Saturday, May 8, 2010

I keep forgetting

to tell you about a few things that happened this week.  Stuff.  First the big stuff.  It was G2's and my 20th wedding anniversary this past Wed.  5/5

We were a lot more good looking back then.  Is that proper englais? 

To celebrate Wed. we took a drive up to Cripple Creek.  We had lunch at the nicest and newest casino called The Wildwood. And then proceeded to lose $60.  Ya can't win if you don't play.  That's ok, I had it to lose and had fun losing it.  Would have been a lot better to win though.  We had a nice day and later took the kids to a local pizza joint for dinner.  We're all about class.

The grand Greg gave me for an anniversary gift made the gambling trip easier.   That and the fact I charged over $200 dollars in skin care product Tuesday night on the internet while watching TV.  If you know me even remotely you know I am frugal.  I am not a shopper and don't spend money frivolously.  Digging up the photos of the wedding made me realize how much I had lost my looks.  Shit.  And I am already taking an anti-depressant.  Double shit.  I'll let you know how the firming and anti-aging cremes work.  Maybe there's a money-back guarantee.
I took my Forester in for maintenance this week.  The mechanic guy clipped the plastic oil shield away that I have been dragging for three weeks.  The lube guys didn't button it up tight. Now I don't look like such a Gomer driving around.  One day I was actually dragging a tumble weed down the highway. Good times.   

Have you ever taken a phone message and then called the person to give them the message but really dialed the number you just jotted down for the person to call?  I did that this week.  Man, I had to laugh at myself.  So you go ahead, you laugh too.

We've had a stray chocolate lab at our house for two days, no calls on him....could I really have a dog named Jack?  

Spent the last two evenings with our neighbors/friends watching a movie Fri and playing music tonight.  Fun.  Anyway G2 made this fire outback and so I am going to have a nightcap out there.  Happy Mother's Day Mother's....C.

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