Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Back in the deep freeze.

which is the way it goes in Winter I suppose.  One kid had school cancelled.  One had a delay.  I am not sure if school administrators have gotten smarter or if they are pampering the students.  A few inches of snow and still air.  I am sure the roads are a little slick.  More than likely, they cancelled school because of the cold temps and the propensity of a below zero wind chill.

Anyway we had a splendid Superbowl get-together. The food was so pretty and plentiful.  I am glad it was a good game.  And really I didn't care who won, but it was nice to see the cheese-heads win.

Quite the variety

My man smokes a mean pork butt, haha and brisket

The eggs and brie plates were especially pretty and goooood!

Green Bay cakes


The commercials didn't seem as good this year but there was a few that got a laugh. Joan River's body transposed over a ripped young bod.  I think it was more of a shock than a laugh.

You probably guessed that wasn't her real 77 year-old body.

The kid in the darth vader, cute but I really didn't think so great.  I loved the Ozzy/Bieber commercial, "We're losing Ozzy, Ozzy's in the background..."  That's funny shit.

Christina Aguilera's nerves got the better of her and she messed up the lyric of the SSB.  Whoops.  What bothered me more was all the runs and bravado she added.  I know she's a heeluva singer but keep it simple seester.

If she was wearing this there would have been room for a costume malfunction.

You know I really wasn't crazy about the Black eyed peas, nothing personal I just don't like that pop stuff.  It was cool when Slash popped up but they should of never has Fergie sing that song. Horrible.

Yesterday I shot for the paper.  I had one assignment for a dining review.  Then it was driving around and then a late assignment about rural poverty in Ellicott.  It was at this clothing/ thrift shop out east.  The smell of stale cigarettes, and the look of worn out people existing the best they can with the help from other's.   I left there feeling a bit sad, but grateful for the lady to put her life into helping others.  I will donate there from now on.

I have seen two fairly good movies in the last few weeks.  I meant to mention "City Island" last week.  What a great movie starring Andy Garcia and Julianna Margulies. I viewed it on Encore but I am sure you can find it as a rental too.

 The dialogue can get to you in the beginning but you get used to their way of communication.  It was very entertaining.  They all had their quirks and habits.  It was billed as a comedy and it came together in one big laugh at the end.

I viewed Opa! last night.  What a cute but predictable story.  I want to live on that Greek Island.  Beautiful.  I could skip skinny dipping with Matthew Modine though.  It was on Encore.

Don't worry about Jack.  He now sleeps in our bed like a person. Beauty dog.

This was the AFA today.  Cold and blowing snow all day.  Right around zero degrees and damn near the artic.  Keep warm....

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