Monday, October 11, 2010

Look what they've done to my blog ma

Yesterday morning I was at the dog park and I bent down to pick up my dog's remnants in a plastic bag and from behind me I heard a lady say, "Sorry my dogs gonna smell your butt, I just didn't want to scare you."  Well scare me she did cause it was a 150 lb St. Bernard.  I was wondering why she just didn't steer the dog clear of me; I mean the walk path was 15 feet wide.  I guess if a monster dog wants to smell butt it will.  It got me thinking about my best friend growing up in Lake Placid, NY.  Why?, your thinking.  Well we had the wildest imaginations ever and we dared each other to do questionable things.  Like smelling people's asses in the grocery store. I know we were pretty warped.  I hold her at least partially responsible for my sense of humor. We got kicked out of Jr. Girl Scouts for like antics.  Not sniffing butt but I believe we were dancing across the floor doing song and dance with the broom as we cleaned up.  The leader who we called "Jungle Jane" was sick of our horse-play and ousted us.  I was A-OK with this, being sick of sewing 1/4 inch hems for cloth napkins and the like.  We did get reinstated but didn't go back.  My friend is in Lake Placid and we have lost touch, but I get a chuckle from her every now and again. Thanks Judith.

Pretty good weekend.  Friday I stayed off my leg and it's feeling better, thanks. Saturday I cleaned my house after taking Jack up to the reservoir with my friend Sharon and her dog, Max.  Max acts like she's a victim of Jack's rough play but then she went by him and nipped at his collar, so I feel she's an instigator as well.

We had some fine folks over for a turkey dinner Sat. night and I shot no photos, but I will tell you we had a good time.  We even danced bluegrass style.  

Sunday morning I took Jack over to the dog park.  Just as we were leaving he wrestled a Great Dane for about 15 minutes straight in the dirt.  So on the way home I took him to Wag n' Wash.  He didn't like it and jumped out of the tub all wet and ran about the place.  Fun times.  We got him back in and tethered in in the tub.

I shot this phone photo and I am pretty sure the photo proves  he was spawned from the devil himself with those eyes. At least when he's getting a bath.

Anyway some of the some folks from the night before showed for the Bronco game and Greg picked his giant pumpkin.

It weighed in at 141 lbs.  Forty pound more than last year's.  Good job.

After it was apparent that the Broncos were having their asses handed to them by the Baltimore Ravens, I went in and took a nap to prepare for the Melanie concert that Denise called my attention to.  Folks, it was a great show.  There were maybe 50 people there, what a shame.

Her son Beau warmed up for her.  He is a guitar master and good-looking too.  He must have been classically trained.  He is currently touring with her.  

Then her daughter Leighla came out and played.  She was beautiful and talented and reminded me of a young Patricia Wettig in looks and Sheryl Crow in voice.  She is a singer-song writer in Nashville.

Then after a travel delay, Melanie came out.

What a wonderful music family.   The father/husband has been her manager/producer for over 40 years. They way those kids looked up to their mom with respect and laughed along with her, wow. Here's a shitty video (on account I only had my phone camera/video, shame on me), of her hit "Brand New Key"

She was witty and told great stories, some of them a little too long winded.  She made it clear that although she's  grateful for her popularity from her past hits, she really thinks her new music is valuable too.  It was a great show on 10-10-10.  Wish more people would have shown to support good music.  The lady still has pipes and a good musician too.  She is 62. I was inspired, thanks Denise, and Melanie.

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  1. I'm glad Melanie was good. I bet her new music is good, too.


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