Friday, May 7, 2010

Catching Up

ok I survived the in-law invasion...actually went pretty well.  The wine theory worked. Don't remember a thing. ( That's a joke, I do remember a few things.)  Monday mornings can be so damn sobering.

A big Thanks to our friends Neil and Shelly for having all of us and their other ma and pa friends over to dinner Sunday.  Big time.

Neil can cook and slice.......

Shelly made a mean pot of beans and a wonderful potato salad 

Big slobber dog

strawberry shortcake! Yum

        guys of all ages

kids and Grams

Some photos I shot through the week....

feature, never saw the light of day....

the horse farm down below the cemetery.  Had to go back out to find this proposed VA cemetery cause the reporter never went out and had the wrong address.  I didn't mind, nice drive.

The proposed VA cemetery was already an old family ranch plot.  I put this in so you could see two of the three fences I scaled to get the photo.  The other fence was one of the white plastic split-rails you see in the horse farm pix.  All in a days work.

Local school district is getting wise to healthy eating for the kids.  Cutting out processed food.  Way to go! About fucking time I should say.  Nyther ( I made that up) of my kids can choke down a school lunch.  Nachos with the fake cheese sauce is considered an entree.  

Local charter school reading scores went up 25 points.  They now use therapy dogs for the kids to read to.  What a cute dog and girl. I know I thought it was a boy too. It's the teacher's girl dog named Gus.

Shot Sky Sox yesterday for the first time in ages.  There were no autofocus long lenses in the pool so I had to rely on my rusty manual follow focus.  Harder than you might think.

That Sox the Fox is one agile mascot.

They won in the bottom of the ninth.  Yay.

The only action play I shot worth a shit.  I managed to get a sunburn. Farmer style,  put vinegar on it when I got home.  All better.  For you doubters this really works.

Big brother program picked it's big brother of the year this teacher in Monument.  This kid never had a dad.  Good he's got a role model. 

and this week's douche of the week goes to this bearded dick-weed that insulted me on the tour of the new USOC building.  He's the new media relations dude.  "Ma'am, I am going to have to take you back up ......"  I am not your ma'am, DB.  Don't get me started on the new building that the mayor, on the left, gave 45 million in tax money to renovate to the ultra-arrogant US olympic committee.  We can't even water our parks and this building is swarming with overpaid MF.  Good job.

Had fun at Survivor.  Noel and Denise made pizzas.  Russell shot himself in the foot by voting off a villian.  I knew he was too dumb to win.  TGIF, kids found a dog today.  He's here now. I'll fill you in later, chow,choi, later, C.

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