Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The rule of thumb

generally speaking, of coarse, is one bottle of wine per dinner while camping per person.  At least I got that accomplished today for out upcoming Memorial Day camp-a-rama.  Cause I know what's important.  I just wish I felt better.  I got fog head.  At least that's what my friend Joe said when he saw me at the liquor store. Actually he said, there was a fog about my aura.  I've often felt that.  I suspect ADD or some other acronym for not thinking straight. And a head cold too.

 We're camping west off Trout Creek Pass, Chubb Park to be exact.  This time of year you need to stay low if you want to ride ATV without snow pack.  It's an interesting group and I should have some good stories to tell.  We usually play guitar around the fire at night, ride ATVs, play volleyball on uneven ground with prairie dog holes, have a mountain croquet tourney with contact, horseshoes,washers, joke telling, lie swapping and have even done charades for the sake of the kids all with tossing back some well-deserved libations.  We know better to bring up politics when we've been drinking cause they'll be a heated discussion, which I don't mind, but now Bob won't camp with Chuck cause of the health care debate last Labor Day, so that's not worth it.  I will miss Bob since he has the guitar repertoire, knows the Midnight Special and a lot of Bob Dylan and a good spirit, but he's gotta grow up....geesh.

G2 smoked three big hunks of brisket for the Sat. dinner for about 30.  Yes. I ate that piece and it was yummy.  He's very generous and gracious and a good chef ta boot...

I got my tropical trees out of the house.  They are all so hurting.  And with aphids, those fuking little green  monsters. In a couple weeks they'll be doing better.

I got so much work to do in the gardens I cannot think straight and I want to swear a lot... ADD again, or maybe tourettes.   I'll give you a tour in a month er so.

Jack update: he sure is a handful.  He was in trouble in kennel for chewing up his foam mat.  That said, he is lovable and wants to drink my morning coffee by spilling it on me and licking it up, so how can you NOT love that?

Bubba and Rae update,  Bubs had been keeping a weird schedule staying up all night and studying for his finals, reports and I think he is ADD too, and also a procrastinator like his ma.  Tomorrow is his last day of school.  Mag's was today.  I am free of making lunches and shuttling kids. Rae hates the dog but she's not going anywhere cause we have enough love and cat food to make her happy.

ok yesterday's assignments:

A puppy getting a DNA test to see how big it will turn out???  Just wait 6 months and they'd know.  A couple hundred bucks is a lot to get a jump on knowing what breed the dog may be, after she was purchased in a parking lot, don't you think?  They plan on keeping her anyways.

and for Memorial Day, a family who lost their husband/dad while he was serving in Afghanistan in Oct.  Sorry never seems to be enough.  Heartbreaking.  He won't be coming home again. ever.  RIP Sgt., beautiful family.

Have good weekend and a memorable Memorial Day, back next week. XXOO, C.


  1. Wow Jack is photogenic! Maybe your photo book subject has fallen into your hands.

  2. It's hard to tell which comment link is for which post...anyway the pic of the brisket is great. I had a slice an it was as good as it looks.

  3. Thanks Joe, You can post where ever you want.


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