Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A quickie

hello to everyone.
I tried working just a six hour day on Tuesday because eventually it's supposed to be a be a half day and I guess I am not ready for that yet cause I am wayyyyy behind going in to my Thursday deadline day.

One of the really frustrating parts of the job is that I edit other's photography for design placement.  I do know a thing or two about what constitutes a good photo.  Sometimes I pick out the best of two evils and I get vetoed.  Jeez, if they want to bring the little paper up to credible standards or at least make it pretty, then they need to stop putting snap-shotty photos in.  I hate that more than anything.  Direct strobe with no regard for composure, or sports photos shot with a shorter lens at mid-aperture...that's what I am talking about, excuse me for talking shop, it's just been on my mind.

I drove up to Deckers for feature hunting for the paper Monday.  T'was a pleasant drive.  Here's one of the photos I shot that I liked the most.  Hope you like it too.

You probably have heard of the Hayman Fire even if you don't live in Colorado.  The forest ranger, Terry Barton, who allegedly set the fire by burning an angry letter from her husband received 12 years in prison for the arson that burned nearly a month and a half.  Feel how you like about locking her up, but I thought it was a harsh sentence. In contrast, the firefighter who started the Four Mile Canyon fire outside of Boulder, by burning brush outside his home was not charged with any crime.  It was the most costly fire in Colorado history that burned 169 homes.  I know there was no intent but I don't think it's fair.

Anyway enough whining, I do feel better and I hope you're week is going extremely well for you and yours....C.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Monday

was sitting here at work at the paper and my boss said there's budget cuts in the works for next year going on now.  I come to work expecting nothing not even a job right now.  They even got the company park and parking lot for sale.  I can see them cutting my day out of the photo budget.  Jes' saying.

Anyway before that I was pretty happy thinking about other things like this weekend....

We had a good-time in Breck at the cabin Saturday.  Here's a quick photo review.

This is the fox we made friends with.  I use the term "friend" very loosely.  He didn't come in for beers but we all thought he was cute and hung around hoping for food.

 He even was willing to make house calls, although he never came in the house he wanted to.  We just didn't know if he/she was well-behaved.

  As always, we ate real well.  Beef Stroganoff et al by KJ, all wonderful.


 Decorating for Mark's birthday.

  He was very surprised.

We sprang for some expensive scotch,

and Sue made a lemon cake.

He loved both.
We played some poker and swapped lies.  I missed Char's and Suz's birthday party but like Cyn said you can't be everywhere all the time.   They all said they missed me because there was no one else to possibly do the "cockroach".  Possibly is pushing it because I haven't pulled anything like that in awhile.

The Broncos floundered against Peyton Manning yesterday.  They had a chance but could not get the job done in the red zone.  That and the Colts could. 
Tonight Da Bears take on the Packers.  Good luck Cutler.  Good luck to your and yours.  Some people say you make your own luck, but I think you also need some genuine plain old luck too, I do. Csl.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

So bar maid bring a pitcher...

another round of brew....

We're heading up to Breckenridge for some R&R with friends.  The plan is to play cards, tip some beverages and eat KJ's phenomenal food.  I am definitely up for that. But before I go I gotta tell you about Thursday's birthday bash for Charlotte and Suz during Survivor.

Okay, this is my cat while I was wrapping their gifts.  She's pretty pissed about the dog getting so much "ink" when he's so bad and she's so good.  So here's some hype about my cat Rae Ann, the best cat in America.

John's awesome birthday poster

 Charlotte got food ahead of Cyn and the kid's

 The three sisters, Charlotte and Suz born on the same day 10 years apart.  Cyn somewhere in the middle.

 My son is still feasting on the red velvet cake.  He said he's not fearing the "diabeatus".

 Jeff Probst sent Charlotte this mask.

 Suz loved her jewles

Charlotte loved her Ashley Judd/UK hockey poster from Sharon.  I guess back in the day when it was printed it was very controversial because of her buttocks being exposed.  It's now a sought after collector's item. 
 Have a great weekend and I hope to have some uplifting stories of inspiration to tell you about when I get back..CSL

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Yer shittin' me....

When I got home from work I was greeted at the down-stair's door by my son who has been home sick with a bad cold for the last three days.

He blurted out that the dog had taken a crap, partly on his backpack, the bulk of the load was on the floor.  I said something to the effect of, "Why didn't you take him out, surely he must have been telling you?"

 He explained yes, Jack had told him and in fact he did take him out, only for him to pee.  Then I guess ten minutes later the dog was crying and going up and down the stairs but it didn't occur to him that was the problem.  He had just been out.

My son said he had been on-line to find out the best way to pick-up the mess.  The only reason I can think he would be doing this was I had given him codeine-laced cough syrup around noon-time and common sense had escaped and delusion set in. I can see him googling "how do you pick up dog shit without touching it or being in the same room". I'm sure he was also wishing the turds to levitate themselves out of the room.

Anyway that was irritating.  Jack can usually hold it until his afternoon walk.  I guess the difference was he ate two summer squash he stole off the kitchen table.  You know the foot-long yellow zuchinis. Just a few seeds were the only clues.  Told you he was the hungriest dog in America, I may have said best, but I meant hungriest.

Other than that the Sgt., that is relatively new at work, the one I butt heads with, became the head-cheese today.  As in the editor.  No shit. We'll see how this goes.
Hope there's no turds on your floor and all goes well in your life......Carol

Monday, September 20, 2010

Everybody hurts...


Got about 1/4 of my cleaning done.  Me oh my-o, I'll get it together someday.  When I start getting down on myself for not being more organized and say,"I gotta get it together" my daughter says, "Mom it's not like your life is ruined and you're strung out on drugs like you make it seem like something horrible is happening, everything is fine." Out of the mouth of babes they say, I do wonder who is more of the adult sometimes.

Have you ever watched that show Hoarders?  Holy shit, there's some people with some problems.  That show is quasi-addicting and I am not sure why. I can't believe people live like that, but they say there's millions of hoarders.  I feel sorry for the kids.  I feel sorry for kids put in horrible situations.

Well everything is not fine for some families tonight and my heart is just broken for them.  Divers pulled two Harrison High School seniors from Prospect Lake today.  They died. Gone. Dead.  Their picnic still on the table.  They were fooling and having a high-school fun-time swimming in Prospect Lake and one didn't make it to shore and one of the others tried to save him and they both went under.  When I was on the scene I was thinking, "Oh shit, I am going to witness this.  This sucks. "  When I put my lens between me and the tragedy it made it bearable to see.  It is something that will stick with me for awhile, never do get used to death.  RIP.

On a lighter note, here's the NFL week 2 update:  Broncos won decidedly against the flailing Sea-birds, Jay Cutler, the QB God, took the Chicago Bears over the Dallas Cowpoos, Shanahan and his Redskins lost a heartbreaker in OT, Peyton is a better QB than his bruddah Eli, and The Buffalo Bill stunk, and oh yeah KC is doing great and about time.  That wraps that up. Editors note: Ok, from comments, I sense my friend Joe, originally from KS, is not convinced they are winners by winning.  I think.

I know, no pictures lately, I have gotten boring. I got some, I'll get'em up here.  Here's one, if you can stomach anything more about my freaking' dog Jack, the best dog in America.

Stay strong, stay safe and hug the kids tight.  CSL

Friday, September 17, 2010

The drudgery of housework....

...I'll skip the boring details but cleaning my house is a necessary chore because everything goes smoother when you know where things are and your clothes are clean.  I got my weekend cut out for me.

G2 has gone to a hunting camp (bow) for a long weekend trip.  He does not hunt, however.  He went with a few other non-hunters to ride ATVs and scare the elk away from the hunters, drink copious amounts of beer get out in the mountains between Wolf Creek Ski area South Fork in the eastern San Juan's.

  The Zumba thing is working and I feel better already after three weeks of classes.  I have never sweat so hard in my whole life.  Well maybe when I used to do pencil-neck dance to Echo and the Bunnyman and the like, in the early eighties.

Last night was the first night of Survivor.  We had a good dinner and a great time.  They sorted out the folks to the younger tribe, under 30 and the older tribe over 40.  Of course I am rooting for the older tribe because the younger tribe members are such smug fucks, except what ta hell is Jimmy Johnson doing on survivor?

Well sorry to keep you on such a mundane post.  Maybe I'll think of something funny or amusing after I post this which is typical.  Adios amigos, Carolllaaaaaaaaa!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Growing some thick skin......

because it's about time.

I bought a breakfast burrito from La Casita on the way to work.  I emptied a little container of salsa in it, took a bite and tomato juice ran down my white T.  This was no small splotch, more like I dumped a plate of spaghetti on my shirt.  Well I was going to put my shirt on backwards because I had a light sweater on, but then I thought, no they don't get tidy, fashionable, Carol at the Academy, (ok, no one really does) they get messy, unmade-bed Carol.  They are lucky to have me clean-shirt or not.  Probably didn't even notice.  Ever the professional.

Sarge at the Academy punched my printer today because it wouldn't work.  Petulant behavior for a military man.  In reality I wanted to punch it too, however I would have broken my hand.  That would not have been a thick skin issue though.  It would have been a thick skull issue.

Another 12 hour day, work, track, dinner, violin, sleep. Very much like birth,school,work death.....

I am photographing Mag's violin teacher's band Saturday.  Man I used to love that kind of work.  Maybe I will love it again.

I'm hoping you're doing what you love or at least with the one you love, or is it love the one your with.  I say your better off with the former. Peace. CSL

Monday, September 13, 2010

Never say never

When I walk out of the photo department after working there on Mondays, I really feel like a lost soul.   It sinks in then how my life has and how it will have to change.  I need a plan "B".  Just thought you'd want to know, in case you had any ideas.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Just got back

from a walk in the Garden of the Gods at dusk.  Very serene, quiet pink feather-like clouds and the smell of  musky autumn in the air. (I had a sense that something, not someone, was eyeing us, maybe there was something lurking in the bushes, maybe it was my over-active imagination.)

This morning when I woke I noticed a pink tint to the sky along the tops of the mountains to the west.

Which brings me to my question, What if it's red sky at night, sailor's delight and red sky at morning, sailor take warning, on the same day; can it go both ways?  Can days be both delightful and omninous?

Today was the first seasonal game for the Denver Broncos.  They faltered.  Too little, too late, they were out-played by one set of downs.  McDaniels was there on the side-lines swearing up a storm.  You know I love to swear but there's a time and a place for everything and national TV is no place for it, in my humble opinion.  He doesn't have the class of Mike Shanahan.  The coaching part is up in the air but the morale part is clear to me.

Let's see what this week brings.  I hope it brings you peace and happiness.  C.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Been there,

been about everywhere, except posting to my beloved blog. Sorry.  Had an entertaining camping weekend but you can't deny I didn't deserve every a laugh that came my way.  Everyone did. Laughter is good medicine.  So laugh.

You know how I say Jack is the hungriest dog I've ever met.  He proved it on our camping trip.  He stole G2's breakfast, a nice looking steak and a cornish hen.  The folks he stole the steak from were very forgiving.  Bob who was the eater of the hen wasn't so gracious.  So he went on and on about it.  On and on.  What did I expect.  He ate it anyway.  Bad dog, bad Bob.

I had a big night around the fire Saturday. Singing, playing guitar and carrying-on. I even did the boog-a-loo.  I know what your thinking, and I am sure I did look great.  Kinda like bluegrass shit-kicking is what I did, fun times.

Well here's some images, I will put in some words but I'll need to catch-up when I have more time.

I hope they get the fire up in Boulder out soon.  Can you imagine- over 130 homes.  I always wonder about all the animals.  Good God, please help them all.

Me and  Choco AKA Jack

The riders at the sight of Maggie's ATV accident.  OMG, it could have been really bad.  She tipped it after glancing her helmet on a log across the trail, in background.  It's a dangerous sport if you are not aware at all times.  I did not want her to go out the next day, but I respect her decision.  I was too hung-over to operate machinery Sunday.

Jack licking a plate.  He is an opportunist.

These are my friends Pam and Bryan,  I grew up with Pam in Lake Placid before leaving at the start of 8th grade, some thirty-eight or so years ago.   We had good times when were were young'uns, playing in the river in our backyard,(we called ourselves the Current Fighters) producing our own radio show where we sang Tammy Wynette and Tommy James and the Shondell's songs and even recorded our own commercials.  We also jumped off the roof of our house with moon boots because then it wouldn't hurt, warning: even with snow and pillows on the snow and with the boots, it still hurt. Rolled down a hill in a dog house.  Played tackle football because there's rally no other type. We ice skated in our front lawn despite the mailman's dismay and we were allowed to go off on snowmobiles by ourselves.  It was idyllic really until my dad took a job transfer.  Honestly that move was the worst time of my life.
Life goes on.
Anyway they showed up in a 31 foot motor home after dark.  Bryan parked it like it was no big deal.  Hope they join us in future camp-outs.  They were very well received. 

My kids.

You know what this means? The first sign of football season. Are you ready for some football?  Best football seat in the world right here......or in the 'hood somewhere..

The gang over for last pre-season last Sunday.

Mags is a short distance runner but she did the long jump this week.

This is the injury from the ATV landing on her ankle.

Maggie's violin lessons are down in Fountain after track meets Tuesday.  Hell, we didn't get home until 9:30 pm, left the house at 8 am.  I call that a long day.

Work was a-ok this week after my camping attitude adjustment. (What if it was b-ok?) I have so much to catch up on and what did I do, yep napped for 2 hours.
I just had a dream, (I know, but I got up early 5:30 am) that all the natural disasters and civil/social problems are not a part of biblical prophecies or cyclic trends, but from aliens living amongst us. They want something. It was pretty intense. One of them was the Bill Gannon character from the old Dragnet series. I feel like I just watched a Sci-Fi flick, whew, weird, or is it?.
Stay cool ya'all, keep an eye out for aliens.C.

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Friday, September 3, 2010

Labor Day...

weekend, have a good one.  I hope to come hope with some good tales.  adios, C.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I can't begin

to remember all I have to share.  This week has been a ball-buster and I should know because if I had 'em they'd be damn near busted.

First off remember last weekend.  I know, me neither.  I do remember Saturday photographing my guitar teacher's wedding. Mo and Nita. He had a Native American ceremony that was very sweet and genuine.  I have not given him the images yet because I have 333 to go through and crop,brighten ect., because nothing goes out of my hands without looking the best they can.  

There's a reason I am not a wedding photographer.  It's a lot of work and I am never one to shy away from work, but it's not really what I'd like to do.  A good one gets real stylized at it and photographs  many of them and gets it down fast.  And you have to be the leader of the whole damn show.  A real people person.  And make those photos happen, documentation style of coarse.

Anyway after the wedding event I changed gears and clothes real fast and went to the east-side of town to Kwapy's tacky tourist party.  It's been forever since I've been to one, but the west-side made a fine showing, if I don't say so, which I already said so.

Joe and Sharon, Sharon had the best outfit.  She even gave herself the ever tourist-popular sunburn.

John and Cyn showed sporting their Hawaiian shirts and other pieces of tourist flair.

The funny-guy-host himself and his lovely daughter, Amber who kept the dance floor going.

Sharon snapped my sexy old lady drinking photo with her glasses.

I snapped this one of her.  Those glasses were the bomb.

G2 and Dave Hill with their hats and socks.

This neighbor lady was an awesome dancer who taught Zumba, which BTW I have recently taken up.  I will, I will, I will lose this weight and will ski this year.

There was a lot of sock and sandal action.

John was talking with some of the east-side natives.  Most of them were named John, Bill and Chris.

Sharon rocked the dance floor.
We had a great time.  After looking around we agreed that any of the clothes could be seen at any west-side party.  Maybe not socks and sandals but we all wear miss-matched clothes and an occasional hat.

When we all got back to the zipcode we had a few more at the Russel's cause we could.

We're getting ready to go camping for Labor Day.  G2's already left with Jack.  This house is so quite and dead without old Jackie around. 

 I really need to get out of town, drink and howl at the moon.  I just got to keep everything in perspective and remember what Buddah teaches, ....I am my only master.