Friday, October 15, 2010


it's the weekend.  Went to the Dr's finally for my knee after limping around for two weeks.  He said I am not dying, just old.  Bursitis.  Anyway he gave me a cortisone shot and I feel so goooooood.  Moving mountains, baby.  Well not mountains just plants really.  I had to bring them inside very quickly Tues. after work, track and it was dark and cold.  They've been right where I left them today I got half of them around the house,

A very busy week for moi.  Maggie had track finals Mon, Tues. and Wed. eves.

She did shot putt and triple jump, didn't do well in the former, but jumped well.

Then Thursday was her orchestra concert.

It was an awesome concert.  They even did Smoke on the Water, I have a short phone video but I gotta get some sleep so I put it on tomorrow.

Just had to get that old post off the first read,  Ya know?

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