Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday the magnificent

is what I am calling today.  Long MF week. The MF being a modifier in this case.

Yesterday in Canon City, kids playing in a wade area off the Arkansas.  Very serene.  Reminded me of my childhood in upstate NY if I squinted hard enough.  I spoke with the kids grandma, who I hit it off with right off the bat cause I asked her if she was the kid's mother.  I am good at that.  Anyway she gave me a dining tip, if your ever in Canon City, Co eat at Al's Cigar Shop on Main St.  Apparently it's not a smoke shop but a bar that sells the best burgers this side of the Mississippi.

This was the Gazette outdoors reporter doing some rolls in the kayak park. He was pretty good, I think, as I have no kayak experience to draw from.

Law Enforcement officer's memorial, always sad.  I have gotten this assignment for about five years in a row, so I have tired.  Forgive me.

Air Force Academy cadets from Colorado Springs.  The class graduates next Wed., (oh, chucks, I am off! ) The words over the tunnel used to say "Bring us men"  that didn't fly in the present day.

I went up to a yard sale in the hood at lunchtime.  On the way up, a truck full of folks stopped to talk to me about Jack and even turned off the engine of the truck to talk chocolate lab to me.  I acted like I had Jack forever. The only chocolate lab experience I've had is the two weeks and google searches that told me breeders usually hate it when the labs come out chocolate.  They told me I might want to stall for awhile before I hit the sale cause there was a loose-wire nut-job up there that was hitting on his wife.  Sure enough I got up there and this dude was the type you dodge.  Rambling on.  He gave Jack a pet and told me all he knew about dogs.  Had a tattoo of his pitbull, Jack on his arm.  Ughhhh.  Anyhew, I ended up buying a cool coffee table at the sale.  I'll put a photo up soon.  Going over to Cyn's to have me a couple Beam and cokes after I feed Madge.     Have a good weekend...c.

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