Friday, October 8, 2010


John Lennon would have been 70 tomorrow. I remember the day he was killed.  I was in college and it was a wintery day, cold and windy; blowing a piercing wind that I have only felt in upstate, NY.  I think about that somedays, that day.  How sad and lonely.

Before I get to involved in writing I just want to say sorry about yesterday's post.  I read it and I'll have to admit it was a shameless attempt to rationalize my buying of an overpriced product I really can't afford.  Sometimes I suppose I give in to the notion that what to hell, I am worth it.  Maybe I am but that's not the point.

Went to an orthodontic consultation for Mags today, $5000 plus is the cost for beautiful straight teeth, guess I won't be buying Pureology anymore.  We got to figure that financing out but I do know that both kids will get straight teeth.

I have so much to accomplish but it's to the point I think I better stay off my knee I've even been waking up and eating pain pills.

 I hope I have some fun to talk about after a busy weekend.  Hope you get to get out and have some fun too.  Keeping it real.  XXOO,   Carol

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