Thursday, May 20, 2010

Nothing good

.......comes easy, at least not for me.  I worked another 12 hour day today and I am sunburned, tired and sore.  I helped myself to a percocet and a glass of wine.  I know narcotics are usually reserved for when you get a limb amputated or a goiter removed but give me a break. Why use a ball peen hammer when you got a sledge?   Sorry about my transparent flaw of overkill.  Now quit judging.

Still got my dog Jack.  I think he's mine.

The reason I am so sore is that I have covered more ground in the last two weeks with him than I have in the last year. I am even running now.  At times anyway. I got to start stretching.  I met a lady with an English or Australian accent on the trail today walking her Goldendoodle (Golden/poodle x)  The dogs hit it off and maybe we'll walk them together sometimes.  I thought about asking about her accent but figured I wouldn't bust her ass with a bunch of questions.  But don't you worry, I will get to the bottom of the accent,  and everything else cause I am a premier interviewer.

Spent the afternoon in Canon City about 45 miles south and west covering a new kayak park.  What a beautiful park and day.  I used to think Canon City was such a skank-hole shit-town because the only times I went there was to cover some heinous child murder, a lumber yard fire or visit the Super Max, the max security prison.  But today I got off the main drag and it was a wonderful little  town.

Well I gotta get my little drug-induced mind to bed now. Guess I''ll limp down the hall.

Looking forward to a summery Colorado weekend, planting and covering more ground...c.

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