Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's looking a lot like Christmas

This is our outside Christmas tree.  Either it's leaning or I am.
The kids are off school, SNOW DAY,yay.  I think it was the right call, temperatures hovering around five degrees and enough snow on the road to make all the folks scared of the snow drive around 10 mph.  Oh well, better safe than sorry.  I hope I don't terrorize them.  G2 is "working" from home and is taking them sledding.  He just called to say they are freezing their kahunas off so they are going in.

It's kids like these that make my job easy.  He was jumping off his tailgate into a gully in the Garden of the Gods.  Just minutes earlier he was boarding by being pulled by the truck and a park police made him quit by saying he'd get a ticket, that would of be a good shot of him being towed by the Balanced Rock.

This big buck was climbing off the road on the way outa the park.  How do these animals stay warm?  I know it's like they do.  However, it's gonna be around 10 degrees below zero tonight and they must huddle or cuddle or something.  I always wonder about the birds and their little feet.  Stay warm you cold-blooded creatures of the world.

This guy skied to visit a friend in Manitou this AM.  It looked very Christmassy over there.  The thing is its up around fifty by Sunday so the snow around here does not last like in did in Placid.  Not sure if it stays on the ground in Placid these days either.

This was my to-go box for the Bronco game this past Sunday.  Almost killed the Beam but I was getting too buzzed to finish it off.  It was Sunday afternoon after all and I had to stay aware for mine and Mags TV night.  Made a beef vegetable soup that was yummy.  I took KJ's hint and made the broth using a prime-rib bone, from G2's roast last week.  It was so good it was gone before dinner time.

Yesterday I cleaned the upstairs and showered all the indoor plants except for the very large showy Bouginvilla which I just misspelled but you'll have to excuse me for. It would take a lot of effort to wrestle that thing in the tub.  I caught up on laundry which seems to be my new purpose in life, cause if all your clothes are clean you can pack to go anywhere at any time.  Not that  I go anywhere but I could if I wanted.  Stay warm!

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