Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas is OUT the door

     I packed up Christmas today, softly and lovingly in tupperware bins and labeled them "ornaments" or "large santa" or whatever.  Good riddance, I say, see you next year if I get in the spirit.  I am not down on Christmas or Christians at all.  Matter of fact, Santa can go and Jesus can stick around if he promises to be forgiving. I really haven't figured that all out yet.  So quit judging cause Jesus said that ain't nice.  Aww, the South Park memories:

    Well got some new neighbors into the rental house across the street.  Look a little riff-raffey.  Just telling it like I see it. I am not being mean, just real.  They could be very nice and I will find that all out when I bring over brownies when they are all moved in.  They have been parking a taxi in front of our house and mail box so I might have to point out our mail man doesn't appreciate this, plus either do we.  But I'll give them the chance to get settled before I pounce.

      Took the kids to see "Sherlock Holmes".  We were exhausted after the movie from all the action and carnage.  Good lord, this isn't your father's Sherlock Holmes, but it was fast paced and well done and we all enjoyed seeing Robert Downey, Jr's abs and antics.  OK It was just me about Robert Downey's bod, the kids, the antics.  They set themselves up for a sequel.

     On a side note, we don't text here, (at our house silly, not Colorado Springs.)  We get the convenience and all the tech shit blah blah blah, but why to hell would someone go to a complicated movie like that and text the whole way through like the kid in front of me??? What could be that fucking pressing?  Am I just an old foag that doesn't understand?  I really felt like kicking his seat.  Such control.  Maybe this is next :

I'm glad they made it illegal to text while driving here in Colorado but isn't that common sense?

Tomorrow I am taking Mags and her BFF to the soup kitchen bright and too early for me for their seven hours of volunteer work for National Jr Honor society.  I go because they are too young to go unchaperoned and I would go even if they were 16 cause I've been down there plenty and I've see the peeps they are helping and it's not  a stretch to say the majority are straight up riff raff.  The soup kitchen is a beautiful thing for those in need but its no place for young girls on their own.  So good night and hope all is well in your world, Jesus or no.

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