last time she saw him was and she said about a half hour ago.  He then ran in al out of breath.  I have no idea how long his walk was.

This is the print of the month, (thanks to Joe, I sold a few of the sunflower prints and got one for me-self.)  Same deal photo print 8 x10 print-high quality for $25 mailed.

Let me know if you want one.

The pig found it's home for now,with Scary Santa.

Here's Mags with Jack showing her guns

Ok these are all out of order, so forgive.  This was Sunday at the Perran's they had a BBQ.  All three kids came home including Tess who surprised her mom and brought her to tears.

We all hung out in their luxurious house and ate their good food and drank their drink and laughed and laughed.  Thank-you gracious neighbors. I drank Noel's best wines.  Doesn't get any better than that, my favorite expensive wine is someone else's.

See this camera phone does ok but it's not the D3, good for snaps though.

Pikes Peak, with cloud shadows from my morning dog walk Monday.  Today I walked in the pouring rain.  It was quite nice because it was still about 65 degrees.

This is Jack at the dog park in Bear Creek.  It his most favorite place on earth.  He finds the biggest baddest dog and harasses him and they play rough.  Or he'll find the oldest old man, walking a 20 year old Golden and run at them full speed.  He never jumps up or runs into them, he just likes to get my heart going.  Dogs.  Keep it up, whatever your doing, it's good. Thanks for listening. C.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hey look it's Thursday

which is technically my Friday.  Don't hate.  I have a sucky desk job, oh it's not that bad, just didn't want you to hate.

Okay sorry to leave you with such a cliff hanger Tuesday, remember the dentist story?

Mags and I were waiting in the dentist's waiting room for Bryce.  We really
couldn't help but listen to the receptionists talk.  The younger, seemingly
obtuse one was talking about a young child that was a picky eater.  She went on
to say "she won't eat anything and to top it off she can't eat bread because
she's allergic to something that begins with a "g".  The other lady did
not offer any suggestions for the forgotten word.  I knew exactly what she was
stumped on.  Maggie blurted out, "gluten".  Then we just looked at each other
and laughed.  If they heard, they didn't acknowledge.  I had tears coming out of
my eyes.  It's gluten ladies, gluten, I know tough word..

We had a similar situation in Kohl's, but I can't remember the exact dialog.  I guess it wasn't similar except it was me and Mags carrying on like 3rd graders. We were looking through clothes and Mags was teasing me, probably cause I am large.  She wanted me to try on some animal print tops, to fit in with the other ladies at work. So I made her laugh about something and she cut a loud fart which made us laugh harder.  I know we're so juvenile.  But I know you have a similar story.

About the Academy, six weeks in and I am almost as fast as the designers that
taught me.  Almost.  They sure were doing some stuff the slow way.
There's a huge gap in my Thursday afternoons when I am waiting for the LT. Col.
to do the final proofing. I get on FB alot and fuck around.  I hate this the
most because I am tied to this cube with nothing to do but type my blog to my
Yahoo drafts.  Wah!

After we got home from Breck we went up to Diane's baby shower.  She's a
daughter of friends'.  She had her kid shortly after her 18th birthday.  I won't judge because it could of happened to me, I'll just say, she has no clue what she has missed. Lot's of girls have kids early on and everything turns out A-ok.  I wish her the best.  Cute baby.

Yeah, that's moi on the Alpine slide in Breckenridge.  It was the most fun I've had sober in a while.  Too bad it's so expensive.  What can I say except you've got to live sometimes no matter what the cost.

After the shower we went over to Neil's and Shelly's for a Mexican-themed 

dinner. It was nice and fun. We played a dice game with quarters called, "left,
right and center". That's that and that is why I was sooooo tired out come
Mon-Thurs., a full weekend. 

Mag's first day of school was Wednesday and Bubs will go to orientation on
Monday, school on Wednesday, so back to the grind by mid-week

This weekend looks full too.  Looking forward to a few days to do nothing.  Hope
you get to do what you want to too. C.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

hey peeps

whats happening?  One cool thing about working up north is golfing Wed. lunchtime with G2 and Neil for $10 a lg bucket and lunch at Pinecreek. I am a beginner but I can see learning the game.  I know I said when I was old and learning crochet, I would learn golf.

Last weekend we checked out a timeshare in Breckenridge.  

It's at the bottom of Peak 7.  They are still finishing two of the buildings and the pool area.  It's called Grand Lodge.  Sounds grand and it is.

The rooms were awesome.  We didn't buy into it, but after the high-pressure sales pitch we did pay for a package that will be of good value if we use the vacation time.  Let's see if we were hood-winked.

Then we did some sight seeing and ate out every meal, I've never eaten so much food.  Ok, well maybe once.

But I have never seen or eaten a deep-fried twinkie.

Mags sure enjoyed it.  It's one of the quirky foods at The Mother Lode, advertises the best and the worst of Americana food.

As painful as it was, Bubs stayed with Mags while she shopped the boutiques and then they went for coffee.  That's a good brother.  

This was sunset in Frisco.  We went there to see a street concert.  We didn't see much of it, just the end of the Subdudes.  Long story short, we decided to go out to eat.  We were seated in the bar cause the dining area was full.  There was a drunk in the bar.  Not a tipsy guy but a sloppy drunk who was LOUD and DRUNK.  It was entertaining for the first ten minutes.  Then it was annoying for twenty minutes.  Then he got louder and the frequency of swear words increased and a drunk buddy came in and the complaint about his i-phone started over..  Then it was another half-hour and G2 asked that we be moved into the dining room, which had emptied out cause we had waited about an hour or so.  

Anyway the dining room and the meal was fabulous.  Vinny's, in Frisco. Just don't sit in the bar. I love this photo cause Bubs is laughing so hard.  We have the same sense of humor - warped.  We went back to our room and I went straight to sleep.  The long-day, the sales pitch, the wine, the altitude.  We couldn't wait to get home and get our dog.  Isn't it funny how you think you need to get away from something than you miss that the most.   Alpine sled photos I'll post later.  Also, gotta funny story about the kid's dentist appt. yesterday.  I'll spill it later. thanks for reading.  C.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

can't remember if I cried...

,,,,,,............When I read about his widowed bride, But something touched me deep inside ....and that's all I am saying about that.

On a serious note, I have been a seriously lame-ass blogger and for that I should be whipped, hard.  

Enough fantasizing but I am sorry my life has not afforded me the time to get on here and really let you all know what's going on.  I need sleep now, but I'll try to get some graphs in tomorrow.  

BTW, the thyroid is A-OK, I guess, like the rest of me, I just have a large one.

And for that I am thankful. C.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

another lost weekend

hey it's me.   Ya know in the beginning of "Marley and Me" when Owen Wilson keeps saying "Marley, you are the worst dog ever!",  I keep thinking that about my dog Jack.
     G2 got him a new bed pad, spent twenty bucks and went to an upholstery shop to get in cut to size, and what does he do?  Chewed it into pieces.  G2 doesn't know I stuffed the pieces into two pillow cases.  Anyway he also took a shit in the creek at the dog park, took a shit on our friend's front deck when we were over watching a movie, ran off while being let out to go potty, wouldn't let me go back to sleep this morning by getting on the bed and biting and pawing me the list goes on.  After saying all that, when I was looking for him after he ran off I was very panicked and relieved to get him back.

Ok the movie Mags and I saw was "Shutter Island",  we walked home to a dark house and the hall light I turned on burned out as I flipped the switch. At midnight and G2 away camping with Bubba, I really didn't want to think about the movie.  I have thought of it since.  Stop reading here if you don't want to risk reading a spoiler.

I am one of the few believers that Teddy was sane and it was a set-up.  I have thought about it and if you go to most movie blogs they say if you believe that, you just didn't get the movie.  Here are some supporting points to that theory:

     Saturday I took Mags clothes shopping, and out to lunch.  I went to a grill-out party at friend's house in the high-end suburbia in the northwest part of town.  It was very nice and I took it easy with the booze after my schooling last weekend.  When we got back to our own zipcode we went over and had a few drinks over at the Russel's, played some dice and talked about our Halloween costumes.  After noticing how tight Van Morrison's pants were in a music video that left not much to the imagination, we somehow got talking about how when men get sized for trousers at a tailor they are asked  "What side do you dress yourself?" This apparently means what side does your penis sit/lay so they can leave more fabric there to accommodate the size.  Anyway I had never heard about this tid-bit and thought you might enjoy knowing this too.

Well trouble at the dentist for the kids..... one of Mags caps from her bike accident, the tooth underneath maybe dying,  there's decay underneath and the hygenist was very troubled.  The dentist wasn't in but I say SHIT, I hope there's no more trauma for that girl.  If that wasn't enough, Bubba' molars have come in sideways and I hear  "ka-shing" at the orthodontist.  It's always something isn't it?  And then the doctor said I had a swollen thyroid that she would like a scan of next week.  I am not even gonna google what it could be cause I'll get all freaked that wraps up another long weekend.  Hope you r week is a fruitful one or at least a easy one..C.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Crab Fest

Okay got it together.  The third movie I watched Sunday was The Invention of Lying, with Ricky Gervais.  I thoroughly enjoyed it, but seeing I was firing on a single cylinder, I wouldn't put too much weight into my review.  I would recommend it and give it 3 1/2 out of five, "big men in the sky".

Here's some snaps from the king crab fest we put on Sat.

KJ and Ron

Mark and Sarah

bar scene

The Perrans, Sue and Sharon

Dave and Sue

Sue and Char

G2, Jack and Dean

Me and my pig.  This needs explanation but I can't give you one, not a good one. I guess it was found and purchased for myself by either the Russel's or the Plush's or a combination, at a yard sale, evidently John has many a wood-working hour into  this pig.  They even got it little pink shoes.  It currently has no name, but I am excepting suggestions. ( do you like the drink grip?)

Greg's fab sign.

Eating crab

The kid's table

I am in this one, centerleft

The third table down

The reason I got so drunk, Cyn, not the wine.(she got me on the Beam)..but I know it's my own damn fault..

The real reason I got so drunk.  Wine -- it's what's for dinner.

We're happy but blurry.

Just don't talk politics.

Joe and Bobby

Bobby and Cyn

I don't even remember playing guitar.  I am sure I was great.

I have no explanation for this one either.

Feeling the wind

I cannot tell you how much fun this night was.  Big fun.  Thanks, all we have the greatest friends.

Now back to work.......

Shot a fire downtown Monday morning.  It was at a martini bar.  I went there about 5-8 years to go. Too bad it was a nice place.

This is the photo that ran.

I'm having a mucho better week at the Academy.  So far.  Tomorrow is D-day (deadline day)

Walking to my car today, there was a loud speaker saying something was heading towards the Academy  and was five nautical miles away blah blah blah,  immediately head for cover... well i kinda ran to my car and rode on out of there I guess it was a strong thunder storm.  Hope you stay out of the storm...all for now, Carol

Monday, August 2, 2010


      I don't know what I am apologizing for but  think it's for getting so knee-walking drunk this past Saturday and not getting the photographs up yet.  I have been such a good girl, not getting too happy with the drink, it was bound to happen at some point in time.  The hang-over Sunday however, was enough to remind me to not do that again, for awhile at least.  I know I am somebody's mother, for shame.  I will make a post soon, as long as the photos aren't too embarrassing.   I do remember one thing that was regrettable.  This was telling one friend why I didn't like another, really, it was why I was irritated by his smugness.  What to hell was I thinking.  I wasn't.  I am usually good about not letting shit fall from my lips.  I do feel bad about that.
     I watched three movies Sunday while couch-bound, the Notebook, awwwh, The Secret Life of Bees, which I read the book five years ago, which allowed me to nod off for a hour in the middle.  And for the love of Pete.  That's not the third movie, but for the love of Pete, I cannot remember the third movie. Jeesch.  I'll get back to you.  Remember I don't need to be forgiven, but it sure to hell helps. csl

remember buy a sunflower print and I won't have to stand downtown with a sign that says "anything will help god bless."