Saturday, October 16, 2010

Where there's smoke on the water, there's no fire...

pretty sure.  Maybe fire in the sky.

First off here's a little video clip of Mag's concert.  I don't expect you to click on it but if you do you'll be surprised.  Again a shitty phone video, but you'll get the idea.

Awesome, huh?

Sorry I mistakingly posted the wrong video and blogger won't let me upload the real one.  That piece is Bach arrangement.  I'll try the other next post.

The following photos are of my dog Jack Jenta's upgraded life as he is now fat and happy and quite frankly a laughing lab.

This is the scenery from out morning walks, cool huh?

This is one of his best bud's a goldendoodle named Pougle.

We go to the dog park as much as possible at least 4 times a week.  For some reason he loves Mastiff's and Great Danes to wrestle with.  This is the most fun he has.

He runs through the creek with whatever type dog will run and rebel rouse.

I brought his a laughing lab (type of micro-brew local) kerchief when I went to pick up a keg at Bristol's cause I think he's really happy now.  And he likes beer.

And now for some snarky commentary because I 've missed that and as a reader you may have too.

Brett, Brett, Brett, you dumb shit.

Really sending a photo of "little Brett" to a woman who has already turned you down.

I loss respect for you during your crying press conferences and then you have your penis doing the thinking for you even though, you know better, your a lot of people's hero, selling apple pie, wrangler jeans, chevrolet and sexting?  And you pick up on a "side-line commentator", huh? that is always dressed or undressed as a playboy playmate?

I can see where you may have been tempted, but you're supposed to be above that.

Farve you screwed up.  (Here's a picture of his cock in case you didn't have the guts to search it.)

 ha ha ha,!!!.....  (Did you really think I'd put that up here?)

Now that's something to cry about.  Can you say fail?

Have a blessed weekend, Love C.

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