Thursday, October 7, 2010

The act of thoughtlessness

is accomplished quite handily by some on a daily basis.  Just wondering around with nothing on their minds but themselves.

I was thinking today as I drove up to the Academy about this. This is probably the main reasons for my depression that I slip into time to time.  I'll try to do better about that.

On the way home I stopped at Beauty Brands and picked up this fabulous Pureology-100% non sulfate and 100% vegan shampoo and conditioner.  They are pricey at about $55 the set.  I was introduced to them by a hairdresser that I absolutely loved, her named was Yvetta.  I lost track of her after she quit the salon she worked at.  Anyway, no one has or can do my hair, or my kid's hair like she did.  Now listen, I can't go around buying hair products with this price tag but the sulfates are linked to cancer and are in anything that suds, personal products, even tooth paste has them.  I am sure there's cheaper products.  Pureology lasts about two months seeing you only use about a dime's worth and can go at least two days between washings.  There's my sales pitch of the day.  I can't wait to wash my hair because we've been out and Mag's and I really can tell the difference.  Really.

Going over to Survivor night at Denise's take car...CSL

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