Friday, December 18, 2009

The Giving Troops

Today I covered a Homeless March.  Initially, about 100 soldiers were going to walk through homeless camps and give out some supplies.  However when 300 plus soldiers showed, there was no way to manage that hope.  I got to the starting point of the march 10 minutes early but they already left.  I hate that.  Good thing I know this city so well cause I was whipping around corners and pulling out in traffic like fucking race car driver trying to get in front of the line.  It was like chasing a parade.

Anyway, when they got to the local soup kitchen the troop commanders put up some tables and they took donated items out of their packs.  Lots o' stuff.

This guy won the best, I mean the most festive hat award

I don't care how they ended up homeless, it just can't be fun after awhile.  (the Big Rock Candy Mountain with the birds and the bees and the cigarette trees.....and we sleep out every night!) They were grateful for the goods and the good goods when fast.

The sistas showed up and got some shoes.  I was kinda wondering who'd be wearing those strappy high heals shoes down in the homeless camps, but the stuff was for the needy as well as the homeless. Something for everybody.

Well we gotta tree but I've neglected to get a photo yet.  It's beginning to look like Christmas is around the bend.  Just two more days to work and I have nearly 2 weeks off.  woot.

Off to a cocktail Christmas Party. Merry.


  1. What a great event! I'm so jealous of your two weeks off!! Hope you had fun at the party.

  2. Bev, Had a great time thanks, my two weeks starts tomorrow! yay....c


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