Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Its the end...

of the school year and I feel fine.

One more day.

Sick of the routine.
Make lunches, get 'em up. Make sure the gym suit is clean, make sure the printer has ink, buy this and money in an envelop for that. Make sure my son has his homework done, make sure he slept, or slept enough..... I am ready to focus on NOTHING.
Anyway, not much else. I worked hard at getting the Academy paper out two days early for their graduation. I hope the weather holds. It looks iffey.

Since I haven't shot a photo all week.  Here's some funnies I gathered from web-stalking and Facebook:

Think about it...I never got it either. Rock cannot be taken out by paper. Never.

Friday, May 20, 2011


If the Rapture is tomorrow I am sure I will be joining the sinners. The good sinners. You know, the non-violent, non-thieving kind. If by chance it doesn't happen, well, I'll be back here.

I went to a end-of-year get together for Mag's 8th grade class. It was amusing. The acoustics of the gym were horrible so the white noise of the laughs, giggles and screams were deafening. I will not miss middle-schoolers. I swear they are one mean messed-up lot of humans. Especially the mean girls (not mine, ha ha).

The teachers gave each student an "award" by reading what the award was and the students would yell out their guess of the winner. When the award for the one who goes above and beyond came up, the kids were all yelling my daughter's name. But that was not her award. This is what she is known for:

I guess this is the same as going above and beyond but put in less positive way. Going above and beyond, but not when they are wanted to.

Then teachers then announced because the kids did so well on their standardized tests they would fulfill their promise to dance in front of the class.

Got to hand it to them for keeping the promise. Thought they looked more like they were seizing.

The lady's dance reminded me of Elaine's in Seinfeld.

The real winner of Survivor Redemption Island.
Noel, who had the forethought to have Rob selected as his player. For his intellect he got this cool crown and paid the pot $5. I know he doesn't look happy here, but trust me he was enthused. 

Yahoo News, if that's what you can call it, had this photo on their home page with the caption, Do you think the media has gone to far in releasing the name of Schwarzenegger's Mistress? Ya think?  Not so much for the mistress, she's a grown woman and knew what she was doing. Getting herself a rich baby daddy. It's the neighbors that are really getting the shaft. Yeah, and the kid. The media crossed the line so long ago there's really no line anymore. This is not news folks. It's a sad state of events that has been going on forever. Politicians, movie stars, ect. From Thomas Jefferson to JFK.
Love child. I doubt "love" had anything to do with it. They were talking in the office about how ugly the maid is. I don't think that's what Arnold was thinking about. I wonder what he said to the maid, ..
"your clothez. Giff em to me"
"Want to seez my love muscle"....
"Will you kleenze around little Arnold?"

There's better lines out there I am sure.
Anyhow maybe the rapture will take it out of the "news" shows. 

These are from a Boston Bruin's ad campaign that insults the opponent's fans.

(cause they are all old folks in Florida)
These are brilliantly funny. But they pulled the ads after complaints flooded in.

 Too bad they buckled. Anyway don't you buckle. I won't either. C.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Is the End Near?

Probably not, but some nut job that's predicted doomsday twice and obviously was wrong, is saying it all ends Saturday, May, 21.

This is what I am envisioning...                 from


The grand-finally for Survivor was Sunday. Rob proved to be too big of a cunning douche to be taken down. That, combined with all the members of his tribe were a bunch of stupid, star-fuckers and they all but gargled his nuts. Maybe they did, but it didn't make the edit. Sorry, I just hate it when the obnoxious-ass wins the prize because everyone else simply folded their cards.

Other Shit

Well nothing much to report on the home front. Noel and I joined Mag's violin lesson last night to get his big beastly stand-up bass tuned up. We had fun with that. 

Well I am running out to Mag's class year-end dinner at her middle school. I know, you're so jealous your wishing some ill will on me right now. I'll be sure to catch you up on it right here, so stayed tuned. CSL

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Don't Let False Estimations Rule You.

The LoFi Cowboys

A group of us went up to the Crystola Inn last night.  A band called the LoFi Cowboys was the main draw. The lead singer, Chuck Snow, is an old friend from days gone by, when live music was a huge part of my life.

 I had spoken to my guitar teacher, Mo, about seeing the group. He had recently seen them, spoke very highly and said I would love them and I did. We had a kick-ass time.

I really loved their country-country-rock interpretations of some fairly well-known songs, You Never Even Called Me by My Name, Country Roads, Wish You Were Here, a Dwight Yokum song I recognized but don't remember the name, The Rolling Stone's Classic, You Can't Always Get What You Want, Powderfinger, and to be quite frank, many I don't remember because I had a few beers, plus it's not what you remember, it's how they made you feel. And I felt great.

Joe and Sharon danced.

Sharon and Sue danced.

Some toga-wearers danced. Almost told the girl on the left I had the same comforter she was wearing. No one wants to hear that.

Chuck picked a lead.

They also had some fine original tunes. Tunes that you are wondering whose song it is because they are catchy and well-done.

I have never met any other members of the group but they all did their jobs extremely well. Chuck said they are about to hit the road on a tour that takes them through Texas to Southern California, I think. Five Blue Moons, remember, it's how they made you feel.

 Anyway here's some photos, according to their Facebook page here's some info on the band:
The Lo-Fi Cowboys were formed in early 2009 by local music veteran Chuck Snow. Joined by Kevin Waybright on bass, Ric Carney on drums, and Collin Estes on guitar and piano. They have special guests sit in, which explains the pedal steel player, who incidentally, was awesome.

Awesome bass player

 Drummer was right on.

Special guest pedal steel guitar player.

The keyboard player besides playing great keys also sang harmonies and rhythm guitar

Chuck played a lead with his teeth. I think.

The bar is a road-side honky-tonk. I guess the owner was a former Chicago Black Hawk. This info is strictly hearsay. If I was a regular in a bar, like back in the day, this would be it.

In between sets they played Jerry Jeff Walker and David Allen Coe and the like. It was like stepping back in time to college days when that was our type of song. Sure, we liked current songs as well, but
there's something to be said about drinking in honky tonk, just kicking hippies asses and a raising hell.

As much as I love Neil Young, this is funny.

Gardening News

From the bar to the garden. I cover it all. And I do own a garden bar.

The truth of the matter is that it's too cold to garden. I was out there yesterday until shelpping kids around and the dog park became more pressing matters.

Hope my seedlings didn't take a hit after leaving them outside last night. Honestly, I thought I had them inside. Damn Blue Moons. Probably didn't help.

The big garden mess I was working on yesterday.

The Award

Bubs did receive an award for excellence in Computer Programming, a class he did an independent study in, developing his own curriculum and teaching himself. So good for him, now he needs to wrap up this semester, yeah, with a damaged GPA, but just see if he can pass everything. It's that bad. 

One of the couples out with our group last night said their daughter, in his school, same year,  had odd sleep patterns too, staying up all night doing homework, missing classes from being too tired, ect. For the love of PETE, I hope he does not repeat this nonsense next year. You're thinking, "you're the parent, do something, lights out.", hey I try. I try. I guess if this is the worst of teen angst we deal with everything will be okay. 

He does real well in math...

Hey, a math teacher is a worthy profession.

Here's some snaps of my wonderful children yesterday afternoon:

Eyeliner is essential for picking up trash.


Choco de Baco

Remember: You don't have to call me darlin', darlin'. But I know you want to. C.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Always after me Lucky Charms.

Thinking Revenge

I am not a person of revenge. Normally. Oh sure, I might have wished bad luck on people who have messed with me in the past: the vice-principal of my son's school, who took it upon himself to over-react, suspend him, sending him into a downward spiral. For which he has never recovered from. Maybe costing us thousands in lost scholarships and therapy.  It's human nature. I figure karma will take care of meanness.

Sharon and I went out for a beer at the local brewery Wednesday evening. After all, it is a buck off refills of their jugs, called growlers, so why not. I met her and her co-worker down there and we had a beer and chatted about jobs and kids. Her friend stopped at one beer and said good-bye, When Sharon went up to refill her jugs (better visual than growlers), I ordered us another after we agreed we could handle it.

A man that looked like a leprechaun walked by and sat behind us. I recognized him as the high school administrator that had suspended my son. I do not wish to rehash that whole bit, but if you wish to read about it here's the link, The Holiday Inn Incident and the subsequent, That Chaps my Hide. He was staring at us and listening to our conversation, giving us advice on how to hook-up my phone to the wireless connection. Actually, I was bringing up his photo so Sharon could confirm he was the protocol following evil-doer.

Anyway, Sharon and I had a little buzz going since our first beer was about 50 percent alcohol and we are light-weights, sometimes. We were play-acting like we were romantically involved, talking loudly about "taking this party on the road" and hugging. She was calling me Natalie since I only spoke with him on the phone he would not recognize me. We didn't so much discuss getting this troll into a situation like you see in the movies where the bad guy is tricked into a compromising situation and finds himself naked and locked out of a room where he thought he might get himself into a three-way. But that's what I was thinking and I think that's what she was thinking. Anyway it was fun to think about and if we had more time on our hands it would of never ended that way. Never. Only in our wee heads.

Moving on
It took us a few days to recover from the fabulous Kentucky Derby party and the visit from the in-laws. I do have a little story to tell about that but since I titled this section "Moving on,  I will wait till some time when I title a section, "Looking back at shitty times with the in-laws".

We had Survivor at Denise and Noel's Thursday, Very good BBQ chicken and slaw.  I be dammed if the grand finally is this Sunday. So quick. I am just hoping Rob, the con guy who continually congratulates himself on being the best Survivor player evah, does NOT win. Piss-off  Rob, you and your wife have pocketed two-million from Survivor already. I am sure she has a nanny at home helping her as you sacrifice your daddy-duties to win another quick mil for your narcissistic self. So there, I feel better.

We are going out to see a band tonight. I think it has been a decade or so since we did this as a couple making a night of it so I might have a good post about that, hopefully.

My knee is doing better, thanks for asking and I have lost about 5 pounds on my acupuncture-herb lifestyle change, that seems to be working-but is fairly pricey. Thanks for asking about that too. Hopefully it'll be worth all the money in the end. Have a very wonderful day and weekend, and as always thanks for reading and leave a comment if you'd like. CSL.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Kentucky Derby Party

Charlotte and Ron once again out did themselves with the party of the year for the 137th running of the Kentucky Derby.  Good time had by all.