Saturday, October 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Dear Denise,

Happy Birthday to you......We celebrated Denise's birthday for well over two weeks partly because everyone gets at least a week-long celebration, partly because Cyn and John were gone and partly because why to hell not?

Here's some snaps of the Survivor party Thursday.

Some good looking folks we have as friends

Ms. Suz is too.

Cyn gave Denise the pant extenders she wanted.

A gift bag had a photo of Noel on the exterior.

Denise was led outside and what she saw made her terribly embarrassed.

and made the rest of us stare and laugh....

and Denise wanted us to take it down.  But Noel said "they're, I mean she's staying up"

It was an old photo of a nude with Denise's head attached, tastefully framed.

 We took her mind off of it temporarily and had her eat cake.  All better.  I didn't promise I would not blog this for the record.

From time to time by the end of a night, we run out of dessert forks so John uses his special salad fork.  So starts the birthday season for fall.  

Next post, I'll address the drama we witnessed over at the white trash neighbors.  They even got a visit from the Po-po.

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