Tuesday, May 18, 2010

some photos

Nothing great, but it's what it is.  From Monday and Tuesday........

Colorado College grads.  This is an liberal arts college in town.  Very prestigious.  You must be very, rich,very smart, very poor, or a combination of the three to go here.  About $40,000 a year if yer paying. (Suffice to say they are probably smoking cubans.)
It's a huge hockey college.  Maybe Mags will go here. That would be the very smart but not quite poor enough to qualify for free.  Not Bubs, he's going to MIT, he said. He'll need a hefty scholarship to go there, needless to say.  

A TV camera guy covering the CC graduation asked if I remembered my college graduation.  I said yes, my parents had to wake me up when they got in town that morning.  Luckily I was in bed alone.  Joey was on the couch, we probably got only a few hours or minutes to sleep, seeing I was still drunk from the night before.
I do remember we wrapped Joey in up aluminum foil and put him in the neighbor's oven that night.  Thankfully, we didn't cook him, too much anyhow.  I miss the Joe's and Joey, and the crazy antics of college, but yeah, had to grow up someday.

There were many of hung-over grads.  Hot sun, hangovers and long-winded speeches. bleck.

Small experimental plane crashed and burned at Meadowlake yesterday.  Pilot's ok. I don't know about you, but if experimental is in the name of the craft I ain't getting in.

9/11 Memorial at NORAD/Northcom at Peterson AFB.
It's a twisted metal beam form the World Trade Center.  Nine years later and 9/11 hits a very raw nerve.

Looking forward to my Wednesday off.  I am tired. Good day


  1. Great pictures Carol! Especially enjoyed the one of the grads and the commentary...Glad you still have Jack! Have been watching Moya this week and I know what you mean they can be a joy or a pain in the ass when you have to get up at the crack of dawn. I run around with a hose when she pee's on my grass. Guess I'm anal.

  2. Thanks Denise, you're so sweet..I met a lady oon the trail that knew Moya..the accented lady haha


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