Monday, May 10, 2010

Jack the dog

Here's the pooch that's been at our house for the last four days.  What a sweetheart.

looks a little guilty.  He has been a really good boy though.  He sits and uses a crate at night and during the day.

No one has called on my ad at the Humane Society and Craig's List.

Anyway he's my temporary buddy and if Mags and I have our way he'll be our family dog.  Keep your fingers crossed it was just meant to be.

You know how I sometimes watch crap TV?  Well last night was the ending to Amazing Race and if you haven't watched the end, stop reading this now.  OK, those annoying gay brothers, which I have no problem with the gay part, just describing them, fucking won.  What a travesty.  Just so undeserving.  I didn't want the models to win either.  They both abused the taxi drivers under stress.  I don't care who you are, you don't talk to people like that.  Well I hope a big heaping helping handful of karma bitch slaps them upside the head.  Then the lesbians still were trash talking at the end of the show.  People this is national TV, have a little grace.

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