Monday, August 15, 2011

The birthday party: Kentucky-style

Wow, had a great time in NY, but before I blow my horn about that, I must back up to Cyn's birthday week. She had friends from her days at Eastern Kentucky (initially I spelled that Kuntucky, forgive my snicker) State. Here's some snaps from some of the many events.

The surprise dinner

First evening at the house, a cocktail hour followed by G2's smoked rosemary chicken, beer-butt-style chicken.
Bellying up to the bar.

I love the light here.

Eating out back.


Maggie made a berry buckle for Cyn.

Gary recorded the moment.


One of the special guest arrived, the unknown comic.

Aka, Bill.

Everyone was surprised.

Bishops Castle
Old man Bishop was working on the entrance when we got there. It includes a moat. The place has "danger" written all over it.

The guys took the walk to the top.

Took some group shots on the second floor. Like everyone else my eye goes directly to me, except your eye would go to you... not me. Anyway, I have no idea my I am pointing my toe except I may be retarded. We can argue the "point" later.
One of the many twisty stairways.

It's one impressive handmade castle, made by the crusty guy himself, Jim Bishop.

We chatted to him while he ate lunch. More or less he talked at us while he ate. He is very interresting to say the least. Bishop is very opinionated. He's against the government because they are giving the people the shaft going against the constitution mainly by interpretation and state imposed laws. He makes some good points, but I find his conspiracy theories plain unbelievable. Here's the wiki site ( for the castle, not his political views.)

He don't take kindly to drunk taypayers.

The Grand Prix
In our own juvenile way we were calling this restaurant the Grand Pricks, cause we could. A little hole-in the wall joint in Pueblo. I would recommend this place for anyone with an appreciation for good authentic Mexican fare. But don't come here if you like only squeaky clean and sterile places. The bathroom was stuck in the fifties and may not have been cleaned since.

The green chili was excellent and good friendly service. I have cravings for the green chili plate, cravings, I may have to drive down weekly.

The MeloDrama

At Iron Springs Chateau.
In Manitou Springs at the top of Ruxton, food twasn't bad either but I was full from Grand Prix.

The host had heard there was a birthday in the audience.

Cyn was a good joe.
The main actor was a hefty guy but he sure could dance around. He was probably the best entertainer as well.

The big party
Cyn laughed at her hillbilly wine glass, a bell jar on a candlestick-like base.
Sharon, being an artist gave Cyn a drawing about all the big times they have when they all get together.
John played for a sing-a-long. The rest of the night got fuzzy here. I did have a big time and went home and sang and played guitar with my buddy Bob. I thankfully gave up drinking but stayed up till 5:30. WTF, what was I thinking?

G2 had come home at a respectable hour and went to bed. He took care of Bob and I and made up the hangover curing avocado-onion-pepper cheese burger. I figure this was all training for the trip back east. Next time Cyn's friends come to town I need to start training like I am going to run a marathon for at least a month. Good times.