Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's a sin to tell a lie...

even white ones. (What's a black one?)  They also say that pride is not only the original sin but the most serious, because the other sins arise from pride.  This is not a biblical lesson however.  I just want to be upfront in asking for forgiveness because I am about to brag.  Pridefully so.  I bear no desire to be more important than anyone else. Got that.

Whew. Maggie earned straight A's and A+'s all high citizen marks, all advanced standard test scores in her classes, and is the President of National Jr. Honor Society. Bryce has all A's and is a stellar student as well. He is on the Knowledge Bowl team, a trivia game, I suppose you'd call it, but is so shy I don't think he's answered a question yet.  He will.  And I was worried about all that acid I dropped.  I guess that could account for my problems not my kids' brain powers.  Other than that I don't have much for you, just sinning with pride.

BTW, Facebook for me has changed. I am now going to rely on this blog more to get my Carolness out.  My God, I don't know a third of my 'friends'.  I am not kidding, never even fucking met them. I guess I am networking with folks who may very well be very cool, but who knows.  Sure, I have my cyber-friends from blogging, but I am talking folks from the Springs who have done mass friending of the newsroom.  What ta hell the more the merrier.  My fault for accepting their friend request but I don't like to exclude anyone.  Maybe it's greed for friends, even if they are fake ones on Facebook.

PS. When I was walking Jack this morning, another lady who I see every other day or so, Blythe or is it Blanche?, asked from a distance (because one of her dogs is mean), if we were having a good day.  I said, "Well Jack is always having an up day', which she answered, "I wish I could have some of that energy".  Got me thinking Jack is never, never, never not happy.  Even though someone beat the shit out of him. A lot.

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