Thursday, October 28, 2010

the rest of that lyric..

from my previous sin themed post... "it's a sin to tell a lie, send my mouth way down south and kiss my ass good bye"...from John Prine, from Please Don't Bury Me.

So where was I? Not very far as I have had a few glasses of wine and why not blog?  Cause I am very scattered and not much else.  Very busy weekend as we will host our annual Halloween party Sat. night.  Please stop by if your in the state.
Peace, and I truly mean that.
Carol Sue

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's a sin to tell a lie...

even white ones. (What's a black one?)  They also say that pride is not only the original sin but the most serious, because the other sins arise from pride.  This is not a biblical lesson however.  I just want to be upfront in asking for forgiveness because I am about to brag.  Pridefully so.  I bear no desire to be more important than anyone else. Got that.

Whew. Maggie earned straight A's and A+'s all high citizen marks, all advanced standard test scores in her classes, and is the President of National Jr. Honor Society. Bryce has all A's and is a stellar student as well. He is on the Knowledge Bowl team, a trivia game, I suppose you'd call it, but is so shy I don't think he's answered a question yet.  He will.  And I was worried about all that acid I dropped.  I guess that could account for my problems not my kids' brain powers.  Other than that I don't have much for you, just sinning with pride.

BTW, Facebook for me has changed. I am now going to rely on this blog more to get my Carolness out.  My God, I don't know a third of my 'friends'.  I am not kidding, never even fucking met them. I guess I am networking with folks who may very well be very cool, but who knows.  Sure, I have my cyber-friends from blogging, but I am talking folks from the Springs who have done mass friending of the newsroom.  What ta hell the more the merrier.  My fault for accepting their friend request but I don't like to exclude anyone.  Maybe it's greed for friends, even if they are fake ones on Facebook.

PS. When I was walking Jack this morning, another lady who I see every other day or so, Blythe or is it Blanche?, asked from a distance (because one of her dogs is mean), if we were having a good day.  I said, "Well Jack is always having an up day', which she answered, "I wish I could have some of that energy".  Got me thinking Jack is never, never, never not happy.  Even though someone beat the shit out of him. A lot.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Howdy Ho.  Went to post last night with some witty and insightful material but we couldn't get our router to work so your left with whatever tired-out garbage I can spew this morning.

As promised I will first tell you about the alleged domestic violence at the rental across the street last Friday.  As far as I can tell the riff-raff daughter got into it with the Aryan-looking boyfriend, maybe baby daddy. There was some screaming and the baby was crying and their next door neighbor, who like me wants no trouble here, called the cops after hearing threats and the baby crying.  That's when we starting paying attention.  After some more screaming, the daughter beating on the back of the kid-boy friend and running about the hood, the police showed up and sorted out whatever needed to be and it's been quiet once again.  Supposedly the daughter was supposed to move, not sure if that happened I just don't want to see her or hear her swearing loudly into her cell phone outside of her house. That's all .  Please restore peace to our neighborhood, almighty power.

If that wasn't enough excitement, we went to a Halloween party in the hood.  It was a few doors down.  There was about 20 young girls dressed as strippers of whatever persuasion, nurse stripper, bride of Frankenstein stripper, stripper strippers, white trash stripper, although I am not sure if that was a costume.  I tried to get the Bride of Frankenstein stripper with my cell phone camera but it was dark and just sucked, quality-wise.

Anyway you get the idea.  The black strip above is the side of her panties.  She could have just worn the panties and came as an under ware model.  At least that would have cut right to the chase of "I want to go party in my under ware, cause I can."

 This Sharon dancing.  She was not dressed as a stripper witch, but as a pretty witch.  

Joe was a Laughing Lab. 

Funny because that is what Jack is too.

It has been absolutely beautiful weather wise here.  It's starting to freeze at night.

This is in the Garden of the Gods Saturday.  Don't you just want to be there? 

The Broncos got a genuine ass-whooping from the Raiders Sunday.  Ouch that one still stings.

  Have a good one whatever the one is, just not an ass-whooping.  There's no such thing as a good ass whooping trust me.  I graduated from that school.  Phi Beta Kappa of ass whooping school.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Dear Denise,

Happy Birthday to you......We celebrated Denise's birthday for well over two weeks partly because everyone gets at least a week-long celebration, partly because Cyn and John were gone and partly because why to hell not?

Here's some snaps of the Survivor party Thursday.

Some good looking folks we have as friends

Ms. Suz is too.

Cyn gave Denise the pant extenders she wanted.

A gift bag had a photo of Noel on the exterior.

Denise was led outside and what she saw made her terribly embarrassed.

and made the rest of us stare and laugh....

and Denise wanted us to take it down.  But Noel said "they're, I mean she's staying up"

It was an old photo of a nude with Denise's head attached, tastefully framed.

 We took her mind off of it temporarily and had her eat cake.  All better.  I didn't promise I would not blog this for the record.

From time to time by the end of a night, we run out of dessert forks so John uses his special salad fork.  So starts the birthday season for fall.  

Next post, I'll address the drama we witnessed over at the white trash neighbors.  They even got a visit from the Po-po.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

That's what I call sleep

I woke up in a big hurry about a half hour ago, before that I was dreaming..... First I was photographing David Bromberg in some kind of studio with a large piano.  He wouldn't listen to my direction and then went and kissed another band member goodbye to let me know he was gay.  I am pretty sure he is not.  I went on to dream that I was on an Easter Egg assignment for the paper and they had sent three photographers to cover it and when the event started I could not find my camera.  I felt I was being sabotaged, but no one would help me find it and a guy from work came in and they were all talking about a Christmas Party that I was not invited to. Total alienation. Then.... I was riding a chair lift above Cottonwood Canyon near Salt Lake City.  It was a beautiful,  It had all been built up with recreation sites along the river.  I had no camera though; remember I lost it earlier. Whew.  I think it's all because I am worried about literally loosing my camera.

This past weekend I had a friend come in town for a Broadmoor convention.  She came over to catch the Bronco game with the gang and then Mags and I dropped by to spend the evening where she was staying.  We got silly and reminisced about the good old days of River Street in Lake Placid when we were kids. Like the time I threw a hammer at my sister and the time we rolled down a hill in the dog house.  You know typical kid stuff.  We all managed to survive.

The closest we came to swimming, we ended up chatting in the bar eating apps.

Even Mags was laughing.

Well gotta go have a good day.  Keep your eye on our camera.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A bit of Fall

from yesterday.  Local color.  One of my lines got out of parrell.  Oh dear I'll fix it later, you get the idea, have a good day.  For a fall gallery I am working on for the paper....CSL

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Where there's smoke on the water, there's no fire...

pretty sure.  Maybe fire in the sky.

First off here's a little video clip of Mag's concert.  I don't expect you to click on it but if you do you'll be surprised.  Again a shitty phone video, but you'll get the idea.

Awesome, huh?

Sorry I mistakingly posted the wrong video and blogger won't let me upload the real one.  That piece is Bach arrangement.  I'll try the other next post.

The following photos are of my dog Jack Jenta's upgraded life as he is now fat and happy and quite frankly a laughing lab.

This is the scenery from out morning walks, cool huh?

This is one of his best bud's a goldendoodle named Pougle.

We go to the dog park as much as possible at least 4 times a week.  For some reason he loves Mastiff's and Great Danes to wrestle with.  This is the most fun he has.

He runs through the creek with whatever type dog will run and rebel rouse.

I brought his a laughing lab (type of micro-brew local) kerchief when I went to pick up a keg at Bristol's cause I think he's really happy now.  And he likes beer.

And now for some snarky commentary because I 've missed that and as a reader you may have too.

Brett, Brett, Brett, you dumb shit.

Really sending a photo of "little Brett" to a woman who has already turned you down.

I loss respect for you during your crying press conferences and then you have your penis doing the thinking for you even though, you know better, your a lot of people's hero, selling apple pie, wrangler jeans, chevrolet and sexting?  And you pick up on a "side-line commentator", huh? that is always dressed or undressed as a playboy playmate?

I can see where you may have been tempted, but you're supposed to be above that.

Farve you screwed up.  (Here's a picture of his cock in case you didn't have the guts to search it.)

 ha ha ha,!!!.....  (Did you really think I'd put that up here?)

Now that's something to cry about.  Can you say fail?

Have a blessed weekend, Love C.

Friday, October 15, 2010


it's the weekend.  Went to the Dr's finally for my knee after limping around for two weeks.  He said I am not dying, just old.  Bursitis.  Anyway he gave me a cortisone shot and I feel so goooooood.  Moving mountains, baby.  Well not mountains just plants really.  I had to bring them inside very quickly Tues. after work, track and it was dark and cold.  They've been right where I left them today I got half of them around the house,

A very busy week for moi.  Maggie had track finals Mon, Tues. and Wed. eves.

She did shot putt and triple jump, didn't do well in the former, but jumped well.

Then Thursday was her orchestra concert.

It was an awesome concert.  They even did Smoke on the Water, I have a short phone video but I gotta get some sleep so I put it on tomorrow.

Just had to get that old post off the first read,  Ya know?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Look what they've done to my blog ma

Yesterday morning I was at the dog park and I bent down to pick up my dog's remnants in a plastic bag and from behind me I heard a lady say, "Sorry my dogs gonna smell your butt, I just didn't want to scare you."  Well scare me she did cause it was a 150 lb St. Bernard.  I was wondering why she just didn't steer the dog clear of me; I mean the walk path was 15 feet wide.  I guess if a monster dog wants to smell butt it will.  It got me thinking about my best friend growing up in Lake Placid, NY.  Why?, your thinking.  Well we had the wildest imaginations ever and we dared each other to do questionable things.  Like smelling people's asses in the grocery store. I know we were pretty warped.  I hold her at least partially responsible for my sense of humor. We got kicked out of Jr. Girl Scouts for like antics.  Not sniffing butt but I believe we were dancing across the floor doing song and dance with the broom as we cleaned up.  The leader who we called "Jungle Jane" was sick of our horse-play and ousted us.  I was A-OK with this, being sick of sewing 1/4 inch hems for cloth napkins and the like.  We did get reinstated but didn't go back.  My friend is in Lake Placid and we have lost touch, but I get a chuckle from her every now and again. Thanks Judith.

Pretty good weekend.  Friday I stayed off my leg and it's feeling better, thanks. Saturday I cleaned my house after taking Jack up to the reservoir with my friend Sharon and her dog, Max.  Max acts like she's a victim of Jack's rough play but then she went by him and nipped at his collar, so I feel she's an instigator as well.

We had some fine folks over for a turkey dinner Sat. night and I shot no photos, but I will tell you we had a good time.  We even danced bluegrass style.  

Sunday morning I took Jack over to the dog park.  Just as we were leaving he wrestled a Great Dane for about 15 minutes straight in the dirt.  So on the way home I took him to Wag n' Wash.  He didn't like it and jumped out of the tub all wet and ran about the place.  Fun times.  We got him back in and tethered in in the tub.

I shot this phone photo and I am pretty sure the photo proves  he was spawned from the devil himself with those eyes. At least when he's getting a bath.

Anyway some of the some folks from the night before showed for the Bronco game and Greg picked his giant pumpkin.

It weighed in at 141 lbs.  Forty pound more than last year's.  Good job.

After it was apparent that the Broncos were having their asses handed to them by the Baltimore Ravens, I went in and took a nap to prepare for the Melanie concert that Denise called my attention to.  Folks, it was a great show.  There were maybe 50 people there, what a shame.

Her son Beau warmed up for her.  He is a guitar master and good-looking too.  He must have been classically trained.  He is currently touring with her.  

Then her daughter Leighla came out and played.  She was beautiful and talented and reminded me of a young Patricia Wettig in looks and Sheryl Crow in voice.  She is a singer-song writer in Nashville.

Then after a travel delay, Melanie came out.

What a wonderful music family.   The father/husband has been her manager/producer for over 40 years. They way those kids looked up to their mom with respect and laughed along with her, wow. Here's a shitty video (on account I only had my phone camera/video, shame on me), of her hit "Brand New Key"

She was witty and told great stories, some of them a little too long winded.  She made it clear that although she's  grateful for her popularity from her past hits, she really thinks her new music is valuable too.  It was a great show on 10-10-10.  Wish more people would have shown to support good music.  The lady still has pipes and a good musician too.  She is 62. I was inspired, thanks Denise, and Melanie.

Friday, October 8, 2010


John Lennon would have been 70 tomorrow. I remember the day he was killed.  I was in college and it was a wintery day, cold and windy; blowing a piercing wind that I have only felt in upstate, NY.  I think about that somedays, that day.  How sad and lonely.

Before I get to involved in writing I just want to say sorry about yesterday's post.  I read it and I'll have to admit it was a shameless attempt to rationalize my buying of an overpriced product I really can't afford.  Sometimes I suppose I give in to the notion that what to hell, I am worth it.  Maybe I am but that's not the point.

Went to an orthodontic consultation for Mags today, $5000 plus is the cost for beautiful straight teeth, guess I won't be buying Pureology anymore.  We got to figure that financing out but I do know that both kids will get straight teeth.

I have so much to accomplish but it's to the point I think I better stay off my knee I've even been waking up and eating pain pills.

 I hope I have some fun to talk about after a busy weekend.  Hope you get to get out and have some fun too.  Keeping it real.  XXOO,   Carol

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The act of thoughtlessness

is accomplished quite handily by some on a daily basis.  Just wondering around with nothing on their minds but themselves.

I was thinking today as I drove up to the Academy about this. This is probably the main reasons for my depression that I slip into time to time.  I'll try to do better about that.

On the way home I stopped at Beauty Brands and picked up this fabulous Pureology-100% non sulfate and 100% vegan shampoo and conditioner.  They are pricey at about $55 the set.  I was introduced to them by a hairdresser that I absolutely loved, her named was Yvetta.  I lost track of her after she quit the salon she worked at.  Anyway, no one has or can do my hair, or my kid's hair like she did.  Now listen, I can't go around buying hair products with this price tag but the sulfates are linked to cancer and are in anything that suds, personal products, even tooth paste has them.  I am sure there's cheaper products.  Pureology lasts about two months seeing you only use about a dime's worth and can go at least two days between washings.  There's my sales pitch of the day.  I can't wait to wash my hair because we've been out and Mag's and I really can tell the difference.  Really.

Going over to Survivor night at Denise's take car...CSL

Monday, October 4, 2010

The real Battle of Chubb Hill Mesa....

Okay where was I.

We were summoned to the mountains for a little one night camping trip.  Six of us varsity members showed; me and the boys. Or as Mags would correct me, the boys and I.

 Our friend Chuck had been diagnosed with prostrate cancer.  His surgery is this coming Monday, so it only made sense that there should be one last fall camping trip before rifle hunting season.  We were all on the same page, and as Dean said, "we ate, we drank and I fell down, mission accomplished."

G2 and I got a ride in Dean's class-C camper.  On the way out I was complaining about how I woke up and my knee has been just killing me with pain since last week.  There was no incident of injury.  So my little fuckin' mind started to think maybe I have cancer in my knee or a staph infection and I 'll have to get my leg amputated.  I know I'll get it checked out but I am just waiting for it to go away like it came.  Dean added how his toes have started curling under and a big callous patch had developed and how Sue's back is killing her, on and on,well you get the picture, we are getting old and shit has begun and out bodies are just going to keep giving out.  I know this is nothing new, everyone dies.  But it definitely an eye opener reality check.

We combined our realizations with the cancer diagnosis and we did what any intelligent folks would do and got pretty drunk.  Happy drunk.  Played washers, listened to tunes, ate well, remembered old times, played guitar, sang and laughed.

Chuck said his doctor said he's in for a full recovery.  A robot will do the surgery.  Hmmm. R2d2 I hope.


Greg kicked ass in washers, I'm glad he was my partner.

Your probably wondering about the battle part. 
 Out of no-where Dean fell over in his chair. Fell over and the chair pinned him and he couldn't get up.  The chair won the battle of Chubb Park Mesa.

 Mark and Dean the morning after.

Greg joined the good lookin' group then they all got freaked out because they knew I would blog it.  Damn straight I'll blog a photo like that.  That's some funny shit boys.

This is the said chair that won vs Dean.  True story.

This is the battle ground.

Well we finally got in bed about 1 am 'er so, after having many one-more drinks and the very common Treaty of Versailles history conversation.  Yes, we often re-hash what led to WWII and the Nazi regime take over of Germany. I think we are just trying to understand how something so ugly happened in somewhat recent civil times.  That and we always try to cure current world problems.  If they would only listen to us.

 G2 kept saying how he loved, loved, loved the roominess and the convenience of the RV.  I reminded him we have got to get our debt cleared up, and send our kids to prestigious schools so no new RV.  I am such a kill-joy sometimes.

The luxury RV

Bobby and Gordy cooked a bit of breakfast.

Woke up with a bit of a hangover, not too bad.  G2 forgot the biscuits so we ate at this dive in Hartsel.  It was a nasty place but the food was good and since I didn't see where it was being cooked, yummy.

The antiques on the wall motif was stunning.  We were worried they would just have us grab eating utensils off the wall.

Main Street Hartsel, diner on the right.  Shit hole.

  South Park, CO

Dean drove through South Park.

The diner

My omelet.

Watched the Denver Broncos when we got home.  It was a good game.  Good that they won. Did you see Tennessee's Defensive coach show his classiness, flipping off the refs.  That's a role model.  I guess he'll be fined about $250,000.

I am hoping for a good week for you and me, or is it you and I?  Thanks Mags.