Tuesday, May 18, 2010

everyday's a new day.....

.....well of coarse it is.  Although at times I think a Ground Hog's day experience to repeat a good day would be neat.

The family, except for myself, have all had colds the last couple days, the Spring variety with stuffed noses and sore throats  Today Bubs stayed home.

We still have the dog.  There has been highs and lows.  I slept so soundly Sat. into Sun. that I didn't get up to let Jack out in the middle of the night and he peed his kennel.  So had to launder his bedding and give him a bath at 6 am Sun. and I really rather have been sleeping.  Gone are the carefree days of getting up at ten and reading the paper with a pot of coffee and doing as I please.  Now I get up 5:30/6 am and eventually wear at least a cup of the coffee because he's trying to lick it out of my cup.  But I am out on the trail before work and it will eventually pay off. The kids that were initially excited to have him around have grown annoyed at the inconvenience of caring for a puppy.  I have grown attached but I am sane and want him to be with his family, if his family is a loving one.  Which brings up the point why hasn't anybody been looking for him?  I will get him scanned for a chip tomorrow.  All that said I truly want him as my dog, cause all the trouble will be short-lived.

Stop here if you don't like Survivor.

Sunday was the Survivor finale.  We had a delightful time and watched to find out who won.  The feelings were different within the group,  I was glad Sandra won although she wasn't my favorite.  Russell who proclaims he's the best at the game didn't manage to get one vote.  That means he wasn't the best at the game. I was glad to that Parvarty, who is a smug little schemer, didn't win.  Ha ha, haha.  They don't do much surviving anymore; struggling with lack of food and trying to live in the elements.  I am kinda sick of having repeat contestants, so bring on the new and keep Russell off TV, ok Probst?

Gotta run.
More later..C.

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