Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Baby its beyond cold outside

Mags and her BFF were outside yesterday when I pulled up.  They had little stuffed animals on remote control snowmobiles.  God I love that rabbit driving the sled. ( ok I've learned it's a kangaroo, sorry) No snow day just a school delay today.  But I know at 6:30 am when I switched on the news to see if there was any closures it said minus nine, I wrote that out so there's no misunderstandings -9.  Now prior to that, I am not sure
but my car sounded like a fuckin Mack truck when it started this morning.  Thankfully it will warm up this weekend.
Anyway I am coming clean about the crap TV I have been watching.  First up: The Amazing Race.  The final was Sunday.  I did not watch the beginning on this series just the last few episodes.  That's all I needed to decide that Erika, a former Miss America was the biggest bitch I have ever seen on a family reality show. Hello!!!! this is on national TV.  She mopped the floor with her white husband, Brian, screaming at him about everything and anything.  I would have been so outa there.  I was so happy they didn't win.
Last night: The Biggest Loser.  OK, I cry at their stories and beam at their accomplishments.  The two highest weight-loss winners lost more than they weigh now.  The winner Danny, did not even look like himself. OMG, good job.  I promise never to get there.
Tonight:Top Chef, a duel (but there's three) between two douche-bag brothers and  dude that looks like a round hobbit.  I'd pick the hobbit just to spite the DB's.  But as fate would have it, it is guitar night with my friend Sharon and so I will probably tape it.  I was supposed to take Mags to Macy's but its so late now I probably won't.  My bad.
Stay tuned and I promise not to watch much more crap TV.

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  1. Wheeee!!!! Top Chef just started! I'm rooting for "the hobbit", simply because I can't stand the thought of one of the brothers not winning.


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