Friday, April 30, 2010

Finally Fryday

yes sir.  In-laws are on their way in town.  I am going to try my absolute hardest to be the best I can be.  I know, drink lots of wine and agree with everyone.  Cause who doesn't like an agreeable lush?

I should probably fess-up and say I mixed up sulfate-free wine to mean alcohol-free wine and I had me a bit of the red wine headache this morning.  Guess the sulfates don't count against the hang over. That plus I woke up twice in the night to get a drink so I am thinking there's something to say about alcohol disturbing sleep.  Only had a few, half ,nearly a full, ok, two thirds a bottle, whoops.

A little excitement this morning.  Bank robbery in the Cage of Fear area, shots fired no one hurt.

Which way did he go?

Shot fired into this truck at the driver after the robber tried to jack it.  Their would have been a shit stain on the seat if I was in that truck.

A 7 year-old kid gave all his birthday gifts to his cardiologist's office.  Cool.  I wonder if the Doc will stay and play after hours ?

More cupcakes....

Yummy!! I'll admit I ate one, one. How could I not, Kahlua frosting.

A friend of mine sent me this.  Her friend shot this in her backyard.  A bear family using her Grandson's play area.  Cute but dangerous.

WTF bumper sticker I saw at the Zoo.  No it's not my car.

Survivor was a riot.  The fish fry was stupendous.  I was hoping the tables would turn on the Villians.

Kentucky Derby and partay tomorrow we're all excited!  It's supposed to be a wet track so hope the horses run safe.  Have a good weekend!!!!!! C.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

I am concerned

about that giant oil spill.  This could really mess up the coast down there.  I know, I love to state the obvious.  Just saying.............

Matt Lauer was asking the tough questions this morning on the Today Show.......getting really heavy and in the face of the BP oil rep.  What a douche. Like he's a real journalist.  I am sure this is not how he wanted things to go.  No time for blame, just get some experts in there and wish for the best. Yeah they're drilling down there so Lauer can drive his BMW and they can send Al Roker to Iceland on a lear jet to tell us about the volcano and the national weather.  No double standards at the Today Show.  I don't know why I watch that shit.  Stick to cooking tips, cancer patients that write books and crime victim's families, and regular Today show fodder.    Let's just try to clean this up ASAP.

Shot the Athena Awards today, which is a big hooray award for a local female business leader. Anyhow before I left for the assignment I spoke with the  biz writer and we agreed to leave later than usual so we weren't standing around while everyone ate a Broadmoor lunch, wiping their mouths with fine linen and going on about it.  So the reporter calls me while I am on the way there and says "Carol, they announced the lady early and she's speaking now"  so I said," I'll be right there", and I was.  So I dashed in and started shooting away at the speaker and I am thinking "wow this lady is funny and great expressions too"  and a lady beside me said " I hope you can stay later to get the Athena winner, so it dawned on me that the lady on the stage was not the winner but a professional keynote speaker and her name was Karyn Ruth White.  She was a riot and made kneeling on the ground for 30 minutes well worth it.  I am now very inspired to be the best cranky mom ever.   I'll work on it Karyn.  

She said, don't be a joy squisher...

She had this bra under her shirt, lift, separate, affirm

Bubs and I got our hair done yesterday.  I gotta put his picture up.  He is so cute and he has a spring in his step and is now writing poetry.  It's amazing what a do will do.  I'll do that tomorrow.  Looking forward to Survivor tonight.  We're having a fish fry,yay.  Hope yer peachy, C.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

cuckoo for cupcakes and Basterds

First the good.......

made by this lady who started a biz called The Couture Cupcake Co.

She was a good egg for going along for the portrait.  She hated every minute of it.  But honestly she could never afford the advertising a cover of the Food section will deliver.
Too bad I dropped the doz. she boxed from the shoot for the photo dept.  A case of tastes good,looks bad.

then the bad......

Murder scene in an area of town called the Cage of Fear.  Sorry, but I cannot agree with the argument that crime is up in that area because the street lights have been shut off.

well, tied for ugly......

thought you had a bad day.....

and the boring..

out east of town, where they are proposing a VA cemetery.  Pretty far out there. Maybe in 20 years it will butt up against development.  I don't think so, too far.

and today's cat art...

preeeety baby

OK. Inglorious Basterds, Directed by the ever-dark , quirky, brilliantly surprising, QuentinTarintino

I thought this movie was great. Took place in Nazi occupied France in 1941 ish, (My daughter left halfway through, but she is 13 and we were all beat up from a long week. ) In the opening scene Nazi's are looking for hidden Jews in the French country-side. The first scene is very unnerving.  The tension is so thick. But it is soooo freaking long.  But brilliant.
I love Tarintino's style and he make's no apologies for laying it all out, straight-up.  He offends, and stereotypes. Loved Brad Pitt and Waltz.  A lot to take in, but worth the time. Take that Nazi's.  My grade... A.

Have a fab Wednesday,  love, C.

PS follow me if you enjoy this blog.  I've been stuck at 15 followers forever, (I am very grateful for them.)  It's easy to sign up for  a Google account, alls you need if an email address and a password.  Jess sayin'.

Monday, April 26, 2010

I had crabs

thats right, stone crabs.......  We have not had a stone crab fest in a few years, but in years past we've had up to twenty folks chowing down.  
 Only one claw at a time is harvested and the crab is thrown back into Florida waters to live, re-grow and hopefully defend themselves with the one claw.  The season is very limited and these bad asses were in the ocean on Friday and on our plates Sat. eve.  KJ puts together the sides they serve at Joe's in Miami, with stuffed tomato, coleslaw, and hash browns. The fest was a small one this year, welcoming the Mc Donald's along with the Driscoll's and the Guinta's.  We had a good time and played Apples to Apples after dinner.

You know why I put this in here.  My cat rules. And eats on the kitchen table when no company is around.  Don't worry I wipe it down, no cat ass served in our food.

Worked in the garden Sunday.  I got days, and days of work ahead.

photographed this last week for best of springs, green and red chili for El Paso Cafe on North Nevada.  I'm going to try it out this week and let you know. OMG does this look awesome or not?

Friday, April 23, 2010

It's about time....

the work week ended......Halejuela,hallejueia,hallelujah or whatever how you spell it. I spell it freedom.  But before I go and have fun this weekend  I thought I'd give you a little somem'

Anyhow I thought it give you a chuckle to tell you about my flour incident.  My son failed to bring in a huge bag of flour Wednesday after I shopped.  He claims he didn't hear me say "bring in the flour".  That's okay I ignore people too at times I even say,'uh-huh".  Anyway it was a gully washing, frog-strangling downpour Wednesday night and my hatchback to my car leaked and the flour bag got wet.  When I brought it in the house, Thursday morning, flour trailed up the stairs and when I got in the kitchen the bad disintegrated.  
I made it to the side sink and was able to save two tupperwares full.  What a cluster-fuk.  That's why I drink. Shit happens to me, just little shit but a lot of it.

Anyway I was so happy to save some flour, I made a blackberry buckle.  I used this recipe
Blackberry Buckle.  Don't worry a mentally-challenged person can make it, I did. I'm also sure other berries would work, well maybe not crunch berries.  I bet peaches would be good too.
I cut a piece for my son, despite his inability to follow commands.  I took the rest to Survivor dinner.  Yum, the whole meal.  Nothing beats a burger on the grill.

The show was pretty good too.  I swear for as long as we've been watching it it never ceases to surprise me.  Russell, the evil troll, was able to convince the heros he was a hero too.  I think next week, he'll get a taste of his own medicine.  Honestly for as much as I cannot stand him he does keep it entertaining.  

It was a little wet in town today.  Bubs school was cancelled.

because it looked like this in the western area of his district. Memo to Mother Nature:  Give us a fucking break .  It's April 23rd now.  We get it.  Yer the Mofo boss.

I told you about my daughter's school and the odiferous sickness that sent some students to the hospital.  Today she went and got her belongings.  Still no word on the cause.

OK I've worked on my tree "art" and this is what I've come up with, thus far.

I kinda like it.

I keep forgetting to tell you Bubs lettered in academia.  Yes a big M for a 4.0 GPA. One thing I do remember about Saturday night is I kept saying AwkaDEEMia, he lettered in AwkaDEEMia, no wonder I forgot the night.  Ok, I know it's not right to have the pride.

Anyway excited about Inglorious Bastards, yes the movie, tonight and stone crab dinner with KJ, Bob et al on Sat.  Maybe the skies will clear up and I can actually work outside.  Inside, outside, hope you do what ever it is you want to, even if it's nothing.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

you tellin' me it's earth day?

OK.  Happy Earth Day then.  But I knew all along.

Here's a taste of my day, so to speak.

Volunteers planted trees in Bear Creek Park.  Nothing sexier than a woman wielding a pick axe.

Tornados were touching down in SE Colorado today.  We got a nasty cloud, suitable for the gates of Mordor over Pikes Peak.

Geese, they each had their wet spot.  They each had leg tucked up like they were one legged, so I walked around them feeling all sorry for them looking for a wound when they were hoping for a handout all along.

Some pools in town are closing due to hard times.  Sorry about that.  How can they make them self-sufficient?  I guess get them out of city control.  That's what saved three of them.  The government can fuck up a free lunch.

My daughter's school was evacuated today because an odor that sent some girls fainting ect.  Never could find the cause. I think it was mass hysteria.  Mags got all defensive because she thought I was hinting they were faking the illness but not at all.  I'm sure they all thought they were ill.  Mostly girls were effected.  

Looking forward to Survivor at Ron and Char's in just a few minutes, better run, ta ta for now.C.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"If it wasn't for alcohol I'd be an overachiever......"

that's what Noel told me Saturday. He was saying this about himself. He really is an achiever alcohol or not.  I don't spend a whole lot of time on the disappointment I may have been to anyone, myself included. But I told him that quote was blog-worthy and I did remember, so there.   I have gotten the word back that we all really, really had a good time Sat. evening and there was no out-of-hand drunken buffoonery on my part that anyone remembers, so my fun drunk auto-pilot was on duty. pheww..did I write fuck drunk? Freudian slip? no fun drunk.

Here's a cute parody on the Snuggie blanket (click for live link) my son showed me......hhhhh, which is really ha ha but my "a" key is sticking......maybe it should be hehehehe

Better than the creepy dad on the video.

I think it's safe to say, most, if not all, adults have ran into the store in a very disheveled state hoping not to see a soul they know. Woman are way more susceptible to this, I guess cause men don't give a shit.  I guess it's okay if people we don't know see us looking like a wreck. Well today after my hike, after cleaning my house, after waking up and not giving a shit about what I looked like I ran into Safeway. While running through the produce I ran into a woman I haven't seen in 10 years.  We ran in the same crowd 15 er so years ago, revolving around a local radio station. She was always quite the fashion plate, still is.  And me, whoa boy, never been a slave to fashion, but do enjoy regular showers.  Maybe when I see her in ten years I'll have it going on.

That's all I got......C.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

tantalizing Tuesday

Well maybe not so tantalizing but it got you here.

I've never been one to slap a photoshop filter on a photograph and call it art.  But I'm ignoring that rule today cause there's someway  I am gonna make this art just give me a few tries. What is art anyway?

  Had our friends/ neighbors over for G2's masterful stuffed cod last night.  Played a little music and had fun, good fun

Shayla and Nina


the dinner table......

Sha sha Sharon..


We have the best neighbors.  Hope you do too.
Have a great day.  C.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Senior photo, senior moment

Bev from Out of my Head...Into yours came up with the clever idea of posting senior photos, and  I'm going along with it.  Me, class of 1978 Wayland Central School.

This actually wasn't the photo used with the class in the yearbook but in an ad for the photographer in back, that's why it's black and white. that and color film was not yet invented back then.

Got that out of the way.

OK I was very,very intoxicated Saturday night.  No biggie...I think.  G2 and I went over to the Russel's to play poker.  Had so much fun I forgot there was limit to my alcohol consumption. That's what happens sometimes when you get among good friends and there's drinking going on.  I hope they except my apologies for how much fun I might have been or  any antics that include drunken buffoonery.  I promise to pass along any good stories from the evening, because clearly I was on auto pilot after awhile. I really hated wasting the day yesterday laying around and watching HGTV and Food Network, but any activities that required any thought process or energy were off limits. 

Got that out of the way too.

BTW, all the pond fish survived the utility worker's step in our frozen pond so he's forgiven.  Hope your day is cheery,cheerio.....C.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


sick sick sick, probably just a bug.  Hope these tie you over or tide you over depending what your into...C.