Saturday, February 5, 2011

Illegitimi non carborundum

you know, "Don't let the bastards get you down" and I won't.

I had a very good but non-eventful weekend last weekend.  Had a wonderful evening Sat. at Ron and Char's but cashed it in early for a family portrait.  A friend of Maggie's.

I ran into Sharon at the dog park Sun. morning.  She discovered what a dog-wrestling dog I have.  Yep Jack's a freakin' dog wrestler. Wrastler sounds better.  Anyway after he wrastled him some dogs he sure was dirty so we took him to Wag N' Wash, a local dog washing business.  Sharon volunteered to help, so before she got there I got a tub. On my way to the back of the room, I slipped and fell on the wet floor.  Not a little skid and land, but I big old feet 10 feet in the air, coming down with a boom on my lower back.  Fortunately the only thing bruised was my big ole ego. Everyone asked if I was okay and I just had a good laugh with one of the dog wash helpers.  Sharon showed up and she had a laugh too.  She then said, maybe you are injured? So when they asked me to fill out an injury report she pointed out that was a good thing, that it was on record.  Then we both had a light bulb moment.  Maybe I was in fact "injured" and my ship had just came in.  We both had a good laugh over that.

When we went to check out the cashier treated us like a couple asking us both questions about Jack.  Calling us "you guys".  That was funny too.  Lesbian dog couple.

So I waxed my son's eyebrows the other night.  There's one thing I won't tolerate and that's a uni-brow.  No kid should have to go to school dirty or with a uni-brow. I buy a box of those wax strips and I have gotten pretty good at removing large unruly brow hair.  Anyway, the next day my daughter opened her math notebook in class and noticed two pages were stuck together.  Stuck together with a hair wax strip.  A used hair wax strip with hair on it.  As annoyed as she was, she got a good laugh out of it.  That'll teach her for leaving her school books on a table.

Looking forward to tomorrow's Super Bowl.  I haven't decided who to root for yet.  Leaning toward Green Bay right now.  I've backed off on hating Roethisberger cause now that he's the most hated player in America I figure that's a lot of hate going to a guy who probably hasn't done anything that the majority of these overpaid, largely testosterone-fueled, naive boys in men's bodies haven't done.

Hope your team wins.  I'll add the photos to this post later as it has been a week since I have written and I don't have the photos ready.  OK?

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