Monday, October 4, 2010

The real Battle of Chubb Hill Mesa....

Okay where was I.

We were summoned to the mountains for a little one night camping trip.  Six of us varsity members showed; me and the boys. Or as Mags would correct me, the boys and I.

 Our friend Chuck had been diagnosed with prostrate cancer.  His surgery is this coming Monday, so it only made sense that there should be one last fall camping trip before rifle hunting season.  We were all on the same page, and as Dean said, "we ate, we drank and I fell down, mission accomplished."

G2 and I got a ride in Dean's class-C camper.  On the way out I was complaining about how I woke up and my knee has been just killing me with pain since last week.  There was no incident of injury.  So my little fuckin' mind started to think maybe I have cancer in my knee or a staph infection and I 'll have to get my leg amputated.  I know I'll get it checked out but I am just waiting for it to go away like it came.  Dean added how his toes have started curling under and a big callous patch had developed and how Sue's back is killing her, on and on,well you get the picture, we are getting old and shit has begun and out bodies are just going to keep giving out.  I know this is nothing new, everyone dies.  But it definitely an eye opener reality check.

We combined our realizations with the cancer diagnosis and we did what any intelligent folks would do and got pretty drunk.  Happy drunk.  Played washers, listened to tunes, ate well, remembered old times, played guitar, sang and laughed.

Chuck said his doctor said he's in for a full recovery.  A robot will do the surgery.  Hmmm. R2d2 I hope.


Greg kicked ass in washers, I'm glad he was my partner.

Your probably wondering about the battle part. 
 Out of no-where Dean fell over in his chair. Fell over and the chair pinned him and he couldn't get up.  The chair won the battle of Chubb Park Mesa.

 Mark and Dean the morning after.

Greg joined the good lookin' group then they all got freaked out because they knew I would blog it.  Damn straight I'll blog a photo like that.  That's some funny shit boys.

This is the said chair that won vs Dean.  True story.

This is the battle ground.

Well we finally got in bed about 1 am 'er so, after having many one-more drinks and the very common Treaty of Versailles history conversation.  Yes, we often re-hash what led to WWII and the Nazi regime take over of Germany. I think we are just trying to understand how something so ugly happened in somewhat recent civil times.  That and we always try to cure current world problems.  If they would only listen to us.

 G2 kept saying how he loved, loved, loved the roominess and the convenience of the RV.  I reminded him we have got to get our debt cleared up, and send our kids to prestigious schools so no new RV.  I am such a kill-joy sometimes.

The luxury RV

Bobby and Gordy cooked a bit of breakfast.

Woke up with a bit of a hangover, not too bad.  G2 forgot the biscuits so we ate at this dive in Hartsel.  It was a nasty place but the food was good and since I didn't see where it was being cooked, yummy.

The antiques on the wall motif was stunning.  We were worried they would just have us grab eating utensils off the wall.

Main Street Hartsel, diner on the right.  Shit hole.

  South Park, CO

Dean drove through South Park.

The diner

My omelet.

Watched the Denver Broncos when we got home.  It was a good game.  Good that they won. Did you see Tennessee's Defensive coach show his classiness, flipping off the refs.  That's a role model.  I guess he'll be fined about $250,000.

I am hoping for a good week for you and me, or is it you and I?  Thanks Mags.


  1. Fun post! Funny pictures. Glad you all had a good time.

  2. perhaps it'll post this time! hysterical! thanks for the chuckle!


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