Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Howdy Ho.  Went to post last night with some witty and insightful material but we couldn't get our router to work so your left with whatever tired-out garbage I can spew this morning.

As promised I will first tell you about the alleged domestic violence at the rental across the street last Friday.  As far as I can tell the riff-raff daughter got into it with the Aryan-looking boyfriend, maybe baby daddy. There was some screaming and the baby was crying and their next door neighbor, who like me wants no trouble here, called the cops after hearing threats and the baby crying.  That's when we starting paying attention.  After some more screaming, the daughter beating on the back of the kid-boy friend and running about the hood, the police showed up and sorted out whatever needed to be and it's been quiet once again.  Supposedly the daughter was supposed to move, not sure if that happened I just don't want to see her or hear her swearing loudly into her cell phone outside of her house. That's all .  Please restore peace to our neighborhood, almighty power.

If that wasn't enough excitement, we went to a Halloween party in the hood.  It was a few doors down.  There was about 20 young girls dressed as strippers of whatever persuasion, nurse stripper, bride of Frankenstein stripper, stripper strippers, white trash stripper, although I am not sure if that was a costume.  I tried to get the Bride of Frankenstein stripper with my cell phone camera but it was dark and just sucked, quality-wise.

Anyway you get the idea.  The black strip above is the side of her panties.  She could have just worn the panties and came as an under ware model.  At least that would have cut right to the chase of "I want to go party in my under ware, cause I can."

 This Sharon dancing.  She was not dressed as a stripper witch, but as a pretty witch.  

Joe was a Laughing Lab. 

Funny because that is what Jack is too.

It has been absolutely beautiful weather wise here.  It's starting to freeze at night.

This is in the Garden of the Gods Saturday.  Don't you just want to be there? 

The Broncos got a genuine ass-whooping from the Raiders Sunday.  Ouch that one still stings.

  Have a good one whatever the one is, just not an ass-whooping.  There's no such thing as a good ass whooping trust me.  I graduated from that school.  Phi Beta Kappa of ass whooping school.

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  1. That (your crazy neighbors)would be my family, growing up. We had the cops over many times.


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