Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Boy am I tired

thanks to puppy love.  Actually its all good.  I haven't been this active in awhile taking three walks a day.  Feels good.  It would help my chances of keeping this dog if he liked G2.  Hope he warms up, but if he doesn't I am sure it won't be hard to find him a good home.

Yesterday I went down to Ft. Carson on assignment.  There was some upper level Generals and Cols. from the Iraqi Army learning the ropes from the 4th Infantry Div.  They had interpreters for a question and answer session from the dumbshit inquisitive TV reporters.  Anyway the interpreters spoke very broken English at best.  So left there not knowing much more than when I got there.  Plus I had a headache trying to decipher.  I think they said they are doing there best to make a transition to an Iraqi Government.  What a fucking mess.

"They want you to explain your plans for the future."

That was about it for Mon., I know not very satisfying.

Today was kinda a dud too.  I put 85 miles on my car looking for a feature and listening to NPR. Back in the day, add a six pack and I'd call it a good afternoon. I did shoot a dining review photo for yet another BBQ joint, called the Brickhouse on N. Nevada.  I will go back and check it out.  The owner was kinda forlorn saying he thought he was duped on a couple radio promos he bought, with no result.  Hope it's a good review, cause you can't buy that kind of advertising, but if it's bad, that could be disastrous. I'll let you know.

It's raining out now and may turn to snow.  I was supposed to go to a Rockies game tomorrow but not at 43 degrees with rain/snow possible.  Yeah am I spoiled or smart?  

Both.  It's raining so hard now could be cats and dogs.

Sorry this is such a non-interesting post but just wanted to say howdy-ho and bore you with a weather report.  Have a good hump day, y'all.

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