Saturday, February 26, 2011

Survivor, burnt toast and the Art of Running in the Rain.

If you don't want to read my Survivor critique scroll down to below the Survivor photos and you'll be spared.  However, even if you don't watch the show you'll want to know about it. Don't ya?

 I watched carefully this time and I think Phil is just so honest, too honest to play the game with the likes of Boston Rob, whose word is never worth much. Phil has pledged his vote to him while they are still tribe-mates. Rob makes mockery out of him. I think Phil's a lot like coach.

I can just hear Rob, Oh Ambah, Ambah. He's running his team into the ground because of his insecurities.  He talked the "sheep" of his tribe to vote out the Tarzan kid (Matt) because he congratulated the other team.  (All Survivor photos by CBS.)

 The Ometepe tribe gets weaker and weaker and the weakest is Rob who is just out for himself. Too bad Matt was nice to look at. Maybe he'll survive on Redemption Island.

The other recycled contestant, Russell, below left, is such an unlikable snake. Survivor producers: Quit recycling these same old same douche bags .  They are pathetic people.  They already have millions of dollars, let some honest hard-workers win it this time. I know I can only speak for myself and the group I view with, we are all very sick of old players returning.

I think Ralph, the hayseed from the other tribe, has done a good job showing what an evil ass Russell is.  Vote his ASS off so I don't have to look at the weasel and hear is egoistical diatribe.

Ralph, above, has already found the idol.   He pointed out to the tribe that Russell took the clue for himself and his two clueless broad side-kicks.
That wraps up my Survivor observations, now on to more important issues.

Burnt toast

A while back my friend Denise said that while she was a dispatcher, one of her co-workers told her that some heart attack victims smelled burnt toast just before having a heart attack. I did a little research on that because I was skeptical. By research I mean I googled "burned toast heart attack"

What I learned was the toast smell has been related to people before having, strokes, seizures and heart attacks but mainly is is considered a wive's tale as there's no scientific or medical reasoning behind the symptom. Unless it was your brain burning up a bit and getting "toastie".
 A few nights after learning this, I woke up in the middle of the night, and you guessed it smelled some toast where there wasn't any toasting. I had to calm myself down. No other symptoms right?, right. The human brain and the power of suggestion is very mystical.

Then,  a couple of days ago one of the "animal print jacket ladies" from the AFA PAO office was smelling toast. She is the more robust one, weighing easily 250 lbs. I almost told her she may be having a heart attack or stoke, just to be mean or maybe to save her life? "You know that's a symptom that you're gonna have a heart attack?"  ha ha haha, I am not that mean even though they are the busiest of  busy-bodies.  I should have.  Maybe I would have sent her into a panic, maybe saved her life. She was there the next day so it probably would have been panic.

Editors note: April 3, 2011. Smelling scents that don't make sense.

I later did more research and after a few more google searches I found out that it also can mean there's a ghost or spirit in the area. This has to do more with the smell of burnt matches or tobacco, but they do mention the smell of cooking as well. About twenty years ago I moved into an apartment in the same general area of where I now live.  This area is historically known as an Indian burial site. I smelled tobacco smoke in the same area of our apartment. The upstairs apartment was empty. It really bothered me at the time. We only lived  there a year, but I never felt comfortable there.

Dog Park Incident.

My dog has not been charged of any sexual improprieties. (see previous post) We have not been back to the dog park mainly because of my laziness. But we ran him up Red Mtn. This morning and we are both very tired.  That's for next time.

Hope you don't smell burnt toast unless you're burning it, baby. I'll write on the "Art of Running in the Rain" later.  (click name to link to review written March 31, 2011), as I am running out of time. Taker  easy, CSL

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