Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Dog Park Incident

Has someone ever told you something and as they were rambling on you were thinking, "man I wished they hadn't told me that?"  Maybe you felt that it was a little too personal or that it was something embarrassing that should be tucked way deep down inside. Well, I hope this post isn't one of those moments. To be honest, it is a little embarrassing.

I was at the dog park Tuesday morning. On Tuesday I go in to work around 11 am, so I take Jack out and he gets some exercise, he loves it so. It was a very typical morning.  He ran through the creek and ran around with some dogs.  I had stopped and chatted with some folks. We were going down the final hill of the loop and Jack was running around with a Bouvier and a Huskey; going between the owners, one guy twenty yards behind me, the bouvier's owner, a lady about the same distance behind him.  I had stopped to let the dogs play before leashing Jack to go. I noticed this larger-sized whitish sheepdog-mix running up to greet the dogs. I had seen the dog before and Jack had played with her in a wrestling manner and they looked like they were having a fun time. After they sniffed around a bit Jack got on top of her and began to hump her.

He is an occasional humper, more often the humpee.  I don't get freaked out about this because I know they are establishing a pecking order, and if a dog doesn't like it they get out of it. If I am close I do grab his collar and yank him down.

All of the sudden this freaking lunatic runs up the hill yelling at the top of his lungs, "NO NO NO!!!!!, you get off of her, you are hurting her, this dog is fucking my dog, he's penetrated her, oh my GOD. Control your dog..."

The other owners had caught up with me to witness all this. They were as horrified as me. By then the dogs had long been separated because it was part of a wrestle more than anything. Jack was just staring at the guy as was his dog. He was on her maybe 5 seconds. His penis was never out. Never came close to being the real thing. Honest.

I leashed up Jack and was heading down the hill flanked by the other owners. I heard him going, "She's sore, he penetrated her, she's not spayed, your fucking dog. You should control your dog."

I said as I walked, "He was was on her 5 seconds just playing, you shouldn't bring a dog in season to the park."

He said, "She's not in season. She's just not spayed"

I said, "Well, sorry he meant no harm."

His dog was till trying to play with Jack after I had leashed him and was walking down.

I could still hear him say, "That dog fucked my dog, she's sore, oh God."

I was walking and Ms. Bouvier turned and said, " That guy is a nut job. He knows nothing about dog behavior."
Mr Husky added, "I love all the dogs that come here but some of the owners are crazy. Don't worry about it that guy is crazy."

As I left the gate the crazy guy who must of ran down from the trail, left the other gate still ranting, " I can't even come to this park because some people can't control their dogs."

I stood facing way from the parking lot in front of my car as he went by in back of it. As he drove off, he rolled down his window still yelling out about my, "fucking dog."

A guy who left after rolled down his window, waved, and rolled his eyes. "Don't worry about that creep."

I waited awhile before leaving.  I didn't want this jack-wagon following me and killing me, or Jack.  I was that threatened.

I'll go back to the park all right but I hope I never run into the red-headed, raving, guy who obviously for got to take his meds.

So are you glad I told you?

Here's a little funny so you don't feel funny:

Hope you have a good night. Keep your dog in control and keep away from raving lunatics.  CSL

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  1. My dog was trying to hump my niece today. Better throw me in jail. Lyn


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